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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The world of JAV, or Japanese Adult Video, is such a fascinating corner of the smut universe. They ain’t a big country, but they put out an insane amount of porn that’s treasured around the world. They don’t just go big, they go fucking hard! JAV is easily some of the most depraved porn in the world. You used to need a friend in Japan to mail you DVDs of schoolgirls getting violated in department stores, but sites like JAVfor.me bring that shit straight to your phone, tablet, or those old-people gizmos with the keyboards and mice.

JAVfor.me has only been around since 2012, but it’s easily one of the big boys in JAV right now with other 30 million visits a month. JAV sites tend to flare up and die off fast, which is great when it’s herpes but bad when it’s your favorite Japanese porno site. I bet you’re curious what makes this one so special. There’s only one way to find out.

JAV for You, JAV for Me, JAV for All Except Where Prohibited by Law

JAVfor has more of a DVD store layout than your typical porn tube. Instead of screengrabs, we get rows of scanned DVD covers, unfolded so we can see the front and back. I actually wish the thumbnails were bigger since they’re so dense with images. I honestly can’t tell if the Asian whore in one image is fucking a dildo or her own foot because it’s too small and dark. Since it’s Japanese, I’ll have to just assume it’s actually a live and squirming eel.

What is big enough to make out is enticing as all hell. There are hospitality maids wearing basically nothing and smiling like they need it bad, and a squealing teen in a movie promising ecstatic pussy pumping. Flight attendants in nylons bang their passengers, #metoo be damned, and a runaway daughter is put in handcuffs so her titties can be tortured more easily.

I’m not sure how they’re sorting their Recent Videos on the front page, but it’s not the typical newest-first order you see literally everywhere else. Every time I hit refresh, I get a new selection of Recent Videos. First I see a college model getting gang-banged, then girls getting molested on a bus, followed by a Japanese idol getting raped by fans.

There’s this tiny little Japanese babe on the cover of one, standing between two big Black dudes packing Big Black Cock. The back-cover pics are so tiny, but there’s no mistaking a girl’s pretty face as she takes on two huge dicks. I think there’s a creampie pic, too, but it’s hard to tell.

Actually, it’s definitely a creampie pic. I can tell from the movie’s full title, which is super catchy: Captivated By His Huge Cock… Fucked And Creampied By A Black Man At The Hot Spring: Ai, The Married Woman With A Beautiful Ass Who Convulses And Orgasms Beside Her Husband. I love Japanese porn titles.

Watching Pornos On the Nintendo Entertainment System

I like creampies as much as the next guy, but a bunch of cum isn’t really what made me want to watch Captivated By His Huge Cock. I’m more curious because I wonder if this movie actually shows uncensored twats getting pumped full of hot cum. The image on the back of the case is small enough that I honestly can’t tell if it’s obscured by the same Nintendo pixels ruining the dicks shaking in this cutie’s face.

Everybody who’s ever looked at JAV knows there’s usually a censorship problem. Almost everything that comes out of the Land of the Rising Sun has the genitals blurred out by flesh-colored blocks. When I hit a JAV site, the first thing I look for is uncensored material.

There’s a link to the English subtitled films in the header, but I can’t find an Uncensored section anywhere. Too bad I get a bigger boner seeing a girl’s inner labia than reading her badly translated screams. I can’t see any clearly exposed genitals on the front page, but I do see plenty of pixels.

Captivated By His Huge Cock starts as soon as I hit play. If I was supposed to see an ad or get a pop-up, my plugin took care of it for me. JAVfor.me has an affiliate link to buy the same DVD playing in its entirety in the baked-in player, which is something I’ve never seen. It’s either really bold piracy or Japan has completely different copyright laws than everyone else in the world. There’s another sidebar ad below it, but it’s small and gets in the way of nothing.

The quality is decent, but I’m not sure if it’s HD. It looks like a DVD rip because that’s exactly what it is. The chick starts taking her clothes off three minutes in, and that’s when I go fullscreen. That’s about all you can do with the player. There’s not even a quality adjustment option.

I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that this is definitely censored. She hasn’t even spread her legs and her muff is already blurred out. The good news is that there’s interracial 69 about 40 minutes in, and then the girl gets finger-cuffed at the two-hour mark. It’s a long film, so don’t forget to lube up to avoid chafing.

(I couldn’t find the creampie scene or a larger image of the back cover. Like the enigma of female ejaculation, some mysteries were never meant to be solved.)

A search for Uncensored brought up a handful of DVDs, but not enough to get excited about. This just ain’t the place for that.

Stream Japanese Porn from Multiple Countries

I didn’t have any buffering issues watching Captivated By His Huge Cock. Even when I skipped around in the video, the playback kept up with my mouse with very minimal waiting. Have a slow, thoughtful wank or jump right to the hot tub blowjob.

By default, JAVfor.me served up the movie hosted on a Canadian server. If that doesn’t load or it’s too slow, there are links for servers in the US, EU, and UK. Imagine that: from anywhere in the world, you can watch this little Asian slut get hammered from both ends, streaming from multiple countries. If the Internet ain’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.

There’s a Download link beside the Like and Dislike buttons under the video. I was pretty excited to save my own copy of this interracial threesome, but the link is actually total bullshit. It gives you a little message from the dude who runs the site about how much he appreciates you helping out the studios who put out the smut. You can follow the link to go buy the movie.

I’m annoyed that they tricked me like that, but damn. JAVfor.me’s got some noble-ass shit going for a site that gives out free fuck flicks. I’m pretty sure they’re still pirated movies, posted without permission, but I give them respect for being so honorable. I know that doesn’t mean much from a man with his sister’s stolen panties in his mouth as he writes this, but I’m sure some of you SJWs will be happy.

I can’t complain about a business model that gives me full-length dirty movies for free with such minimal ads. If the studios are getting some trickle-back, everybody wins.

My real issue with JAVfor.me wasn’t the censorship, which is typical with JAV. It wasn’t the bullshit Download button, either. I’d just really like to see the site organized a little better. A Categories page would make the whole thing so much easier to browse. The search bar here isn’t very robust, but it’s your only way to nail down even vaguely specific smut.

JAVfor.me is one of the kings of Asian porn tubes mostly because their collection is fucking incredible. They’ve got thousands and thousands of full-length Japanese Adult Videos in pretty much every perverted category you can think of, and it’s all free to watch with minimal advertising or buffering issues. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better example of the genre.

ThePornDude likes JAVfor.me's

  • Free streaming from multiple servers worldwide
  • Thousands of full-length JAV DVD rips
  • English-subtitled Japanese smut
  • Lots of updates

ThePornDude hates JAVfor.me's

  • Censored pussies and cocks
  • Bullshit download button
  • Minimal organization