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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Just like video games started in the West and then the Japanese started making them — and made them better (!) — so the same has happened with tube sites. Starting around 2007 when video steam became fast and affordable, platforms like PornHub launched a virtual fap revolution. And since, other web designers around the world have copied their success.

Of course, when it comes to most things, people end up trying to reinvent the wheel and rather than make something extraordinary, just add a few spangles and a few sparkles to something we’re already familiar with.

Then there are designers who try something different and end up with something that at best could be considered completely niche or a glorified disaster. Occasionally, I’ve found these rare porn platform unicorns which are a combination of the two, so when it comes to rating them, I fell about as confused as I do hen fapping to tranny porn.

Spoiler alert: Pop Jav does seem to be one of these horned horse porn hybrids and to find out, you’re going to have to keep on reading.

Holy Hot Cakes!

There are a lot of hot cakes!

I mean, what would a good tube be without plenty of pussy but the amount that you get to select from on this site is truly remarkable. Of the dozens of categories, which I’ll speak more on further down the review, there are dozen, hundreds, or even over a thousand videos to watch.

And like a proper tube, there are new uploads being made all of the time which you can watch for free. Just don’t ask me if they are pirated or not, in part because I don’t know…and because I don’t want my cherry ass to be at risk in jail.

So, assuming that these are all properly posted and shared vids, I say check them out and enjoy the buffet. After all, I estimate that in total, there are thousands of examples of the best Japanese smut on here. I know you’ll find something you love…or rather lust.

The Video Page Format Is Different

Like you might guess, all of the videos are written in Japanese. However, if you do hover your mouse over a thumbnail you will get an English translation of each vid. As weird as they are they (sometimes) tell you what you are going to see, a better way to gauge what you are going to see is by looking at the static thumbnail.

Unlike a lot of Western tube sites, the thumbnail doesn’t show you a preview of what you are going to see, each still has a series of screenshots from the best parts of the movie.

The filter options aren’t huge, but you can switch between the date they were uploaded, which have been the most viewed, and by name – that is alphabetical.

When you click on a video, you’ll see a mix of the familiar and the strange. Like other tube-type sites, you’ll see the video itself, the number of views, and all of the video tags and categories. You can download each video as you watch it if you wish. And, of course, scroll down, and you’ll see a series of related promoted videos. So far, so familiar, right?

Well, since this is an unusual tube, you can source your videos from different servers called OP, VO, and AC. So, if you click on a video and it doesn’t play, or you get that spinny wheel of endless fucking frustration, you can click over to a different server source. It’s kind of like using a site like Putlocker or one of the other Megavideo clones out there.

Moving on, I’ve got to comment on the video names. Reading the titles is like looking at an item description on Aliexpress…only in Japanese. If you aren’t familiar, with that massive online retailer, each seller packs every possible descriptor to grab a search engines attention. For example, if you do a search on Aliexpress for panties you’ll get items titled like this:

“Women’s Panties Sexy Cotton Crotch Briefs Female Underwear Lingerie Bikini Ladies Knickers Breathable Striped 3 pcs/set FUNCILAC”

And no, those items weren’t crotchless panties.

(On that note, if you’re looking for cheap lingerie for your girlfriend – or if you don’t have one cheap sex toys – that’s the site to go to.)

Similarly, I tried translating a video on Pop Jav and got a result like this:

“Seriously mischief, first shooting. 1318 Professional student found in Nakano. Recently, heavy on boyfriend!! “That’s right, I say goodbye and I’m depressed. Such comfort to her body!? Transformed into a little devil on bet! Certainly, it looks a bit heavy… Azusa 19-year-old professional student ※ part-time job in karaoke”

Yeah, that’s the entire translated title! No, I don’t know what some of the special symbols and weird grammar means. And yes, that is representative of the average. To make things weirder, it’s a pretty standard porn video, and I don’t remember seeing any karaoke.

The truly massive video titles make guessing what the video is about even if you read Mandarin or use translation software can be a bit difficult. So, when you do click on something, judge it by the thumbnail, not the name.

