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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Porn Burst! Do you hate paying for pornographic content? Don’t worry, there are lots of cheapskates out there, and lots of websites that will satisfy your desires. Of course, I am not talking about the show ‘extreme cheapskates’ that crap is just weird. I am simply addressing all the free porn websites that you can find, and one of them is called

To be bluntly obvious right from the start, there is not much that actually distinguishes from other free porn sites, but their content ain’t that bad at all. I mean, if they were able to give me a hardcore woody, you are bound to love it as well. This also depends on what the fuck you came here to see in the first place.

A very simplistic porn site.

As I have said, there ain’t much for you, not to like about this place. However, there also ain’t that much for you to actually adore. I prefer sites that go out for their designs, even if they are free, and this place is definitely not one of those. However, I also know that the majority of you lads would prefer a site that offers free content instead of one that requires a payment.

Thus, I am also sure that you lads will not care whether the site looks good or not. Let’s be real; most of you who prefer free porn sites are just here for the free content. Whether that content will be overwhelmed with ads or not, shouldn’t be a complaint of yours, if you do not intend to pay for porn. Common sense.

The overall design is very crappy, there is no structure, but at the same time, I think it goes nicely with a free porn site. You are free to explore what they have to offer, as all the navigation necessary is on top of the site. There is not that much for me to tell you about their design, other than the fact that it is a bit shit, and there are many annoying ads. That’s about it.

On the other hand, there are many free porn sites out there, and while is good, you have other sites to check out on my website as well. As you can see, I am doing like 100% for you, with nothing in return. I think that that is mighty grand of me, and for those who are interested in the type of content his place has to offer, you are welcome to read what I wrote. You can also check out the site yourself; it is free after all.

Great porn content.

I mean, what else did you expect me to say? Since I am talking about the beauty of this place and its naughty content, you should obviously know that the content is worth it. Have you ever seen me, The Porn Dude, waste my time on sites that are utter garbage, of course, not. I am a man of class, but also someone who understands that not everyone has money for premium porn.

Anyway, you have lots of videos here. The homepage will display some of the hottest porn videos for you to check out, so do that or check out something else. I don’t really care whether you browse through his website or you choose some other. However, this place is worth it, I think. So, take your time and enjoy the naughtiness.

I saw a lot of great videos, and one of the first ones made me nut. It showed two gorgeous lesbian girls pleasuring each other passionately. There was lots of muff diving, making out, moaning, and overall liquids flying everywhere. I think you know what the fuck I am talking about.

There were other videos that also caused my schlong to rise, such as watching a slutty brunette get ass fucked by a huge black dong. There were lots of solo videos too, some of them featured genuine amateur babes, others showed horny pornstars. It all depends on what the fuck makes your dick hard since I am sure that on a site this random, you will find the right type of content.

I’ve also seen the usual blowjob videos, POV fucking and many horny girls just being… horny and dirty. As I said, it depends on what you prefer watching. Personally, as long as the babe is hot, and there is some sort of fucking subject, I think that I am good to go. But that also depends on the type of fucking and so on. I think you get the gist.

Lower quality videos.

I was not really satisfied to see that their clips were not really of higher quality as I would prefer them to be. On the one hand, I do understand that this is a free site, thus having higher quality videos is a stretch. But on the other hand, I am used to that premium shit. Thus, this place is really iffy, more or less. If you have anything bad to say about this site, you might as well fuck off to a different porn place, since if you do not intend to pay, you are not allowed to complain.

Me, however, I am allowed to complain because I do not judge, and I pay for my premium quality. Thus, I can say that is not that great when it comes to the overall quality of the videos. However, their porn is free, and there are loads of naughty videos for you to enjoy… so I guess you have to look through the cracks.

Some search options.

I think that you will be happy to know that there are some sort of search options that might not work as well as you would like them to, but then again, I’ve seen worse. They have a page dedicated to the categories, and they pretty much cover the majority of the mainstream categories, as well as some that are not so mainstream.

However, you can only list through their content by the categories, pornstars, and channels. Ain’t that a bitch? There is no way that my picky ass could scroll through all of this shit and find something that perfectly suits my taste. Thus, I think that adding some filters for searches would have been a good fucking thing… just saying.

Oh well, at least you have a page for the pornstars. While I do not have a favorite slut in my book, as I think all men should be polyamorous, I think that there is beauty in watching a single horny slut in multiple videos. So, if you have a favorite slut, now is your chance to check out just the videos she was featured in… or whatever else I am supposed to say.

Some other features…

For the most part, that is all that has to offer. As for those who are interested in all the details, I am here to tell you about the crap that really does not matter. This site has a separate section for the channels, which is neat, but since the videos are pretty low quality, I am not that impressed, what so ever.

They also have links that will lead to other cam, dating, games, and VR porn sites. Surprise-surprise, the dating section of the site does not work. That seems to be such a fucking stereotype, as usually, that is the link that will be broken. However, the cam website, as well as the others, work but not really. I am pretty sure that you know exactly what the fuck I mean.

I mean, you will just be sent to PornMD, and I am not sure about you, but that is not a website dedicated to hentai games or VR porn. Basically, they are just asking for views, and these are their sponsors or whatever the fuck. I mean, it is basically the same shit with most of these free sites, so does this really surprise you in any way? I did not think so.

So, is this place worth it?

I’ve browsed through so many free porn sites thus far, that I can easily tell you that this one is nothing special. That is neither good nor bad, since if you just want free porn, then this place is the right place for you. But if you prefer a free site with some class, there are many like that out there. As you can see, it all comes back to what the fuck you are searching for…

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  • Shitty quality
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  • Very basic