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Updated on 05 February 2024
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AmateurBlogs! Old folks may indeed struggle to keep up with new technologies, especially social media platforms. But in more recent times, the use of advanced technology and its ability to provide information fast has enabled the older generation to more easily face the challenges of modern life. Ordinary geezers can now trespass the limits of their social and emotional isolation to achieve more qualitative living. In fact, an increasing number of old folks are now connected to the internet and have made technology a part of their daily lives to stay informed, connect to family and friends, shop, and guess what? Yeah, consume and even share porn and erotic content!

Yeah, that’s right! Just because someone is old doesn’t mean he/she can’t enjoy a bit of erotica from time to time just for a quick fapping session. I mean, it’s one sure way to beat the emotional and social isolation. I guess that’s why some smart dude out there came up with the idea of a blog/social media platform dedicated to erotic content by old girls and boys and named it And I spent my fucking precious time to unravel the hits and misses about this site in this review just for the convenience of all you older folks who are looking for a place to fap your wrinkled genitals or charm and get charmed by other older folks with hilarious old naughty jokes and stories.

History and Statistics is a Netherlands porn blog or social media site that was established towards the end of 2010. Since it was established, the site has had to work its ass off to bring porn lovers some of the best sexy amateur men and women’s photos and videos. The site has been ranked position 1,468 globally by, with 566 daily visitors and 5,553 daily page views. The site also ranks position #9,180 in global internet engagement according to

Design of the Site

Apart from the cool background color and awesome logo, I have to admit that the design of is a bit crappy. The background color is a cool sky blue, which I guess is appealing to old folks. The logo is an image of two cute sperms (one blue and the other pink) in love. However, the site promises a lot but delivers bullshit when it comes to overall user experience.

The guys behind the site claim, and it’s written on the homepage, that welcomes you to a new and improved amateur blog section which is the result of users’ demand for a free community of worldwide adult content lovers. They further claim that it won’t be commercial, a banner farm, no individuals with fake profiles and spam-like correspondents like young desperate girls but an honest free community just for the love of it. Well, all of this may sound very cute. But to be honest, most of it is all bullshit starting from the ton fuck of annoying ads, pop-unders, as well as banners that you will encounter right from the homepage. I mean, you don’t have to be a fucking internet whiz kid to know that all this crap fucks up the users’ experience and diverts their attention from the actual content they are interested in.

Although pagination works just fine with approximately 1,120 pages for your viewing pleasure, the way the pages have been arranged really sucks. It is just a long scrolling list of photos on the homepage and even when you click on them you get the same shitty layout if the photo galleries are hosted on this site. I can’t figure out why the hell they have to arrange the goddamn pages one by one either. It seems like there’s so much space going to waste on the pages. This really pissed me off, but I can’t tell whether the guys behind this site discovered that it might be appealing to old folks since it does not overwhelm them with too much to view at a time.

A Fucking Buffet of Mature Amateur Photo Galleries and Free Porn

I loved the fact that has a decent serving of mature amateur porn in a wide range of niches. All the content on the site is generally organized based on three dynamics. These include nude amateur mature women galleries, nude amateur mature men galleries, and weekly top 10.

Besides that, the site will direct you to other porn sites where you can watch all sorts of porn videos in virtually all categories. When I clicked on one image where I expected to watch a good looking grandma getting fucked doggy style by a toyboy, I was directed to, which is another site altogether. The same shit happened with several other images I clicked on too.

Don’t get me wrong, guys. I am not complaining since wherever I was directed to I found a shit load of free porn for my viewing and wanking pleasure. Anyway, let me return to the three general dynamics that the content on is organized.

A Few Photos of Nude Amateur Mature Men

There’s quite a decent serving of dick photos and galleries featured although not so many. You will find different sizes, colors and shapes too, from long, short, mediums and micros to hairy, hairless, pink tips, and black cocks. Some of the cocks have cum drippings on them so I guess the photos must have been taken right after jerking off or screwing someone. Totally sick shit!

A Shit Load of Photos of Nude Amateur Mature Women

The site also features a shit load of MILF and cougar nude photo galleries of hot grown-ass pretty bitches getting down to some dirty action. You will find them performing in all sorts of porn categories including groupies, inserting sex toys in their wet fleshy pussies and tight, tiny assholes, displaying their juicy, bouncy tits, with dick in their asses, enjoying threesomes, and much more. The good thing about the photos is that they are good quality (not stellar) and all are authentically submitted by sick old girls and boys. You can also download the photos individually but not in zip files.

Weekly Top 10

The site has a section that is devoted to 10 of the most viewed and downloaded photo galleries of the week. This section mainly consists of the sexiest mature women whose bodies are still radiant with sensual appeal. The women you’ll find here still boast of curves, bountiful boobs, and well-rounded asses. ThePornDude suggests you check out this section if you are looking to jerk off to the sexy mature woman of your dreams.

Membership Registration and Membership Plans

There’s nothing really special about the registration process besides the fact that you can add your partner to your account. But I doubt if many geezers would like to have their wives display their naked wrinkled bodies no matter how sexy they still look. Oh, unless you are one of those cuckold husbands who really don’t give a fuck and loves to keep it that way. The long registration process sucks a lot and requires unnecessary information like date of birth, country, relationship status, and more. I mean, why not just require an email and a username?

There are two membership plans: free membership and gold membership. Free members can share photos and videos, send up to 20 private messages to other members, access webcam roulette, and chat with community members. On the other hand, gold members can send up to a hundred private messages and add emotions to private messages, chat one on one, design personal profiles, and receive statistics. Gold membership will also set you back $9.95 USD, so you should ask yourself if it’s fucking worth it with whatever perks it comes with.

Suggestions from ThePornDude ought to do a couple of things to remain relevant and attract traffic. First, they should update their site as soon as yesterday and get rid of that fucking terrible look. The design needs to be a bit modern and do away with the fucking scrolling bollocks. A couple of good thumbnails nicely-arranged in rows could be really nice. They should also add some porn categories, which are non-existent as far as I know at the moment. This will help to filter out the content posted.

Final Take from the PornDude

At least now you know a place where you can enjoy fapping and interact with other old naughty folks in your sunset years. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you might find a fellow oldie who wants to hook up so you can beat the fucking social and emotional isolation that comes with old age. Perhaps you will be able to enjoy this place together and even post some of your dirty photos and videos featuring both of you getting naughty and dirty.

ThePornDude likes Amateur Blogs's

  • Lots of exclusive amateur mature folks naked photo galleries
  • Authentic content
  • Downloadable photos
  • Free membership

ThePornDude hates Amateur Blogs's

  • Lots of annoying ads and pop-unders
  • Average photos quality
  • Poor site design