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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Hey, fucktard! Yeah, I’m talking to you. Why don’t you give your wrist a break for a moment and read about a new porn site? I know, it might be difficult for you to remove your hand from your cock, but I believe in you. You can do it. Just use the force or some shit. I don’t know. Your dick will thank you later when it is slightly less chafed than it usually is on a daily basis. Plus, who knows, once you do return to your endless crusade of fapping to internet porn, you might have an even better site to wank it to than you did this morning.

Let’s start by stating the obvious: there are a fuck ton of free porn tubes to choose from on the web. Some might even say too many. Those people would be idiots, though, because obviously, it’s impossible to have too much of a good thing. But the point is, it can be an overwhelming task to try and comb the cornucopia of porn (the pornucopia, if you will) in order to find new sites to help you get your spank on. However, as any serious porn lover will tell you, it is important to check in once in a while to search for new porn sites.

For starters, new sites go up every fucking day, so your ideal default porn site could be out there, and you’d have no idea about it unless you regularly look into new ones. Secondly, having a healthy mix of sites to choose from guarantees that you never get bored. You can’t just fap it to Porn Hub and Red Tube every day for the rest of your life, right? Well, I mean, I guess you could. If you really wanted to. But to do so would be to pigeonhole yourself into a certain kind of porn site, causing you to miss out on the wonderful world of porn that exists outside of that bubble.

Each site has its own specialties. And, obviously, some are far better than others. And, yes, there are hundreds of sites out there that are about as useful as tits on the pope. But on the flipside of that, there are also hundreds of extremely well done free porn sites out there, some of which are on par with the most popular sites on the web, all of which you will completely miss out on if you never branch out of your cumfort zone.

As an expert on the topic, one major problem that I have with a majority of the free porn that exists is that they don’t have a whole lot in the way of full-length, uncut, start to finish premium professional porn videos. This, actually, is not much of a surprise at all when you consider the fact that an overwhelming majority of these sites are owned by the same company that owns most of the top-tier porn studios.

For those who are unfamiliar, I’m talking about Mind Geek – the company that owns the entire Porn Hub Network (Red Tube, Keez Movies, Spank Wire, You Porn, Tube 8, Porn MD, and, of course, the almighty Porn Hub itself), as well as many of your favorite professional porn studios: Reality Kings, Digital Playground, Brazzers, etc. Clearly, it would not be in Mind Geek’s best interest to hook its users up with tons of full-length movies from Reality Kings or Brazzers for free, right? That’s why – rather strategically, I might add – they tend to only offer snippets or excerpts, resulting in a slew of videos that are just too short to cum to (well, maybe not for you).

But just because the top porn tubes on the web don’t have much in the way of full-length HD movies (unless you pay for a premium subscription, that is), that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of free porn tubes out there that do. A few that come to mind (just for future reference … feel free to read my reviews of the following sites after this one): HQ Porner, Porn 300, and Tub X Tube. Each of these sites may have its flaws (as every site does), but each at least offers mostly full-length, unedited pornos featuring the hottest girls in the industry.

Familiar, Effective Site Layout

Another site that has nothing but scorching hot HD full-length movies for free is Yes Porn Please, which we will be taking a look at today. First of all, what a fucking name for a porn site, am I right? It’s catchy, easy to remember, and fun (as porn, to a certain extent, should be!). Would you like thousands upon thousands of high-quality porn videos? The correct answer is Yes, porn, please!

And this site wastes no time in giving you exactly what you want. From the moment you arrive at Yes Porn Please’s home page, you will be greeted with a barrage of high-resolution thumbnails, with very little getting in the way between you and your porn. This is exactly the kind of speed and down-to-business attitude that being severely horny demands. Yes Porn Please understands that and doesn’t beat around the bush so that you can beat around your bush with no wasted time.

Actually, when I first landed on the Yes Porn Please homepage, I thought for a moment that I was on Red Tube. The site design is very similar – the iconic black background, gallery style thumbnails, search bar up top, and red text. But wait, upon closer inspection, Yes Porn Please’s text is not red after all, but hot pink. A slight deviation from a site layout that has clearly been influenced by one of the greats to come before it. And that’s completely fine by me. Red Tube has, after all, one of the better-designed porn tube sites on the web, so I’m not gonna complain. I will say that, although similar, it is not quite as good looking as Red Tube. It’s not a bad looking site by any means, though. I’d say it’s comparable to how in every pair of twins, there is that one that is just almost imperceptibly uglier than the other one. Hardly noticeable at first glance, but readily apparent once you know to look for it.

There are some differences, though, in Yes Porn Please’s design. Although it does look a bit like Red Tube in an aesthetic sense, they have opted for a more minimalistic vibe. That means fewer menu items to distract from what we’re here for: the porn. It also means fewer features. But if you’re just here to whack it and that is your main concern, I doubt you’ll mind.

The very top of the page offers up a sparse site menu bar, allowing you to choose between Videos, Subscriptions, Categories, or Add Video. See what I mean? No bullshit, no filler, no fluff. Just the barebones necessities of a free porn tube site. Right below that, you’ll find your obligatory search bar. And immediately underneath it are a few studios for you to browse (Brazzers, Bang Bros, Reality Kings, Clips 4 Sale, Fake Hub, Naughty America, Mofos, Fake Taxi, Team Skeet, Czechav, and Digital Playground). I’m assuming these must be the most popularly viewed studios on the site. Whatever the reason, I’m content with the easy access.

Keep scrolling down and you’ll have thousands and thousands of thumbnails to peruse. 360 pages worth, to be exact. Nearly 19,000 videos (at least at the time that I visited Yes Porn Please in order to write this review). By the time I publish it, though, and you finally get around to being able to stop fapping for a couple of minutes so that you can read it, that number will be even larger, as – much like any free porn tube – the site’s core users will continue to upload new content.

All Full-Length Scenes, Almost All HD Videos!

The biggest thing for me, however, that makes Yes Porn Please stand out amongst its competitors is the fact that, from the looks of it, every single video on the site is full-length. That means none of that annoying shit that Porn Hub and Red Tube and the like do of providing 10-minute clips meant to arouse you into paying for subscriptions. Think about that for a moment. 360 motherfucking pages of full-length porn scenes from the best studios in the world, with the hottest chicks in the industry. That’s almost a full page of complete movies for every day of the year! Plus, to add to an already amazing feature of the site, the overwhelming majority of these videos stream in HD quality. And you don’t have to pay a single cent. Ah, what a beautiful fucking time to be alive this is.

I’m fucking telling you, man, this site just keeps getting better and better. In addition to thousands of HD full-length videos, the site also lets you download porn and enjoy some great community features. I don’t mean the relatively useless ones like rating videos or commenting on them, I’m talking real social media level shit. Follow users, write on their walls, add them as friends, and send messages. I believe every porn site should provide a means to potentially get laid, so this just adds to the list of boxes that Yes Porn Please ticks (the one that might lead to you ticking some boxes of your own). The only thing that sucks about it is that there is no way to search members. But, hey, it’s a small oversight for a site that gives the Porn Hubs and Red Tubes of the world a serious run for their money.

ThePornDude likes YesPornPlease's

  • Huge selection of HD videos
  • All full-length porn scenes
  • Community features
  • Great site design

ThePornDude hates YesPornPlease's

  • Lack of user search function
  • Ads