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Updated on 05 February 2024
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What Boys Want! Ah, the age-old questions… what do boys want? I am pretty sure all women know exactly what the fuck we want, and in case you were not sure, I am here to explain it all. If you are a guy, however, I know that you will enjoy everything whatboyswant.com has to offer… I mean, what is there not to enjoy? Does it offer nudity? Yes. Are there hot girls? Obviously. Are there cars? For some reason, yes.

The site is free and has lots of porn content to offer. However, just because a porn site is filled with porn, does not mean that it is also worth the visit. This all depends on what the fuck makes your dick hard, which is also why I am here. I shall tell you all this place is about, and later you can choose whether that is something your fellow would be interested in.

A simple site, but a weird design.

I would not really say that whatboyswant.com has a bad design, but it is definitely different from what most of us are used to. I say this simply because the site has its own shit going, and they do not look like other websites. Sure, that could be a good thing, but sometimes sticking to the basics is all we really need.

The first time you visit the site, you will have loads of images and videos suggested. It is obvious that the site is filled with mostly amateur content, and I am pretty sure the majority of this shit is user-submitted as well. On top of the site, you have the tabs that will help you find whatever you might be searching for.

What I really do not appreciate is their overall layout. They could have added some spunk here and there, or just not have their background white. We all browse for this naughty content at night, and leaving the background so white, will eventually result in a huge headache. I know that all those who browse for porn on a daily basis will understand exactly what the fuck I am talking about.

Now, when I say that they could have added spunk, I just meant that while they do look different from your conventional porn site, they do not really make themselves stand out. Oh well, at least there are no ads… which is rather odd for a free porn site. Somehow, every time I visit a free porn website, I am attacked with so many ads, but at least you do not have to worry about that on whatboyswant.com.

Lots of pictures of hotties!

It as interesting browsing through this site, since there were lots and lots of hot babes! I’ve seen cuties of all shapes and sizes, and of course, all the images were pretty amateur. What I am trying to say with that is that their quality was pretty EH, to say the least. Like, it was not that bad, but it surely was not that great either… if you know what I mean.

As for the actual content, I can tell you a couple of my personal favorites, starting with hot beauty in a lake, wearing a thin yellow outfit that was basically see-through while she was wet. I am not really sure what was the story behind that picture, and I do not really fucking care, as all, I was happy to see is here in such a naughty setting!

Another picture that got my attention was a classic ass up face pic. You could see that the beauty as well, beautiful, and her ass was slamming as well. I enjoyed that picture as well, especially because I always appreciate seeing beauty in her natural setting… aka half-naked and ready for some dirty action.

Of course, there were many nudes on this site too. One of them featured a gorgeous older woman, bent on all fours with her ass high up in the air. She was only wearing stockings, thus allowing me to see her perfectly shaved puss and ass. I mean, it was pretty obvious what came after that scenario… right?

Ah, the videos are pretty tasty my dudes!

On top of the site, you have a separate section dedicated to videos. The first time I checked out that section, I was happy to see so many horny amateurs in action, and not too happy to see that the majority of the videos were pretty short. Usually, you will have videos that are about 3 minutes long, give or take. The longest video I found was about 7 minutes, while the shortest one was like 10 seconds…

I don’t know about you, but personally, that ain’t long enough to make me cum. Oh well, I know that there are loads of virgins here waiting for something amazing, and I am sure that you lads will be satisfied. Some of us also do not need that long to cum, and for those lads, I also think this place will be heaven… but personally, I like my porn lengthy.

As for the content of the videos, you pretty much have it all. From horny girls stripping for attention to getting fucked in the weirdest scenarios and places. I mean, it all comes down to what you would like to see, as I have said many times before. However, I still think that you will not really be able to blow a full load on this site… as the videos are quite short, and who the fuck would want to fap to pictures?


Yes, you’ve read that right; cars. I mean, it is a pretty big stereotype that al dudes like cars, and personally, I do not see it. Sure, I like owning my Acura RDX, and it does feel amazing and looks incredible, but why would I want to see car images on a site that is supposed to make my dick hard?

Of course, if you are the dude from the TLC My Strange Addiction show, then I have nothing else to tell you. Love your car as much as you want, and whatboyswant.com actually has amazing car images, but personally, I am here just to get naughty with the sluts. But hey, what do I always say? To each their own!

Informative forums and a friendly community.

You also have a forum that is dedicated to this place, which makes the overall browsing much easier, I’ll be honest. At least the forum allows you to discuss different topics, meet the community, and just see what this place is all about. If you are interested in checking them out, go right ahead, I mean everything whatboyswant.com has to offer is free.

Let’s also not forget that you are able to become a part of the site as well. The registration is free, and you do get some privileges as well. The usual crap, I’d say so there is really no need for me to continue with this. If you do register, and you are a hot babe, you might want to post your own dirty crap… or at least that is what I would want you to do.

They also provide some search options here and there, nothing special, but I’ve seen worse. You can check out the searches for pictures, videos, cars, and the forum, which is good. They also provide a whole section for the tags, in case there is something specific you are searching for. I think that they could have added some advanced search options, allowing you to filter the search, but oh well. This will do.

You do have the option to list through them by the categories that are suggested, but those do not work as well as filters would. Of course, you have the usual date searches, top images, new videos, and so on. Overall, I was actually pretty satisfied with their search options, since I am not that picky when it comes to hot amateurs.

Not a bad place.

While I did not really nut on this site, I know that many of you will. This place is not that bad; it just does not have the length I am used to. It offers loads of amazing pictures of hot babes, as well as short videos where the hotties get naked, fucked, kinky, and so on. It all depends on the beauty you choose to watch, and there are loads of cuties to choose from.

Why the fuck do they have the section for the cars, I have no idea. At least their registration is free, you have forums, a friendly community, and loads of gorgeous girls to choose from. Take your time and explore whatboyswant.com, I mean… with so much content, why the fuck not?

ThePornDude likes WhatBoysWant's

  • Free porn site and registration
  • Lots of hot babes in clips and pics
  • A section for cars?
  • Good forum

ThePornDude hates WhatBoysWant's

  • No galleries, just solo pics.
  • Videos are too short
  • Why do they have car pics?