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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Kiss Hentai! The Porn Dude has never been an avid anime guy, but even then I have to admit, cartoons can be a sexy bunch. Not just the average animation movies, I mean the adult-like fuck machines that are porn cartoons. You can’t get your eyes off the oversized boobs that are a few seconds away from popping out, the extra massive dicks and of course, the kinky nature of hentai porn. And that’s precisely what Kiss Hentai delivers with aplomb.

Right from the homepage, the site has prepared for you an amazing archive featuring girls violated in gangbangs, naïve girls being fucked by their teachers, toon whores dishing out deep throats, little girls being messed with by their fathers and so much more. Content can be immediately sorted by Hot and New, New Hentai, and Most Popular. The latest updates and ongoing series are also available on the right sidebar, and you can easily keep track of a particular series by checking out the latest episodes. The site has seen to it that there is no shortage of new content which is impressive. Expect to enjoy series like Nuresuke J Amayadori Rape, Houkago no Yuutousei, Niizuma Koyomi The Animation, Muttsuri Dosukebe Tsuyu Gibo Shimai no Honshitsu Minuite Sex Sanmai and more kinky stuff.

The Hentai List is where most of the action is found as far as The Porn Dude can tell. There is a fantastic collection of hentai porn complete with word previews that can be viewed by just hovering your mouse over any of them. They can be sorted by alphabet, popularity and the latest update. Click on the one you feel best suits your twisted XXX tastes and get busy. The Porn Dude was particularly impressed by the 21-Ji no Onna: Newscaster Katsuragi Miki which features a newscaster who is addicted to masturbation and can’t stop doing it for a second even when she is on air. She is caught in the act by her cue-card holder who not only proceeds to blackmail her to fuck him but installs a remote control vibrator inside her pants. This hentai business is no joke. There is an option to change servers and a ‘lights off’ feature in case you have a problem with lights. There is also a download option for good measure.

You can expect a site this huge to bring you action in a variety of categories and genres; this is precisely what happens. You can use the advanced search feature to check out some of the genres which include anal, boob job, scat, bondage, schoolgirl, creampie, footjobs, femdom, cosplay and so much more. The Porn Dude was pleased by the 1080p option, which brought a decent amount of HD hentai for your enjoyment. The art here is absolutely sensational, as are the kinky storylines accompanying them. Some will leave you in stitches, and some will give you a hell of a hard-on, but one thing is common: sex is in the air, and you could do worse than to sample this sexual realm for yourself.

Are you a big anime fan? Use the Watch Anime option from the top menu and discover the amazing, Kiss Anime; a platform hosting the best animation from Japan. The sorting options will certainly prove handy in case you are overwhelmed by the content. Some have as many as 74 episodes, and you can check each one of them and keep yourself thoroughly entertained. You can leave your comments below any content you choose, but that will need a user account. Luckily, it’s free to register, and the process is straightforward and will probably take less than two minutes. As a member, you can bookmark hentai which will notify you when new hentai is added, various options that include default HD and autoplay, and the opportunity to see watched/not watched episodes on kiss hentai.

There are thousands of images, and The Porn Dude couldn’t possibly go through them all, but most of them offer twisted toon fetishes straight from the bizarre minds of hentai fetishists. You have to be a lover of this wild stuff to appreciate it fully. A quick reminder: all the content is uncensored. The layout as a whole is impressive although the site could do with more filtering features, for instance, by the artist or director. The advanced search option is commendable, however.

Another minor complaint to make revolves around the ads, which are a bit heavy. The site doesn’t appreciate people who block ads and are warned of suspension/ban. I understand the site is free, and money has to be made, but threats of suspending a user? Not so classy. All in all, has an excellent collection of dirty cartoons to choose from. The intricate storylines will provide you with entertainment. With uncensored scenes and sorting features, there’s a guarantee enjoy the best in anime and hentai.

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