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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Sexting Forum

Sexting Forum

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Sexting Forum is a website that is strictly for people who are over 18 years of age, and a shelter for people who want to introduce themselves to absolute strangers with only one goal in mind, having sex. Though the fear of coming off as too pushy is pretty much removed in here, because you just know that every single person on has come to this very place with only one thing in their mind, and you bet that is the exact same reason why you are here. That’s right. You’re here to get laid. I said it! Now, on to the review.

So, first off, just like any other forum, you will see that Sexting Forum is divided into a few sections. The General section, where a few important forums can be found, the Introductions, the general chat, and a tab that is dedicated to nothing but help and feedback. Still rather simple, right? Now, what you’ll notice is that there are lots of users on, and the majority of them are probably real people. Probably, because some of these might be catfishes (even though catfishes are actual people, I won’t actually call them people because these “people” are only out there to waste your time, and I swear to God, I hate them with every bone and muscle in my body, but for the sake of the text let’s refer to them as “people”!), and some of these might be bots.

Now, I honestly have no idea what the hell are these bots even trying to achieve, I don’t even think people get hooked on these things, because the chats that these bots pop up with are usually super generic and no one is going to send sensitive info to a bot that can’t even hold a conversation. These folks need to step their game up. Then again, loneliness is a motherf****r…

But okay, back to the real deal…most of these accounts on are made by real people but keep an eye out for bots, just in case, and these people want to talk to you over various apps, and they will do this to…well, you know, to screw your head off! Now, there are a few ways to hook up with these people and they will have a chat with you either by Snapchat, which seems to be the most popular way to do these things. It makes sense, pictures and all that, if they don’t talk to you over Snapchat you pretty much already know that they are a fraud because you don’t even get to see their face. Now, these other platforms are somewhat similar, but they usually don’t require these people to send you pictures or anything, so these options are somewhat risky.

Next up, you have the Kik messenger who is also a very popular app, it’s right up there next to the standard facebook messenger, which is pretty good I guess, I mean, the more people you’ve got using the app, the more likely are you to run into a decent match, right? WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app, so obviously, it is promoted on this website as well. While WhatsApp is famous for being useful for sending and saving pictures in high resolution without losing literally any quality (and most apps will just kill the quality of the images you’re trying to send or post for convenience), it’s still worse than SnapChat. But hey, that’s just my opinion. I’m not here to tell you how to do these things. By all means, you do you.

There are a few tabs in here that are also worth checking out, such as the Members tab where every single member on this page is listed. You can see that there are loads and loads of people on one page, and there are 30 thousand pages in here, which is something that is quite impressive. I mean, 30 thousand horny people on its own is a very impressive thing. Can you imagine all of these folks in a room? Sheesh!

There’s one more somewhat interesting tab in here as well, and this is the tab where nude Snapchat selfies are stored, and here you can find some very interesting things…photos of girls who probably cheated on their boyfriends, or just photos of girls that guys got bored with and they just posted their pictures to the internet for pretty much no reason other than being bored. Which is mean, but who cares. You get to see titties and butts, so woop wooop!

Seeing people who bare it all for their loved ones is honestly a great thing. Just imagine, someone out there worked hard, took these people out on dates and whatnot only to have them show them their naked bodies after a month or dating or something, or if they were dating some sort of hoe then she got her titties and vagina out after two days. Either way, seeing real people like this truly ads to the experience, this page is great, if you ask me.

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  • Sexting
  • Real sexy pictures of real people are available here and there are hundreds of them

ThePornDude hates Sexting Forum's

  • The page is hard to get around, however, you get used to it real quick.
  • Bots are all over the place