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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Who loves to get their testicles crushed by an amazing piece of ass? is a site that will fulfill your kinkiest dreams if they include what I have just mentioned… Honestly, as much as I might not get off at watching videos like these, I had lots of fun browsing through this site, simply because the mistresses tend to be very fucking hot… and I tend to be very picky.

Great design, easy navigation and an interesting niche.

Whenever I see a site that offers good design, I am honestly quite shook, because free porn sites tend to look like shit, and I think we all already know this. Well, is a site that really does not look as crappy as one would expect it too, and that is definitely a good thing. They have a plain black design, and lots of videos suggested, with an overall red tone, that adds to their overall theme.

Their homepage is filled with lots of naughty videos of hot babes busting some balls and making them blue, so I might say it at the beginning, if that is not something your dick prefers to see, then there is nothing for you to enjoy here. However, if you are not a pansy, I think you should check out this site and watch some of these hot mistresses make their men moan in pleasure and pain.

On top of the site, there are different things for you to check out, and again I was confused because most free sites do not offer half of the shit that this place does. Then again, some of us do not give a shit about the design and other crap a site has to offer, as long as their overall content is great right? Well, that is probably the majority of you who are checking out this place.

Well, whether you will like this place or not will again depend on what the fuck you were searching for. However, if you are not too picky and you came here for the naughty ballbusting videos, I am sure that will satisfy all your dirty desires.

Variety of ball-busting videos.

When a site is called, what else can you expect than lots of ballbusting videos? I mean, that shit should just be common sense, right? Well, here you will have a lot of different videos that all show off the beauty of this fetish, and that means lots of hot videos featuring the kinkiest sluts torturing their naughty men.

How much do you really know about this fetish? If you ever felt turned on when a chick got a bit rough with you, then why not check out this place. I’ve seen so many different videos here, and I am sure that you will find many of them that will surely make your dick hard. But as I said, if you are a pansy, then do not bother.

Now, I shall mention a couple that caught my attention… for example, one video featured an incredibly innocent-looking petite blonde whose looks could easily fool. After her man was tightly tied up to the bed, she used all her strength to give him both physical and mental blue balls, and honestly, the whole session was rather hot.

There were also videos where the mistress would do lots of other things, such as making his asshole throb from hard pulsating dildos, and other toys, while eventually having fun with ball busting. Not to mention that all chicks have different methods. One of my favorites includes using the small ass whip, and whipping the balls until they turn blue.

Now, let’s not forget about the sessions where chicks will walk all over their dudes in high heels and boots… now those sessions were hella weird bust still intriguing enough for me to stay and watch them. When it comes to the type of ball busting you have so much; from the kinkier videos that prefer to use props, to videos where chicks will use their hands instead.

Of course, most of their videos will not just feature that one fetish, but that will be the center of attention. You have mistresses who prefer to take their time and make their men plea for more and more until they can’t handle the actual ball-busting session. Like I have said already, this all depends on the video you choose to watch… all of them are different.

Though, I do have to mention that one of the weirdest videos here were the solo clips, where lads would self-inflict the ball pain… I mean, props to them, because I could never do that. One dude went hardcore using a brush and hit himself on the balls many times until his cock became rock solid… What can I say, these types of clips can become rather addictive…

Keep in mind that these are all amateur clips, and thus you cannot expect too much when it comes to their ‘plot’, way of filming, or quality. We all know that amateurs tend to use their phones to film dirty acts, and thus the videos are often not that high of a quality. However, there were a bunch of them that were of surprisingly good quality, while a huge section of them had medium quality.

Then again, this is something you should have expected from the moment I said that is a free porn site. If you want videos that are actually in HD, then this is not the place you should visit. There are many great premium sites that offer similar crap, so visit those sites instead; it is not rocket science.

What else does have to offer?

I have mentioned at the beginning that this place has a couple of other crap on top, and some of that is worth the mention. Besides the categories, you also have a premium section, and this will allow you to have unlimited downloads, over 3500 DVD titles, 25k hardcore scenes, HD videos and so on. I think that if you are into such crap, you should definitely consider registering.

Other than the clips, they have a section for the images, and these tend to be rather weird. Not to mention that there are not that many images for you to explore, but there is a good selection. There are also many naughty images of hentai and just drawn crap, instead of amateurs… so it all depends on what the fuck makes your dick hard.

There is also a section for dating, and at first, I thought I would be taken to another ad site or some bullshit like that, but they actually have a section for Dating for all those who are a fan of this particular fetish. On top of that, there is a ball busting section for webcams too, but that part will work only when you disable your Ad-block…

The last three sections include a chat, where you can again register and actually chat with their community. The stories, where you can read a lot of different tales about ball busting… but then again, why would you do that? You have actually video son this site, and you would choose to read some fucking stories? Are you a fairy?

There is an option to check out their community, which is what I think most of you will be interested in, right? Some of the users have uploaded their own videos and images, you can check out their popularity and the overall biography or whatever the fuck they chose to share with the rest of us.

If you like ball-busting, you have come to the right place.

Everyone is into a different kind of crap, and if you like to watch chicks make their dude’s balls blue from busting, stepping, smashing or whatever, you should explore what this place has to offer. They have a categories’ section that will help you search for the specific thing that makes your cock hard… I was surprised to see that they offered any sort of search options, because fetish-related sites do not often do that.

Overall, I think that is worth the visit, but if you are not into hardcore crap, then you should probably steer away from this place. Here you can meet the horny mistresses who will not show any mercy as they make sure to please their men with some kinky ball-busting sessions. The is a free site, but you also have a premium section’ so choose what suits you best.

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  • Great design
  • Variety of ballbusting clips
  • Great categories

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  • Some annoying ads