There Are A Ton Of Adverts, Though

There aren’t flashing banners all over the place, but the webmasters at Pop Jav are a bit sneakier at hiding their adverts. On the main page, you’ll usually see a live video pop up at the bottom of the screen advertising cam sites or something similar. Not a bad thing considering that the people featured are good looking, but it does distract from vids on Pop Jav.

Further, on each video, you’ll have to click past an ad, which wouldn’t be an issue since they don’t bring up pop-ups usually, but you have to put up with another obstacle: the dreaded demand that you turn off your ad blocker. From what I can tell, this isn’t a requirement for every video on every server, but it happens enough that it’s annoying.

Like I said, if you click on a video and press play you usually won’t have to put up with a redirect or a pop-up. But when you switch between servers, you’ll often be taken offsite to some spam site. This typically happens once when you switch servers, and I don’t think you’ll be exposed to malware, but it still sucks.

I mean seriously, I get how people gotta make money, but it shouldn’t be that much of a hassle to watch a damn porn video.

Yeah, There Is A Censored Section

As per usual on Japanese smut site, there is a lot of censored porn. For those unfamiliar, the Japanese have this weird obsession with pixelating penises and pussies, especially those with hair on them. To make things even weirder, non-sexual footage of folks, especially young people is no big deal!

The reasons for this goes back into a bunch of weird historical stuff, but I’ll sum up by saying that there are still some old bastards in Japan who want to enforce the conservative, prudish notions of what’s proper – even in porn.

Anyway, there is a dick ton of censored porn, so if you’re getting into a vid and see a girl about to rip her panties off and piddle her pussy, don’t be disappointed if you don’t see the whole pink glory hole.

When I first started seeing this, I was put off of it, but now I’ve started to reconsider it. After all, it’s kind of like the ultimate tease! You’re literally seeing some fine female with all of her clothes stripped off but still being blocked by a virtual barrier.

So, some of you guys might be into it, some of you may not. If not, though, I do have great news.

Don’t Worry, There Is Uncensored Smut, Too

Like a good tube site – but unlike a depressing number Japanese sites – there are tons of censored smut movies as well. There aren’t as many uncensored videos, but when there are thousands to choose from, you’ve still got a great selection.

And to make things even better, Japanese vids like these tend to be longer. Now I know damn well that there are plenty of wall-to-wall porns which can be up to an hour long. They’re typically hot and feature a few or several fine female performers. But there’s no story or sometimes even a running theme to make getting off even better.

Japanese porn, however, usually has some kind of storyline similar to a full-length movie. Sure the acting quality isn’t Oscar-winning (though it’s typically a lot better than what you see from North American studios) the scenarios are actually pretty engaging. Furthermore, this means that most of these videos, rather than be the five to fifteen minute standard on other tubes, run between 45 minutes to an hour and a half!

It’s Even Available In High Definition!

Yes, while there isn’t quite as much uncensored, uncut porn compared to the censored stuff, there is a special section just for high definition smut. But like all of the best stuff, you can’t get this shit for free. Claiming to be the number one smut site in its category, Pop Jav HD features the work of 713 porn professionals, over 70,000 photos, more than 2,800 movies, and a total of 4.42 terabytes of content! And yes, you can download all of the vids and pics your hard drive can handle and keep them forever.

Further, this site has 50,000 members and growing – and you know that many people can’t be wrong, right? To get full access, you can pay a whopping $49.99 for thirty days, or save money and pay the equivalent of $39.99 a month for three months, or about 20 smackers a month for an annual membership.

Not convinced enough to give this HD porn platform a try? Then look at some of three free previews on the home page or get a three day trial for only a dollar.

Check Out The Categories

Like a good tube, there is a complete category section, but unfortunately, it’s a little difficult to navigate. Or at least the English version is. The categories are divided into three sections – uncensored, amateur, and censored – which has some of the strangest descriptors that I’ve ever seen.

