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Updated on 15 January 2022
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My Vidster! So this website really took me back to the early days of the internet. It looks like one of those video-sharing sites that couldn’t compete with YouTube back when it was emerging and just remained dusty and forever stuck in 2006 while YouTube continued to grow like the behemoth it is today.

This site is like if you mixed Facebook with YouTube but kept things underground – it’s not a “safe space” or politically correct site at all, it’s really like a wild, random server of people sharing videos which are mostly how-to tutorials and obscure movie edits with user-created original music over them (and a lot of movie trailers for some reason). I’m really not joking when I say that this whole damn website looks like it’s permanently stuck in 2006, even the interface here is cutely unkempt just like most sites used to be back in the mid-2000s because that’s just how good frontend web design was back then.

But why oh why would a pseudo-social media video-sharing platform be mentioned here on The Porn Dude? Where are the boobies, ass, vaginas and anal penetrations here? Well, they’re here, but you have to search for them. You literally have to put keywords in a search bar in order for this site to find that kind of stuff for you, which is all in all a very primitive means of looking for things online.

Nowadays thanks to algorithms everything’s already recommended to you from the very moment you step on a website or app – back in the mid-2000s however, algorithms weren’t all the hype, and people had to actually manually look for things they like online in order to find them, like some primitive neanderthals. So if you’ve chosen to masturbate to porn on this website because you feel rebellious and don’t want to masturbate to porn on an actual porn website, then keep reading this review because it’s about to get funky.

And There Are Plenty of Entertaining Videos Here

As I said, you’ve got a lot of random videos here, but some of them actually have some entertainment value. You can learn how to put up your own hammock, watch a fan-made trailer for a new Fast and Furious movie (ironically or not, your choice), listen to music and watch random popular videos that are getting buzz all around the world at the moment.

I’m betting this site is where RayWilliamJohnson got his videos back in the day when he was a two-bit YouTuber hack who just commented on random funny videos and fast-forwarded his voice to keep things interesting while throwing in some totally rad 2010 video-editing effects. Think of MyVidster here as an alternative “Vimeo.”

And Plenty of Porn Too!

Oh yes, any input of XXX or anything that sounds like it’s a buzzword from the porn world on this site’s search bar can end up in you finding the most random assortment of porn videos you’ve ever seen. This site’s XXX content maintains a very random balance of amateur and professional, studio-made videos, and some of them can definitely surprise you. That’s because it’s not a massive porntube that generates recommended videos to you via an algorithm – it’s a random content dump of porn and other videos that are manually uploaded by its users. And that means that you’re getting a lot of random content that can stretch out to almost any intensity and be as rare as rare gets.

In addition, you also get every single source link for every single XXX video you see here, and that way, you’ll know exactly where it came from and can possibly search for others like it on its source location.

And You Don’t Need to Be a Member to View This Site’s Videos

Yes, you don’t need to pass any bullshit captcha or email verification procedures to look at this site’s videos. This whole website is free to use, even though it does have members. And it doesn’t even restrict your use even if you’re a free non-member visitor, which is just fantastic because the majority of websites that display a social media-like makeup such as this one tend to restrict your access on them if you’re not a full member. You don’t have to worry about running into any “You need to be a member to access this” messages when browsing here as a free visitor, so you don’t have to worry about being in heat and getting cockblocked from accessing a XXX clip here as well.

Contains a Neatly Balanced Combination of Amateur and Studio-Made Videos

MyVidster may look like a failed YouTube, but one of its greatest strengths (besides not being cripplingly politically correct and family-oriented like YouTube) is the fact that its pornographic content is a fine, even split between amateur and studio-made stuff. This site’s videos are all mostly rare, but they’re even more fun to watch when you get equal parts studio-made stuff with pornstars the likes of Sunny Leone as well as homemade videos of some dude banging some random drunk chick somewhere in Lithuania or Slovakia or some shit. There’s just a lot of rare stuff here, and the fact that there are source links for every video here is just a cherry on top.

But It’s Not an Actual Porn Website, So…

As great and free and bizarrely entertaining as this site can be, it’s still not a pure porn website per se. And that means a few things – firstly, it doesn’t make porn as easily accessible as you may like for it to be. Secondly, and most importantly, it doesn’t have any content organization and deduction options on it whatsoever. The search bar is your only tool for finding pornography, so you better be good at inputting specific yet effective search queries, or you’re going to be spending a lot more time searching for porn here than you’d like to. And lastly, it doesn’t have that always-prevalent porntube video algorithm that porntubes have, so whatever XXX content you do manage to stumble upon here will be extremely and unconventionally random.

And It’s Not Great Interface-Wise

Like I said, this site is permanently stuck in the mid-2000s, and that’s very evident by its retro frontend work. It’s not hard to get around this website, but it’s still definitely a lot more challenging than modern-day websites, especially porntubes that are made to make you feel like you’re moonwalking on air while browsing around them. This site is a perfect example of PHP frontend design at its best, created by people who probably watched the ending of the Sopranos and the beginning of the Office, and who vividly remember where they were when they heard Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” for the first time. Case and point, this site is much more useful as a time capsule for the good old uber nostalgic mid-to-late 2000s years than for finding good porn.

ThePornDude likes MyVidster's

  • Site contains a very random assortment of XXX content
  • It retains its old, mid 2000s look
  • It’s free to browse with no restrictions or paywalls

ThePornDude hates MyVidster's

  • Doesn’t make it’s XXX content easily accessible
  • The interface and navigation options aren’t so great UI-wise
  • Has no tags or categories for its videos