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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The net has tons of porn sites as I’m sure you’ve realized but when it comes to finding out which ones are worth wanking to it can be tricky. You can do random text and image searches and hope to find something which looks decent, check to see if it’s a free or premium site, and spend anywhere from five minutes to half an hour or more checking the content.

You can spend as much or even more time scrolling through porn forums and going off of other people’s opinion, but that can be a problem too. After all, some amateurs may give you a general recommendation but not spend the time to really get into why they like a certain site so much. Then you’re stuck trying to vet other people’s opinion before you even check their recommendations.

If only there were a professional porn expert who has dedicated himself to scouring the net for the best and worst porn and everything in between.

Fortunately, I’ve been doing exactly that for years. If you check the rest of the site, you’ll see the hundreds of other reviews that I’ve done, and I don’t hold back when it comes to giving my opinion. Recently, I’ve been checking out Asian smut sites and stumbled across HP JAV TV. After rubbing one a few times, I knew I had to share my find with you guys.

Ready to know more about the Asian sensation that is HP JAV TV, then continue reading on.

There Is A Censored Section…

Yeah, that sounds strange, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re not familiar Asian porn, you’ll find that a lot of it is censored to a degree. And by censored I mean that genitals are pixilated in video or are have one or several black bars to partially obscure people’s junk. This is really common in Japanese porn (which sucks cause Nippon girls are fucking hot) because of cultural and legal prudishness which fucks up a lot of otherwise great porn.

That isn’t to say that a lot of the material in this section isn’t worth watching. In fact, a lot of it is damn good. At least it is so long as you can get past seeing a girl gobbling on a crouch full of black and flesh colored pixels and not being able to see a full uncensored vag shot. Come to think of it, if you’re into tease videos and want something like that but has full-on, hardcore fucking, you’ll love this section of the site.

…And An Uncensored One

Of course, there is a metric fuck ton of completely uninhibited sex scenes in the uncensored section. And like the censored section, there are regular uploads of fresh content every day. While the number of uploads aren’t consistent, from what I can tell, there are at least a dozen new vids posted every day.

Don’t Forget About The High Def Content

Interestingly, there actually is a separate page for fuck footage in high definition. As you might imagine, the footage there is amazing. That isn’t to say that the non-HD footage isn’t great – in fact, at first I didn’t really notice a difference. But the HD stuff is a helluva lot better. Checking it out for yourself and tell me what you think.

The Amateur Footage Is Awesome

Like any good smut site, HP JAV TV makes room (kinda) for amateurs to show off their gorgeous bodies. And, unlike some people in the West, these ladies are all petite, toned, and have fat only in the right places. And, of course, they are all Asian just in case you were curious.

There is just one catch though; the amateur content is really closer to gonzo-style interviews and not true uploads of horny Japanese and Malay amateur women showing off their sexual escapades. But the style of video certainly does have that nice intimate, seemingly amateur-ish edge to it.

Holy Mother (!) Check Out These Models

As I said, the models are phenomenal examples of female beauty from the Far East. Many of them, like Hamasaki Mao is the typical girl-next-door, nubile, submissive Japanese woman who loves to play with her pussy, suck cock and get rammed hard.

Then there are some of the more edgy girls who, while they like the same activities, do it with more flare like Oshikawa Yuuri. Seriously, look this one up. Her main promotional picture is a photo of her decked out in sick tight leather wielding a pistol as part of a plot porno flick. In addition to niche and fetish porn, she’s appeared in almost three hundred, yes that’s right, three hundred porn movies both censored and uncensored.

Most of them are pretty young or at least look very young (after all, they are Asian women) there are some more mature women as well. Further, you’ll find nice petite asses and massive badonkadonks, you can see small breasts and huge tits, and everything in between.

For every model’s page, you can filter the girl’s movie by searching for most recent film, by title, and whose which have the most views.

They Have A Most Unique Set Of Categories

Like any good website which tons of videos, this site has a fantastic category page. Having said that, this is an Asian site, so some of the categories are a bit different. If you check it out for yourself you’ll find the usual like several links for erotica, amateur, and fellatio, but things which are a bit more unique sections like Shark, Cherries, Sex Agent, and Air Control. From what I can tell, the last category refers to breathe play, but I’ll leave it to you to find out what the other crazy categories refer to.