For example, there’s stuff like Real Street Angels, S Cute, Cherries, G-Trip, a series of sections which seem to be Romanizations of Japanese terms, and one strange section called Guts! No, it’s not snuff, but those are just a few of the weird shit that you are going to see.

If that freaks you out or intrigues you, take heart and keep your hardon because there are some more vanilla (or at least recognizable) categories like Face, Erotica, Fellatio.

There Is A Pornstar Page…

And thank the gods of love for that because the gals on this site are lovely. And unlike a lot of Western performers who only put out a few movies a month or even just a year, the girls on this site have started in more movies than Samuel Jackson and Meryl Streep have been in combined.

Seriously, these girls on average seem to have been in between three and four hundred videos. Of course, given their clear complexions, perky posteriors, and titillating tits, it’s easy to see why there would be so much demand to see more performance by these girls.

Like the main video pages, the filter options aren’t great. You can only sort vids by most views, alphabetically, or most related. But I do guarantee you won’t be bothered sorting through pages of pretty girls.

…And A Spot For Amateurs, Too

Well, at least that’s what they claim anyway. To be honest, a lot of Asian sites like this don’t seem to believe in true amateur porn like they have in the West. I’m not sure why this is since virtually every tube site that you find in Europe and North America has massive sections of hot (and not so hot) exhibitionists who feel confident enough to show off their bodies.

But Pop Jav has an ‘amateur’ section of professional pornography which tends to have a semi-gonzo quality to it which, I guess, is supposed to give the feeling like you’re seeing ‘real’ porn experience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, and there’s a lot to choose from like the rest of the site. But there’s just something different about seeing authentic, undirected single girls and cute couples completely inhibited going at it.

You’ve Even Got Live Cams

I’m sure you’ve noticed if you spend any amount of time on porn tubes that most of them either link to a partnered live cam site or even have their own branded, exclusive cam platform. Well, not to be out down (apparently) Pop Jave has an affiliate link to what’s called Stunning Lover.

If you click over to it, you’ll see live footage of a featured woman shaking her cakes and jiggling her cans. And they aren’t exactly modestly or even suggestively dressed like professional teases, either. In fact, I was surprised when I checked it out first time to see an absolutely stunning brunette with perky tits practically the size of my head (the one on my shoulders, not in my crouch) whipping them around and dressing only in a thong in full lighting.

Anyway, beyond there are links to other live single girls, trios of adventurous ladies, and heterosexual couples from not one, not two, but three cam sites. It’s this combination of promotional and variety that makes Stunning Lover unique since it hooks you up with some of the hottest girls on established cam sites Chaturbate, My Free Cams, and Bonga Cams.

Talking about stunning, huh?

There’s only one banner – at least usually – on the main page and no pop-ups or misleading redirects when you connect to a site or a specific performer. I’ve done reviews on all three of those sites before so if you want a detailed review of each of them.

Has This Platform Earned Its Name?

With thousands if not tens of thousands of videos to choose from you’ll always have something fresh to fap to, so I’ve got no complaints there. And there are Asian productions of both the censored and uncensored variety, too.

Further, a lot of the best pornstars haven’t been in merely dozens of videos, but hundreds and each of these videos have a unique flair to it rather than some of the typical formula porn found on smut studios in other countries.

If you find that one server doesn’t play a video, you can switch over to another one. But when you do, you might have to put up with a small barrage of spam. And to make things even more frustrating, there are blue ball inducing delays since you might have to put up with adverts or even turn off your ad blocker.

When it comes down to it, whether you like this site or not is an issue of personal taste…and patience. But to give you my opinion, I give this site four out of five fappers.

ThePornDude likes PopJAV's

  • Thousands and thousands of censored and uncensored to choose from
  • The creativity put into each video is quite impressive
  • There are different server options for each video

ThePornDude hates PopJAV's

  • The number of filter options isn't great, and there's no search engine
  • The amount of ads, pop-ups, and redirects is out of control
  • Load times for vids on some servers takes a while