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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Indian GF Videos

Indian GF Videos

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Girlfriend porn is the kind of porn that makes it on the internet as a result of a bad breakup – nowadays, every younger couple has a relationship consisted of sending one another nudes which are most of the time kept in one of the partners’ phones (usually the male, of course), and when the shit hits the fan in the relationship once one of them realizes that they don’t like the other one for who they are and that they were only blindly misled to think they love the other person on the basis of basic human attraction, the nude content gets usually leaked, and if there are sex tapes they usually end up being uploaded somewhere on the X-rated side of the internet.

This is the most common way how authentic amateur couple porn makes its way to the internet, and by now everyone who’s in a romantic relationship (especially the women) should be wary of this kind of fallout and only resort to sending nudes that will disappear after a few seconds, like on Snapchat or Instagram.

But lucky for us porn lovers, this golden rule hasn’t been properly followed by the majority of the world’s couples in the past 5 years, and things have quickly gotten out of control with a massive influx of authentic homemade amateur porn making its way to the internet in large waves, enough to build whole networks even like Amaland here, which is a pornographic network of websites which all pertain to some kind of amateur niche such as ex-girlfriends and so on.

And these guys don’t play around when it comes to diversity either, because they’ve covered literally every goddamn ethnicity in existence with their specific niche sites; MyEbonyGF, ArabGFVideos, Me and my Latina, Me and My Asian and the one we’re focusing on now, IndianGFVideos, are just some of the websites that Amaland has in its network (they also cover subcultures like Alternative and BDSM, but more on that another time). Indian GF Videos is one of those rare examples of quality-controlled fuck flicks being sourced from India and pumped out on an online platform for the world to see, and it’s got a lot of content for any porn-lover out there to enjoy…

First Things First: This is a Pay-to-Watch Site

This site isn’t free, and as a matter of fact, all of the sites within Amaland’s network aren’t free – now those of you out there who leech off your parents for income might be pissed off to hear this, but if it weren’t for monetization sites like this wouldn’t be able to stay afloat or even exist, and you’d have to resort to those basic porn videos on PornHub and XVideos which don’t really “do it for you” if you’re the kind of person who relies solely on pornography when it comes to gaining any sort of sexual satisfaction. Yes, you do have to pay for a membership on this site, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion, especially if you’re a daily masturbator – one paying subscription gets to access each and every video on all the sites within Amaland’s network, so there’s a hell of a lot of bang for your buck if you do decide to cough up some cash…

But The Content is One of a Kind

The content here can’t be found anywhere else – IndianGFVideos in particular contains videos which I know all too well can’t be located on free porn tubes; sure, you can probably find some amateur videos of Indian couples fucking on free sites, but you can bet all the sperm cells in your testicles that they won’t be nearly as quality as these, and as a result of their lack of quality won’t be able to get your sex drive into gear as effectively as these. The videos here aren’t only top quality, but I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to locate them anywhere else on the whole World Wide Web, which is just another reason to cough up some of that hard-earned cash of yours (or maybe it belongs to your parents, who knows) and get yourself a paying, subscribed membership which will let you watch as many amateur Indian girlfriends as your heart and dick desire. That’s that.

And The Membership Lets You View Content from a WHOLE Network

I know I mentioned this a few times, but I really have to stress just how much value you get for signing up for a paying membership on this site: There are 32 sites in this wide XXX network, and while they all may focus on amateur girlfriends, they’re still pretty damn reliable if you’re looking for some top quality amateur porn. Not only are there sites which explore ethnicities, but there’s also sites which explore different styles and subcultures (such as BDSM and alternative) as well as sites which explore different kinds of XXX continent (such as oral and POV). I’m pretty sure that few people who have some kind of stable source of income and like watching porn on a daily basis would refuse to sign up for a paying subscription on Amaland, because 34 sites is just a LOT of value.

The Site’s Great, Video Players Are Awesome, and There Are No Ads

Since this is a premium website which can’t be accessed by good-for-nothing freeloaders, you can bet your ass that there’s gonna be a lot of good user interface going around, and you’re the one who can experience it all. (yes, that’s my little take on humor regarding the UX/UI acronyms). Not only is this website a breeze to use, but it’s also got no ads whatsoever – every command you input here will do exactly what it needs to do in a flash, and there are no ads whatsoever to obscure or interrupt your porn-consuming process; you’ll be free as a bird to navigate the entirety of IndianGFVideos (and by extension every other site on the Amaland network) without a care in the world.

Who Needs Pictures When You Have Vids Am I Right?

Now there’s no pictures here on this website, which at first kind of disappoints me because of the fact that there’s a lot of leaked nude images of girlfriends going around the internet that are just begging to be jerked off to by a certain somebody who craves human touch, and Amaland totally missed out on that gold rush right there. I mean everyone who regularly faps to online porn probably knows already that there’s a whole enormous treasure trove online that’s been put there by spiteful ex-boyfriends who’ve uploaded nudes of their former lovers as a retaliation due to the fact that they can’t accept that they’re just not good enough for them anymore and that their ex-girlfriends probably moved on with someone better. But despite all that negative energy there, there’s a lot of people who fap to these leaked nudes, so I guess in the end they end up providing for a good cause – but still there remains to be any established ‘photo’ section on IndianGFVideos or any of the sites under the Amaland network, which I both personally and professionally thing is a real darn shame.

Yes, It’s Optimized for Mobile Use (Duh)

Of course you can access this site and all the other sites under this network conveniently from your own personal smartphone or tablet device – Amaland know that there’s plenty of dudes out there who like to fap from their phones, and honestly if you ask me, fapping in front of a personal computer desktop can get kind of old after about a decade or so. It’s just much more relaxing to be able to sit or lie down with one hand on your phone and the other wrapped around your member. The position alone is much more relaxing and lets you fap away all that stress easily without having to stare at a computer screen, which can be especially taxing if you work on a computer and spend around 6 hours per day staring at a PC screen anyway.

ThePornDude likes Indian GF Videos's

  • One of the best sites for Indian-based pornography
  • Every amateur video here is 100% authentic
  • The membership gets you full access to 33 other websites
  • The site is a breeze to use
  • Site is also optimized for mobile
  • There are no annoying ads whatsoever

ThePornDude hates Indian GF Videos's

  • None of Amaland’s sites have their own standalone category section
  • You’ll have to pay up to view the content here
  • Some of these videos can be found on other free sites
  • No image section whatsoever
  • The visual design of the site is rather bland