The Pop Ups My Frustrate Your Pecker

There are a few things which bother me more when checking out porn or surfing the web in general, is when I have to put up with pops, spam, and redirects. Well, as great as HP JAV TV is a constant problem I have when using this site is dealing with those things.

Even if you have good ad blocking software, you’re still going to have to put up with some bullshit redirects and pop-ups to advertise some crappy net-based game or some other such site. I’m used to getting similar redirects occur on sites like PornHub, but there are two key differences. For one, the rate at which PornHub redirects you is far lower than HP JAV TV. Seriously, with almost every click you risk being taken to a new site.

Second, at least when tubes like PornHub redirect you, they take you to another erotic site like a cam show or another porn site. HP JAV TV, on the other hand, spams you with pages for crappy video games, shady looking products, and other stuff completely unrelated to porn. I mean come on HP JAV (!) we want to look at smut and don’t want to be taken out of the fantasy by your random advertisers.

To make things even worse (and weirder) some obvious malware pop-ups and makes it impossible for you to navigate the page unless you interact with it. Fortunately, it’s usually one of those deals where you’ll see a notification instructing you to update your browser. I’ve found that canceling out of the program solves the problem and doesn’t open me up to viruses, but it’s still a fucking pain.

Obviously, this is the biggest complaint that I have about this site – so, just to be honest, if you can’t put up with that kind of distraction, this site may not be for you.

Multiple Server Options But There’s A Catch…

Technically speaking, HP JAV TV straddles the line between being a sort of tube site and being an aggregator. Consequently, they source videos from multiple sources including OP, VO, RAP, and FEM servers. This can be great if you’re having a hard time watching a video from one source, but you can also run into some problems. The biggest of them being that some servers don’t like you using ad blocker software and are programmed not to play a vid until you turn that software off.

Of course, the whole point is so that they can potentially make some coin by showing off an ad or two before the video, but on a site crawling with other pop-ups and malware I think it’s a pretty risky thing to do, especially if you forget to turn it back on when navigating to other parts of the site.

On the flip side, these multiple server options do make downloading videos easier but don’t ask me if it’s strictly legal for every video. Given the sheer volume of vids on this site, I have my suspicions so transfer carefully.

You Can Get The Whole Site In Three Languages

Since this is an east Asian site, the websites were very accommodating (or at least had good business savvy) by designing this site to be translated into three languages – those being the Queen’s English, Malaysian, and Japanese.

Now, I don’t read in all of those languages but did check the three different versions of the site and found that the site’s menu buttons and all of the video titles do translate between all languages. Of course, they all don’t translate perfectly, but you can get the gist of what each title is supposed to mean.

Now For What I Really Think

In case you didn’t read the whole thing, scroll up to the top of the page and read it! There are some great details you’re going to want to read.

Anyway, whether you did or not, my final word on HP JAV TV is this. The content is certainly of the cum conjuring variety both the professional and amateur type. The models are some of the sexiest women which East Asia has to offer, and there’s a vast range of women to choose from many of whom have been in hundreds if not thousands of videos.

Overall, the web design is pretty good, if you can get past the stupid redirects and spam that is. That will take some time to get used to. Further, be careful of malware programs which regularly roam different pages on the website. They’re usually pretty obvious but something you’re going to want to be aware if when madly clicking around page links and thumbnail.

If you can put up with that, the site is really easy to use in whatever of the three languages you can view the site in.

All things considered, this is a great website to use especially if you like Asian women, but the goddamn spam drags it down a bit for me. So, I give it three and a half out of five hands and recommend that you use it.

ThePornDude likes HPJAV's

  • There are industrial levels of porn with is all high quality
  • The variety of content you’ll find ranges from solo scenes to dick sucking to boob fucking
  • Enjoy the best porn talent that East Asia has to offer

ThePornDude hates HPJAV's

  • While it is nice that they have multiple translations, some of them could be cleaned up a bit
  • There are far, far too many “secret” adverts lurking on virtually every page which will take you offsite to some random spam page
  • There aren't any community features like video ratings, comments, or forum threads