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Updated on 05 February 2024
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According to a recent study released by National Geographic, there have been nearly 3 million fake genders and sexual identities invented in the last decade. From pangendered non-binary AFABs to androgyne varioriented grey asexuals, the list has enough variety to ensure that normal people will always be confused. Thank God porno hasn’t adopted that bullshit. SweetheartVideo.com serves up movies featuring classic lipstick lesbians, no butch intersexes with body dysphoria or transmasculine dyadic novigenders to muddy up the copious vaginal fluids flowing in their films.

Nasty Lesbians in Crisp, Clean, Filthy Smut

The Landing page to SweetheartVideo is dominated by a fullwidth video trailer for one of their latest DVDs, Confessions of a Sinful Nun 2. It opens with some ominous shots of nuns praying and looking very serious in a convent while the girl in the voiceover talks about how the diocese wants reform. Apparently, those prudes at the top aren’t too big on forbidden love. You see the pious sisters making out, and the next thing you know they’ve got their tits out and their fingers in each other’s twats.

The production values make this seem like some kind of arty drama or slow-burn horror flick until you see onscreen sex. The cinematography, costumes, sets and atmospheric soundtrack are a few steps more realistic than the cheesy pseudo-dorm rooms and fake executive offices you see in most pornos. It’s pretty clear already that SweetheartVideo is offering a different product than your typical carpet-munching paysite.

Confessions of a Sinful Nun 2 is being released a scene at a time on the website. Members get two exclusive lesbian scenes per week, and they are staggering the nun scenes in between other new flicks. Earlier this week, they released one called The Love of Older Women with a MILF teaching a younger slut a few dirty tricks. There’s also a new interracial dyke movie called A Woman’s Touch, and a couple of exotic beauties are unable to behave themselves in a little something called Behave Yourself.

You only get a limited number of free previews before they cut you off. There is a countdown in the corner, but I got a little distracted as I watched Alexis Fawx getting her cunt licked by Kenzie Reeves. When I tried to watch the girl-on-girl 69 in Not Just a Kiss, I realize I used up all my freebies. It was time to go all in.

Getting More Porn Than You Bargained For

When I hit the sign-up page, a little chat box popped up and a friendly computer lady named Amber said she could offer me some deals if I just say Hi. I did, and she offered me a discounted rate of 15 USD per month, which is half off the usual price. (That’s what she claimed, anyway. They should update their scripts, because the listed one-month price is only 20 USD.) She offered even better deals if I was willing to go all Costco on the lesbian porn and get the one- or two-year bulk special. You can look around for three days for a buck, but the trial doesn’t include any downloads.

They don’t make it clear on the sign-up page, but your membership to SweetheartVideo actually gives you access to the whole Mile High Network. Once you get logged in, they drop you off on the central Mile High members page. Since you came from Sweetheart, you’ll see Sweetheart’s selection of newest lesbian scenes by default. Hit that first drop down for a list of the other sites you get access to, or just select Mile High Media to see all the releases. There’s at least one new movie a day on the network, so you’ll always have some new spank material, even if it ain’t all carpet munching and scissoring.

There’s a link in the corner of the page to Transsensual, which is listed as a “Bonus Site”. It’s kind of a lousy bonus, and not just because all the chicks have huge wieners. I know some of you depraved perverts are really into that sort of thing. My issue is that it doesn’t seem to be an actual bonus; all the thumbnails have a padlock icon on them and only show you previews. If this is a bonus, so is the Landing page at most paysites.

Dirty Lesbian Secrets Exposed On Camera

One of the more recent flicks is called My Dirty Little Secret. Based on the thumbnail of Alanna Cruise and Emily Willis naked and making out on a red couch, I think I already know what that little secret is. I’m not a guy who likes a lingering mystery, though, so naturally, I click through for a closer, longer, and more intimate look.

The 30+ minute video opens with a babe walking through a nice, brightly lit apartment picking up laundry. Again, the cinematography looks more like a TV show or movie than a filthy piece of smut. The only giveaway is that the babe is really good looking and wearing a tiny pair shorts and high fuck-me wedges as she cleans up. She picks up a diary and starts reading while a voiceover talks over the soft music about some irresistible girl: the titular Dirty Little Secret.

The voiceover get dirtier as the bitch keeps reading. We hear about some scandalous pussy eating, and a few minutes later the girl who wrote the diary finally shows up. The clothes don’t really start coming off until 10 minutes into the movie. The setup looks so unlike pornography that I was a little worried we’d see some softcore Game of Thrones style lesbian banging. Let me assure you that this cunt diddling and clit flicking would never fly on HBO.

The camera work is really fucking exquisite in My Dirty Little Secret and in all of the Sweetheart Video clips I watched. They’ve got to have at least half a dozen cameras perched just outside of the shot, because the cuts are perfect. We never miss anything as the girls transition from their knees to the tops of each other’s faces. There are close-ups of pink tacos getting tongued clean as the women squeal with delight.

Lesbians Pornstars Doing Anal Sex and More

I half expected the Download button to lead to an upsell page where they’d charge me extra to save the clips. Plenty of sites with an inferior product do this, but SweetheartVideo includes Download access with the standard membership. The MP4s come in a range of qualities, from 100 MB toaster resolution to a 4K Ultra HD that will eat up nearly 3.5 GB of your SD card.

My Dirty Little Secret is from a Mile High DVD called Older Women Younger Girls #13. I thought the DVD link would try to sell me a physical copy, but instead, the page has convenient links to more 4K scenes from the collection. If I was an old person who still liked my porno attached to a piece of plastic, I’d probably spring for this one. The full cast includes gorgeous porn stars like Elexis Monroe and Jade Baker. This company is clearly not hiring broads off of Craigslist or finding them all strung out behind 7-11. You’ve already been beating off to a lot of these lesbians.

The Pornstars page provides a quick and easy list of the girls they’ve made movies with. Valentina Nappi has done lesbian anal with them, and India Summer has had her privates cleaned by another beautiful woman more than once.

While the movies all played for me without any buffering issues, the site itself often seemed slow as hell. Whenever I tried to go from a Pornstar page to a Category one, or if I tried to go to the next page of SweetheartVideo’s dirty movies, the site would hang and I would just have to wait until the next thing loaded. It’s kind of a pain in the ass, especially if you have a semi and time is of the essence.

Overall, though, SweetheartVideo will really appeal to fans of lesbians who like their movies with a little more polish. The production on these puts most smut to shame, while still maintaining the high level of sexual talent you would expect from a major sex company. The price is certainly right, especially considering you get full access to the Mile High Network. Take a look at their previews for a taste.

ThePornDude likes SweetHeartVideo's

  • Top-shelf lesbian porn scenes in 4K ultra HD
  • Insanely high production values for max realism
  • Decent price for premium content
  • Includes access to mile high network
  • New releases twice weekly (daily on network)
  • Downloads included

ThePornDude hates SweetHeartVideo's

  • Bonus tranny site didn’t have any free shit
  • Slow site sometimes