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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I know some of you fucks are absolutely crazy about kinky Desi sluts. The amateur porn scene in Indian is wild. I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else pump out as many hot videos as these fuckers do on a daily basis. They’re some of the horniest people in the damn world, and I have got to respect that. Without you degenerate cucks I’d just be typing away to no one at all. But there are an absolute fuck ton of Indian porn sites out there. Some suck and some are pretty good. It’s really a toss-up when it comes to these sites, so stick with me here while I give you the rundown for yet another Indian porn site. is an Indian/Desi/Tamil porn site with a massive selection of user-uploaded clips available for streaming and downloading. Though, I feel like they missed the opportunity to capitalize the ‘s’ instead of the ‘a’ in the title. ClipSage is catchier in my opinion. What the fuck does ClipsAge even me? I’m getting off track here. The site has been around since back in 2012, and they bring in 3 million of your sex-starved dudes every single month.

Dated Site Design and Generally Poor/Confusing Layout

The site definitely shows its age. It has a logo doesn’t make much sense to me. Is it a ticket? What are all the numbers below? I don’t fucking know. I searched around, but It felt like when you’re rummaging around for the last condom in the drawer in the dark. And the whole site is so fucking white and ugly, like some fat bitches pockmarked ass. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but I can’t stand that shit.

Aside from the theme, the rest of the homepage is decently organized. It’s nothing special, but it works. There’s a header up top for logging in, registering, viewing your account, going premium, and a link back to my amazing site full of more reviews. But, yeah, there’s a premium account option here. The site says that you can download, albeit slower, for completely free and that all the premium account does is allow you to download faster, upload more content, and use a remote URL.

Premium Membership Nets You Unlimited Downloads

I’ve got to call bullshit on that first part. I mean, unless they mean downloading faster than not being able to download at all. There were no free download links or options on any of the videos I clicked on. I don’t know where they’re getting the “250 KB/s” download speed for free users. If you really need to have these videos downloaded, then at least the membership is cheap. 15 bucks will get you 120 days, or you can go for 9 bucks every 30 days. Not a bad price as far as premium memberships go.

Videos are organized down the center of the page with most viewed up top and recently added below that. Off to the right, you can view a quick list of categories or slam that “all categories” button to get a full list. For a site built around user uploads, there are surprisingly few categories. Only 10 to speak of, and they aren’t your usual selections for shit like voyeur, BDSM, lesbian, etc. They have categories for “Sri Lankan, Desi Masala, Pakistani, and Sex Documentary clips” to name a few.

Short List of Category And Tags Could be Expanded

Each category lists off how many videos are in it. And, I’ll give credit where it’s due, they have the number of videos. A good selection of categories have a couple hundred or thousand videos to choose from, but, holy fuck, “Indian Sex Scandal Clips” has over 39 thousand videos to jerk your dick to. That’s fucking insane. It’s more than every other category combined.

You can also view a relatively short list of tags for shit like “sucking cock, desi, fucking, and other basic tags.” Those are the only real ways to browse. Yeah, there’s a search bar, but all of these videos are named by users, so it’s a clusterfuck. It’d be harder to find a specific video on this site than it would be to find someone not blitzed out on drugs at a Grateful Dead concert.

Besides being too small, the previews are decent. You’re not getting the luxury of sexy slideshows or animated previews though. Just a plain old still image. You’ll also get a title that usually goes something like “Indian Desi boy and girl after pleasure in bed,” a video length in the bottom right corner (usually nothing longer than 2-3 minutes), what category the video is in, when it was uploaded, and how many views it has.

Hot Amateur Videos are Short, Sweet, and Get Right into the Action

The videos are interesting. These Desi/Indian porn sites always have crazy short videos for some reason. You’ll be hard pressed to find any good shit longer than 10 minutes on the site. I’d say that had something to do with the 500mb upload cap for free users, but most of these videos look like they were filmed with an old ass flip phone.

When you click over to the video you’ll get a five panel shot of images from the video, file size, and a few other details. If you have premium, then you can download the videos using the button down below. Otherwise, hit “Full Video Playback” to get taken over to a tab where you can watch the video in it’s full, probably 480p quality, glory. It’s a simple, small player with minimal controls. You don’t even get the video time when you get to this screen making it nearly impossible to skip around to the best parts.

Surprisingly Impressive Mobile App Available on Android

Believe it or not, this site somehow has an app. And it’s actually not terrible. Neither is the plain mobile site. Both are scaled properly for mobile. The main differences on the app are that you can endlessly scroll through videos, password protect the app itself from nosy assholes, cast that shit to your TV, and a few other neat features worth checking out. Just head over to the site and click on the “Android Mobile App” link in the top right to get started.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

Of course, my favorite feature about this site has to be the amazing Indian porn. Yeah, the quality isn’t the best and the videos aren’t long, but show me an amateur Indian porn site that does. Yeah, no, don’t worry, I’ll wait. Nothing. You got nothing. This site has some incredibly hot videos that will have you busting nut after nut, especially if you’re into these amazing babes.

I’m also blown away that the mobile app is half decent. Not gonna lie, the desktop site needs some work. I never expected the mobile version to have an app, let alone a good one. It’s great for taking all of your sexy Indian porn with you no matter where you are.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

The main site needs an overhaul. It doesn’t have a great design and the search options are lacking. The categories page has basic web clipped images for icons for fuck’s sake. Change that shit up. Give it a nice sleek design like the mobile app has. I’d also make the subscription shit clearer. The whole registered user versus premium user deal was confusing, especially since some of the features it said I should have weren’t available to me. Don’t cock tease me with the hope of amazing downloadable videos and then not give it to me.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, if you like Desi/Indian porn then you’re going to love what this site has got. Yeah, it’s a bit rough around the edges, but you’re getting some raw, amateur porn that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. It’s also a sold site if you’re looking to upload your own porn. Have an Indian slut of a girlfriend who loves sucking your dick? Well, first off, I doubt it. But if you do, then upload that shit so all the other depraved fucks in the world can fap to it. You can browse the site for free and watch thousands upon thousands of hot videos. That’s a win in my book. Check it out over at

ThePornDude likes ClipsAge's

  • Hot Amatuer Indian Porn Videos
  • 40+ Thousand Videos to Jerk Off To
  • Great Mobile App For Android!

ThePornDude hates ClipsAge's

  • Dated Desktop Site Design
  • Quite A Few Ads
  • Can’t Download Unless You Pay Up