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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I am pretty sure that you have heard the word ‘hentai’ once in your sad little life, and if you have not, then I suggest you check that shit out. Hentai is a form of Japanese pornography represented in animated cartoons or comic books also known as manga. Now, while many of you might find it a bit weird to stroke your duck or rub your pussy while watching Japanese cartoons, personally I enjoy them a lot. Hitomi.la is a website solely dedicated to hentai manga, and it will blow your mind if you are a fucking daisy. First of all, the reason why hentai is so much better than real pornography is simply because the hot animated sluts are always 100% perfect. They are eternally beautiful, hot, and happy to suck and ride a pulsating hard pecker. Not to mention that there are no limits when it comes to taboo hentai, while in real life, we do have a limit.

Well, on Hitomi.la you will not get to watch any of that erotic shit, but you will be introduced to a ton of erotic manga… Yay? Now, in my case, I prefer to see some boobies bounce instead of watching a still-picture, but if you are one of those weirdoes who cum while looking at images or you are an unwanted lonely wench, then you have hit the jackpot.

When you first see Hitomi.la’s homepage, you can already guess that this site is free, because there is no way that somebody would charge for this shit. I mean, yeah there is plenty of erotic manga to read, but common… there is plenty of actual hentai that you can watch for free online, so why would anyone bother with this site if it was not free?

I love to see aesthetically-pleasing designs, and I can easily say that Hitomi.la is not even close. Everything is where it should be, I’ll give them that, but I am somebody who loves to get off at night, and with this bright-ass layout, I am going to go blind. Not to mention that I’d have to read shit in the first place, and while some of the stories were quite satisfying, why read when you can watch? The women who like to act smart and say ‘The book is better than the Movie!’ can go suck a dick and enjoy reading shit here, because this is basically made for them. Now to get back to the actual point, Hitomi.la is such a simple fucking site that if you do not understand where’s what, you must be an utter idiot.

The homepage will show you all the goodies that this site has to offer, and all it really takes is one click for you to view it. The biggest issue I have here is that almost all of this crap is not in English, or my native language, which is pure bullshit. I understand that people do not watch porn for the plot, obviously, but reading it without being able to understand the plot is quite boring.

If you speak Japanese or Korean then you will have loads of fun here, but if you are like me, then be prepared to see loads of hot action with no context whatsoever. There is some manga that is translated to English, but all the hot ones I found were in Japanese, so why bother? Once you open any of the given manga, you will be able to choose to read it online or you can download it. I am pretty sure that all of you fuckers thought the same shit as me: “Download for free? That must be a scam.” Well, it is not.

This site allows their viewers to download any of the presented manga, and that is quite a hot deal if you ask me. Of course, you can also read this online if you want, which is what I usually would do, since while the download option is quite cool to have, who does that? Collecting porn videos or comics that are free, on your PC for later is such an idiotic move when you have everything online. I’d understand when you download premium shit, but common, how desperate can you bitches be?

We all have our own dirty tastes when it comes to porn, right? Have you seen the ‘TAGS’ on top? There, you can see a shit ton of tags listed, and if you ask me, there are too many shitty categories that nobody searches for. I mean the losers who actually search for their kinky content by a specific anime character must lead a very sad fucking life.

Since most of this shit is Japanese, and we know that the kinkiest porn comes from Japan, you can expect to see a lot of bizarre erotic manga. You do not only have the basics, such as schoolgirl, romance, fanservice and Dōjinshi (which are hentai manga made from an already existing anime), you also have some weirder shit, like furriers, lolicon, monsters, tentacles and a shit ton of other incredibly bizarre crap.

Of course, Hitomi.la has a long list of their artists, series, and characters, for everyone out there who can’t get a real dick in their life. Yeah, ladies, I am talking to you, since nobody else would actually masturbate to this. Honestly, this is everything you really need to know about this shit-show as all else is self-explanatory. Even the last part I mentioned about the search options was quite irrelevant, but I wrote it in case women are reading this.

ThePornDude likes Hitomi's

  • A fuck-load of erotic manga and Dōjinshi
  • Read online or download
  • Everything is free

ThePornDude hates Hitomi's

  • Most of this shit is in Japanese/Korean
  • Too many unnecessary tags
  • Everything should be in English