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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Japanese girls are always filled with naughty acts and they love to show off their curves in front of the camera, preferably when they are fucked hard. Well, ohyeah1080.co is a site that is basically dedicated to the lovely Asian beauties, with a side section for the Western chicks as well. So, if you want to watch some free videos with the hottest Asian beauties, ohyeah1080.co is the right place.

As you will probably already know, I have reviewed many different sites featuring the naughty Asian cuties, and if ohyeah1080.co does not hit the spot, you are free to check the other sites I have talked about. However, I think that ohyeah1080.co is a site that will please everyone, and if you stick long enough, I will tell you just what the fuck I loved about it.

Hot Asian chicks are all over this place!

I think that it is pretty obvious that you will get to meet lots of Asian chicks since I have already introduced this place to you. Those who are not into Asian chicks should probably not even be here since the primary focus of ohyeah1080.co are the Asian babes. However, you do have a section for the Western beauties, but why the fuck would you visit an Asian porn site just for the western chicks? That makes 0 fucking sense.

Now, the homepage of the site somewhat screams that this is a fucking Asian porn site, simply because this is somewhat their stereotype… not to mention that their flashing ads and pop-ups every time I click on something did not help the case. However, this is to be expected from most free sites, so if that is not something you like, you should think about paying for content instead.

I think the homepage will pretty much tell you all you need to know about this site, and what it has to offer. There will be many naughty videos listed, and you can either choose to watch them or search for a particular category or whatever the fuck… as I always say, this mostly depends on the people who are exploring the site.

Personally, I think that the Asian chicks are the hottest babes ever, and I know that not everyone thinks like this. This is why even though I am trying to review this place as objectively as I can, I might still be biased towards the cuties. For example, all the chicks here were fucking hot to me, and that might be different for you, obviously.

Compared to some other Asian porn sites I have visited, they all share similar crap when it comes to their looks, but I think that ohyeah1080.co does stand out since it is pretty clean… Most of them tend to be stuffed with lots of unnecessary shit, but this place is very clean and it is actually weird to see that it is not messy as fuck.

With that said I do have some complaints, but that is all forgiven since the site overall is free, so what the fuck can I really complain about. Not to mention that they offer mostly Asian content, which is like my heaven. I am assuming that those whoa re not into Asian pornography have already left, right? Well, now I shall be discussing some of my favorite videos and overall what ohyeah1080.co has to offer.

Many hot Asian and some Western porn videos.

Asian cuties just have something so innocent yet naughty about them and that is something I really love. You can find the most innocent-looking babe here, and she will do the naughtiest shit ever. Well, most beauties are like that, but then again you have so many videos, that you will surely find all kinds of chicks, which is again a good thing.

One of my favorite videos featured the lovely Japanese beauty who enjoy shaving two dicks shoved inside her at the same time. Now, the reason this was my favorite clip was not so much because of the content, but more because the video was not censored… and that is hella weird. Those types of videos tend to be censored all the time, and I know that Asian fans understand what I mean.

While the censor might be a fetish or whatever the fuck, I do not understand when the crap is actually censored… like what the fuck is the point? For me, it just ruins the mood, but that does not really mean that I have not fapped to some censored porn videos before. I think that all Westerns generally prefer uncensored porn, for obvious reasons.

When it comes to the babes who are featured here, you have all kinds of chicks. I enjoyed seeing that there are many hot natural chicks with a little bit of chub, as well as those who are skinny or petite. When it comes to Asian girls, I do not really have a specific type, because they all mostly fit my type, but I know that this all depends on the shit you prefer.

If you are still here reading this, that means that on some level you share the same fetish like me, right? Well, ohyeah1080.co is a site filled with all kinds of videos and a lot of gorgeous chicks. You have clips where a perfect orgy is presented or those that will just show passionate lovemaking of couples. There are also videos showing a naughty story that tends to be rather cringy and addictive at the same time.

I mean, when it comes to the content, as you can see, there is a lot for you to browse through. I think that every Asian porn lover will enjoy what they have to offer, and for the most part, their videos were of higher quality than most free sites. All of this also applies to their Western porn videos, as you do not have that many amateur clips, most of them are done by professionals.

Some, but definitely not enough search options.

I am always annoyed when a site does not have enough search options because I tend to be very picky. Sure, I love Asian porn but there are many different sections that could decide whether I would watch the particular video or not. The only search options that are given are listed on top, and while they were enough to satisfy my desires, I know that some of you will not really be okay with this shit.

You can list only Asian porn videos or European chicks. Those are like the two major categories that are offered. After that, you can list the crap by some less important crap, like the newest, most liked, most viewed clips and so on. You also have the JAV censored and uncensored categories, which I think most of us will be interested in, right?

I mean, their overall categories are pretty straightforward for an Asian porn site, and if you do not know what that means, I do not think you have browsed for Japanese porn as much as me. Keep in mind that the Japanese cuties also tend to be very open-minded and naughty, so you can expect to see a lot… even the fucked-up shit is more or less welcome.

I think that whether you will like this site or not, is pretty simple actually. You have lots and lots of pornographic content featuring the hot Asian chicks and some with the Western babes. Choose which section makes your dick the hardest, and enjoy watching videos. If you are expecting anything high quality when it comes to the overall content, I am pretty sure you are an idiot, because I have already mentioned that that crap does not exist here.

Overall, everyone can enjoy what ohyeah1080.co has to offer. There are lots of hot Asian porn videos to be watched, and we all know I’ve spent a lot of time here, wanking my willy. You will enjoy everything this place has to offer, as long as you love Asian pornography as much as me. Then again, if the Asian porn becomes a bit repetitive, you can switch to Western.

ohyeah1080.co is a free site with lots of free content, and their search options are a bit lacking… they have ads and all the other crap that most free porn sites have. However, I really do not care much for that, simply because their content is amazing, and I think that you will enjoy it as much as I did… and if that is not the case, just visit other sites I have recommended.

ThePornDude likes OhYeah1080's

  • Free site and lots of Asian porn
  • European porn too

ThePornDude hates OhYeah1080's

  • Annoying ads and pop-ups
  • Not enough searches