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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Yellow fever is a serious condition that affects millions of people worldwide, and the only cure for it is some good old fashioned Japanese bush – but this merely soothes the symptoms, because Yellow Fever has a high bounce-back rate and is also notorious for making people very addicted to nothing but Asian porn, but not just any kind of Asian porn – Japanese porn. The Japanese have always been, in one way or another, perverted. Hundreds of years ago they were drawing erotica and writing erotic plays which featured ass, pussy, boobs, cock, balls and other naughty things which people loved to read and enjoy back when there was no indoor plumbing in the world.

Nowadays the Japanese still stick to their roots and come up with some of the most extreme porn known to man – not only that, but they also produce a lot of XXX content as a country, which also includes the ever-iconic Hentai, which is literally porn in cartoon form. They even put plenty of sexual innuendos and themes in cartoons they make for children – plenty of kids who watched dragon ball knew that Master Roshi was a total sexual predator who read nudie mags in his spare time. Japan is just full of horny people who love to watch porn, as well as make it, which is why sites like JAVQD exist.

Solid Category Selection

Like any porno site that wants to take itself seriously, JAVQD contains plenty of categories which separate and organize its videos into several different themes, genres, fetishes and so on. There are 68 categories in total here, and they cover the whole spectrum of pornographic themes and intensity – from doggystyle, pussy licking and titty-fucking to voyeurism, teachers and pregnant girls, there’s nothing that’s not covered on this site’s category section.

Sure, some of them are totally unnecessary and overlap one another such as Public Fuck, Outdoor and Voyeur, as well as Wife and MILF, but at least they have the essential categories as well as the always necessary uncensored category, which is a real privilege when it comes to J-porn. In addition, every category also states how much videos it contains under its thumbnail, which is always helpful in one way or another.

Change the Channels As You Please

If you’re not one for categories and consider yourself more of a J-porn veteran whose aware of all the different production houses that make J-porn itself, you can always head on over to the ‘Channels’ section where you can find dozens upon dozens of professional Japanese XXX productions to choose from. It’s basically a category for all the different existing Japanese productions like ‘Audaz Japan’, ‘Baltan’, ‘Bibian’, ‘CarribeanCom’ and so on. There are even some Western XXX productions on this site like ‘Brazzers’ and ‘Blacked’, because this site does contain some Western porn on top of its main J-porn content.

Pornstar Section is a Mess

The pornstar section here is a complete disappointment – the people who run this site obviously don’t care enough about the porn consumers out there who are faithful fappers and prefer to blow their loads only to their virtual obsessions that they’ve developed a crush on from fapping to. A large part of individuals who masturbate on a daily basis tend to develop these virtual crushes on famous pornstars, and when they go on sites like this and find out that the pornstar section is a mess it certainly doesn’t give them any incentive to come back because they can’t find their online pornstar girlfriend easily, and they need her in order to masturbate properly with love in their minds.

The pornstar section here barely has anything going for it – over 90% of the image thumbnails belonging to the pornstars themselves are missing, which honestly defeats the whole purpose of having a pornstar section. In addition, the profiles are almost always completely empty without even the smallest tidbit of information regarding the model. The only thing these profiles are good for is having a list of videos which the pornstar is featured in. There’s an ‘Acting’ section which is supposed to contain all the videos in which the given model does certain things on, like for example you could open up a model’s profile on here, go over to the ‘Acting’ section, click on blowjob and be shown a list of videos which feature her giving a blowjob. That would’ve been great for this site had it actually functioned properly, but over 90% of the time it doesn’t and merely shows you a random assortment of videos, over half of which don’t feature the given model at all. The pornstar section on this site is pretty much a complete waste of time.

Also Contains Western Porn

That’s right, as I said, there’s a fair amount of Western XXX videos on this site, which I honestly think is not a good thing. While more porno is usually always okay, the fact that this site has Western XXX content on it only makes it go against its own purpose – this is a Japanese adult video (JAV) website, so why would you want to go here if you’re looking for those big-budget Brazzers-type videos of Alexis Texas and Elsa Jean? (which is what all of the Western content on here is) There’s just no point in this site having that sort of stuff at all…

No Standalone Tag Section

There are tags on this site, and they actually serve their function, despite some of them covering basically the same thing twice just like some of the categories do. But again, this site suffers from the same thing that a lot of XXX websites seem to suffer from nowadays – not having a standalone tag section. There’s no way to navigate to a section which contains all the tags, and that makes it all the harder to find some specific themes that you want your video of choice to have.

Sure, the categories may cover most porn themes, genres, fetishes and whatnot, but if I want to see a girl getting fucked in a pool, there’s no way I’m ever going to encounter a category that’s named ‘Swimming Pool’ – the best I could hope for is a tag that covers that in one way or another such as ‘Pool’, ‘Water’, ‘Outside’ and so on. Tags are pretty essential when it comes to locating porn content that you actually want to see on a very specific level, so not having a standalone tag section makes it all the more harder to actually find what you’re looking for.

No Photo Section

There are also no photos on this site whatsoever – if you’re a more patient, imaginative porno consumer who can get off on pictures just as easily as you can on videos, then you’re not gonna find what you’re looking for here. Photo sections on modern-day XXX websites are becoming rarer and rarer, and it’s only a matter of time until they go extinct and people start to rely exclusively on overly-stimulating XXX videos in order to get off. They could have at least placed solo photos of the XXX models on the ‘Pornstar’ section, but of course they didn’t bother to do that…

Not as Fast as I’d Like it to be

I’m going to end this interview by saying that this site, despite its great potential and decent content, could turn out a little slow – this site may respond at an acceptable speed when navigating its sections, but its videos can be a little slow to load due to the fact that they’re actually streams. Also seeing as how most of the videos are pretty long, it also adds on to their loading time – you probably won’t have to wait for more than a few minutes for a video to start playing, worst case scenario you can just refresh the page and the video will probably budge.

ThePornDude likes JAVQD's

  • Videos recommendations of the same pornstar
  • Most videos are over 15 minutes long
  • A real center for Japanese porn
  • Contains uncensored content
  • Videos have comprehensive technical and content descriptions

ThePornDude hates JAVQD's

  • Slow to respond
  • Videos are streams
  • Video players contain ads
  • Not a very stimulating visual design