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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Radical Jizzlam

Radical Jizzlam

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Oh come on, you can admit that sometimes porn has to be politically incorrect for it to be unique and fun. I mean, it’s not every day that you get to see perverted Arab hotties sucking cock and sperm and taking sticky facials while dressed in the traditional religious headscarf. It’s even harder to imagine porn featuring hardcore solo Arab chicks always ready for blowjobs and ravenous for cum. This is the kind of shit that would get you sentenced [by a judge] to death by stoning or even worse get you blown up by some crazy religious extremists in some fucked up country in the Middle East.

But let’s face it! Those Arab dudes and chicks are as perverted as any other human being on this planet. Simply put, a fair share of the men are always hungry to watch something to help them get a hard-on or find some chick they would want to bust a nut into. The chicks, on the other hand, are always yearning for some excitement, especially given the way women’s freedoms [sexual and otherwise] are usually restricted in most Arab countries.

In fact, being a staunch advocate for porn, PornDude is calling for a revolution to free the Arab world from this oppression. If I had it my way, I would drop some fucking boots in the Arab world just to undertake this important mission. What’s the point of having thousands of troops just idling in military barracks waiting for some shit to happen while they can actually create some action? I say it is a worthy cause because let’s face it, it’s better to have those idle sick-minded Arabs watching and producing porn rather than having them get radicalized and blowing up shit and people allover for no important reason.

Arab porn is kind of difficult to find out there in the porn world. In fact, it almost gets frustrating when trying to find a reliable porn site of quality with this kind of smut on demand. Keep in mind that pornography is forbidden in their religion. That’s why PornDude has done all the tedious legwork for you, scouring the porn world for some of the best Arab porn sites and I came across Radicaljizzlam.com. I appreciate some high-quality smut as much as you and I bet this one truly stands out and could be worth your precious time.

First Impressions

RadicalJizzlam.com is a fairly new site and has only been in the market for quite a short while now. I noticed that they are currently still in the process of increasing their content with new scenes getting uploaded each week. Everything on offer is 100% exclusive and the videos are accompanied by a picture gallery. Members can choose to browse only images under a separate menu section, which is nice if you are the kind of guy who gets his kick from looking at dirty pics alone. Personally, pictures are not enough for a seasoned porn connoisseur like me. I have to at least watch that, plus the real action in motion to get the package in my pants throbbing with excitement.

All the videos are shot in 60p full-HD, and you can download or stream without any restrictions on any digital device. The site features niches like Cock Sucking, Big Dick, Cum Play, Cum Eating, and many others.

Refreshing Radical Dirty Content on Offer

Well, to begin with, Radicaljizzlam is by all means “radical” given its approach when it comes to hardcore dirty videos. I know the plethora of porn parody sites on the market is already overwhelming, but Radicaljizzlam.com offers something more refreshing. It seems like a meta-parody or perhaps they have even gone past the line between porn parody and politics. I’ll leave it to you to decide on that, but suffice it to say, this was undoubtedly developed to serve a unique niche.

On this site, you’ll watch supposedly Arab hotties of all shades, colors, and sizes in hijabs [the traditional religious headscarf] – but it’s not simply another ‘hot chick in a hijab getting some dick’ kind of site. It seems the team behind the site went out of their way to create freaky scenes based on top news headlines or some discussion you’d find on one of the popular news talk shows. And yet, due to certain world realities, you may or may not find it funny. I found most scenes here focusing on a dude calling himself “The Caliph” getting off on the conquest of some hijab-wearing babe – and when the chick prays, it’s almost always in the direction of his cock. All the videos are accompanied by a brief description of the scenario they are going to run with, making it easy to decide if the action is worth your time.

Speaking of action that’s worth your time though, expect to watch a ton fuck of creampie and cum drinking action. It’s almost as if the site is predominantly about nurturing an oral obsession. Anyone who has a fantasy fetish for facials, blow jobs, and literally, glasses filled with cum will be delighted with how unapologetically raw and filthy this site is.

Definitely not for Feminists

If there’s one thing I can guarantee you, this site is definitely not a place for feminists. The hijab-covered women here are subjugated in what might seem to some as barbaric ways, and they are shown that their place is down on their knees, obedient and modest. In most of the scenes, the guy orders the women covered with hijabs to get down on their knees and they dutifully obey. He then instructs the ladies to strip down, but they keep the headscarf on, perhaps for the effect and to live up to the true theme of the site. The girls’ pleasant, juicy breasts are always exposed and seem naturally jiggly. Then the dude offers the ladies his, usually, thick cock, which they suck diligently, like a task they must perform thoroughly and painstakingly.

Although it seems the bitches are under pressure to please, they somehow still manage to enjoy themselves in the process. You’ll be surprised that the guy’s big, fat dick barely fits most of the ladies’ mouths, but they always make a determined effort to go as deep as they can, and they stroke his shaft and suck the tip while at it. I know some feminists or their sympathizers may find it hard to watch young girls and women receiving such kind of treatment. But fuck their sentiments! Personally, I don’t give a fuck as long as I am enjoying and the hot bitches receiving this treatment are probably having the best time of their lives.

What’s the Upside?

There are many good things I can say about this site, but if you’ve really been reading this review from the beginning, I think you’ll agree that I have already mentioned most of them. For starters, the content here is unique and hard to find anywhere else. I mean, where else can you find such awesome hardcore content centered on supposedly Arab bitches? I say supposedly because I doubt all the girls in the scenes are actually Arabs. Nevertheless, the fact that the theme of the entire site centers on Arab sex is pretty awesome and refreshing. Perhaps it’s because pornography is forbidden by religion in Arab countries. But again nothing is as sweet as the forbidden fruit.

Besides the type of content, the layout of the site is quite impressive. Nice and neat, like a shaved pussy! The quality of the videos is also awesome as most videos are shot in 60p full-HD. The variety of scenes and topics also offers a nice buffet to choose from. The site does not contain any annoying pop-up ads, which is a great thing too. The fact that the site offers cheap dirty videos is awesome and you don’t have to pay to download or stream the good stuff. Finally, the site has a rather impressive mobile experience, which is not very different from the desktop version so you can enjoy the site while on the go without much fuss.

The Downside

I don’t have much to say about the negative side of Radicaljizzlam.com, but I noted a few things. First, the number of videos is quite limited compared to other older and more established sites. However, I can understand that this is because the site is fairly new in the market. The other little gripe is that you will be disappointed if you want to actually find out the names of the actresses. The site does not have a model index, category tags, or even credit given to the actresses. I can’t tell if this is a deliberate action or not, but it would better if they had names rather than “girl in white head covering” going forward.

Suggestions from ThePornDude

Honestly, the site could do a lot better with a greater number of videos. I appreciate the fact that they are updating their videos every week, but it would be better if they updated the content on a more regular basis. The site could also do better with a model index and category tags so members can find specific actresses by their names.


In the meantime, anyone with a liking for Arab porn should definitely take advantage of this affordable deal, but more especially if you have a thing for oral action, hotties in head covering, and graphic cum drinking. Radicaljizzlam is definitely not for the faint heart or anyone who cannot stomach a deficiency in political correctness. But if your thing is mocking the un-mockable and having fun while at it, then you should definitely check this site out!

ThePornDude likes Radical Jizzlam's

  • High-quality Hardcore content
  • Unique Arab niche
  • Free pornography – no membership fee
  • No annoying pop-up ads

ThePornDude hates Radical Jizzlam's

  • Limited amount of videos
  • No way to know actresses names