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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Jav Push! The “Yellow Fever” is a serious condition that originates from Eastern Asia. It’s a deadly virus that can infect anyone who looks at a censored Japanese porn video for too long – the urge might become uncontrollable, and can easily send someone into a frenzy consisting of searching up and fapping to nothing but the finest quality Japanese porn. Hi, I’m Doctor Porn Dude, and I’m here to tell you that you’ve got nothing to fear.

This “Yellow Fever” is relatively harmless as its symptoms go away in about a few days, up to a week tops. It also has 0% lethality and is totally nowhere near as dangerous as another virus which also originates from the Far East sphere of the world. JavPush here is every Jap porn-lover’s dream; it’s an endless trope of long-from HD Japanese XXX works and titles that seem to never end. Seriously, this one website can replace potentially millions of 90s-Esque adult movie rental stores that exclusively keep Japanese porn.

You might not be into Japanese porn, but even a couple of glances of this site’s content could make you a victim of the aforementioned “Yellow Fever” condition. I mean have you seen some of these XXX movie covers that are on display here at JavPush? They are NOT your ordinary video thumbnail links – the girls featured on them are sure to allure you in and give you no fighting chance to resists whatsoever. The fact that most of them are cute Japanese girls dressed in lingerie is enough to quell most men and have them fapping at their knees sooner or later. Let’s take a deeper look at JavPush here and see whether or not I’d consider it to be one of the greatest entries on my JAV site listings.

First Thing’s First – You Get Full Free Movies Here

This is really what makes this site worthwhile – a lot of JAV sites that give out a millennia’s worth of free HD content are usually blocked off by a barrage of ads that make the whole ordeal way harder than your penis could ever get when closing down tons of ads while trying to keep a hard-on. But JavPush here is different – this site works just fine with AdBlock on and doesn’t try to obstruct your Japanese porn-attaining process whatsoever with ads of any kind.

It’s a perfect delivery system – the site’s content is very easily accessible and can be played in under a minute despite it being a full movie that’s well over an hour long. There’s no long waiting time at all for these videos, and they’re all completely free – what more could you ask for?

Now Most Of Them Are Uncensored, But…

Yes, this site’s content is mostly censored. Japanese law dictates that all of the genitals depicted in its media be censored with low-resolution pixelations. Funnily enough, since the anus isn’t considered a genital in the classic sense, it doesn’t get censored. The result is a “buttload” worth of Japanese-made porn that censors out all the dicks and pussies within it (or should I say penises and vaginas, to keep the formality going) while keeping all of its assholes bare and unobscured by censorship. That’s why a lot of Japanese porn involves anal stuff because those two inches further down from a vagina don’t have to be censored since apparently, they pose no threat to Japanese society. But don’t worry – you can also get your fill of uncensored stuff here too, which brings me to my next point…

There’s Also a Whole Library of Uncensored Stuff Here Too

You seriously didn’t think that a JAV site in 2020 wouldn’t have a separate section meant only for uncensored content, did you? You might have, but I’m here to prove you wrong. JavPush here has just as much uncensored stuff as it does censored, and it’s no secret that uncensored JAV content is becoming ever-more prevalent in the world of internet porn. I mean, even the Japanese aren’t immune to the modern-day liberal anti-censorship mentality. But where can you find all this uncensored content?

All You Gotta Do is Look in the Genres…

The “More Genres” section on the site’s left-hand side will show you all the possible themes, kinks, and fetishes which appear on this site’s content — the whole 200+ of them. There’s so much choice to be made here in terms of content organization that I’m pretty sure this site just made the top JAV site listing ranks.

The people running JavPush are so crafty that they’ve even added a “shortcut to all uncensored content” button on the top of their genre list. This shortcut leads you to a list of a similar page that shows you a seemingly endless list of tags which are added to all uncensored content on the site, which makes your search for good uncensored JAV content on this site infinitely easier.

You Can Even Search Via Actress or Production

If you need some more content organization to increase the overall orderliness in your masturbatory, porn-consuming life, then, by all means, take advantage of this site’s search bars. There are two in total – one dedicated for porn actresses, and another one that searches for Japanese porn productions. They can definitely be used effectively if you absolutely know what you’re searching for – and you can even change the site’s language settings from English to Japanese if you happen to know any Kanji.

Not So Good With Phones This Site…

I tried getting on here with my phone, and everything seemed peachy until I got to the video player. That’s when a certain pop-up ad kept appearing on my screen, prompting me to “subscribe” to something. It wouldn’t go away, so I’m assuming that either my phone has no anti-pop up software installed, or JavPush intentionally spam mobile users only. In any case, who wants to watch a whole damn 2 hour-long porn video on their phone? All of this site’s videos are over an hour-long anyway, so what’s the point of fapping here from your phone?

ThePornDude likes JavPush's

  • Contains full long format JAV works and titles
  • Site has plenty of categories
  • Site also has plenty of uncensored content
  • No annoying or obstructive ads

ThePornDude hates JavPush's

  • Has a very barebones look and feel
  • Videos can’t seem to be played from phones
  • A lot of genres and uncensored tags hold no content whatsoever