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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Remember back in the day when internet chatrooms were popular? They were all over the place, it’s all people would do. Nowadays, you’ve got much better entertainment online so most of these have died out. Some sites still persist though. These sites are still hubs for people to chat their hearts out. One of those sites is Now let me tell you right now, I used to use Omegle a few years back, and it was pretty fun back then. I even got laid thanks to it. True story. Does it still work the same way as it used to? Let’s find out.

So right off the bat, you’ll notice how incredibly simple this website is. There’s like six buttons on it if we’re being generous. Yes, I counted. And you’ll only use three of them anyway. We’ll get into those but let’s talk about how the website looks first. It hasn’t really changed at all since its inception. The orange and blue are still there, everything’s incredibly simple. A bit dull now that I look at it. I guess the prospect of was more interesting than the looks of it.

So, what is so interesting about that it ended up being reviewed by yours truly? The chicks that used to roam around the video chat, that’s what! That used to be the case at least, let’s take a look at all of these different modes and see what the situation is like. I remember that for every three or four penises you see on video chat, there used to be one normal person, but it was usually a dude. So, for every five normal dudes you go through, you eventually stumble upon a chick. And I mean proper girls with nice hooters. Nowadays? Well, things don’t seem so great.

The initial boom of died down and the dust has settled, so expect the number of penises on screen to quadruple while the number of chicks has significantly shrunken down. But that’s sort of to be expected at the end of the day. You can’t really expect to find chicks to video chat with for free without putting in the effort. As a wise man once said, you can’t expect to see some tits unless you go through several hundred skinny Indian dicks. This is my life philosophy, really. And it should be yours too if you go into the Video section of this website. Who knows, maybe you get lucky on your first draw!

You can also try to add your interests in order to find the right people to talk with. This is your best bet really, as a lot of the dudes that come to jerk off don’t bother putting anything in the interest box. Just don’t try to put in “Hot Dudes” and expect to find girls like that. The Indians are already doing that. The interests work for both Text and Video rooms, so even if you don’t have a webcam you can try to meet someone with whom you can have a normal conversation with. Yes, I said whom, deal with it! And who knows… Maybe, just maybe, you might meet a girl and strike up a conversation with her before adding her to your social media. Just don’t try to ask for nudes straight away. Ease into it, like a python wrapping around its prey. With your dick being the python, and those nudes being the prey. Metaphors, hell yeah!

While we’re at it, let’s talk about the Text section. Because, oh boy, this is something else entirely. See, after the site blew up, people started realizing that they can use this platform to advertise their online sex cam and sex chat services. They hired a few scripters and they wrote a few codes that serve as bots on this site. So, whenever you start looking for mates to chat with in this section, you’ll usually be met with a few bots first. It’s an epidemic, it’s going to take you quite a few clicks to get through all these damn bots. And to make matters worse, when you go through all the bots, you’re usually greeted by another dude! What!? Again, the Interests section can help a lot with filtering all of these bots out, so use it wisely.

The Adult button doesn’t even work. The button doesn’t open up anything, so don’t bother. The Unmoderated Section is even worse than the Video section. Seriously, you do NOT want to go here. Even if you find a pussy in this section, it’s probably going to be a prerecorded one. So yeah, stay away from this room. In fact, I’m pretty sure you can get internet STDs in this section.

Overall, though (often misspelled as “omegal”, “omeagle”, “omegele” and “omegel”) has fallen a lot in quality because of all the spam, and bots, and Indian dudes, there’s still fun to be had. And though it may never reach its former glory, it’s a good way to kill time. If you use the Interests section well, then you can even expect to see some functionality from this website.

ThePornDude likes Omegle's

  • Random text and video chat rooms with strangers
  • Functional, timesaving Interests section

ThePornDude hates Omegle's

  • No idea who you are talking to
  • Endless bots, spammers, trolls, and dudes
  • Broken Adult Section, horrible Unmoderated Section