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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The Big List Of Porn! Saying that tblop.com is complete crap and that you should not visit it, would be quite petty of me. Sure, the site’s purpose is basically the same as mine, but as an objective individual, I can appreciate what it has to offer. I mean, if I was not able to appreciate their offers, what the fuck would be the point of my site then?

As you know, many other sites are basically similar to The Porn Dude. Not like this was my original idea or whatever the fuck. The fact that I do it the best is a whole new story, however. So, if you are interested in what other sites have to suggest when it comes to porn places, you are more than welcome to explore everything tblop.com has to offer.

A basic design, just like any other.

What did you expect? There ain’t that many ways for them to flash up their site. So, I do not think that this is that much of a surprise. If you think that it is weird, then I think that you are just stupid. Anyway, the design is pretty basic, which is a good thing. There is no need for it to be flashy or whatever the fuck… I mean, the main purpose of this place is to give you the needed information.

So, there is no reason why they would create anything too out there. Listing everything, as I did on my own website, is the way it should be done. Well, tblop.com is doing just that, and I can respect that. However, their overall background or whatever is really not inviting. While I appreciate their design, their color scheme could have been picked differently.

In addition, when you hover over the given section of the lists, it will basically zoom in and change the color of the title and add some shit on top or whatever the fuck it does… and while that might sound lit, it really isn’t. There is no need for them to do that, and it honestly was just confusing at first. But oh well, that might just be an issue I personally have.

What about the reviews?

We all know that The Porn Dude, aka my website, is the killer in its niche. So, obviously, I wanted to see my competition next. What if they wrote better reviews than me? I cracked myself up with that one. Well, how is their content? It is not much for me to tell you since apparently, they forgot the whole point of having such a site, the reviews.

Yep, there are no reviews. I was actually quite surprised to see that there were no reviews? I mean, the whole point of this site is to suggest a place for the viewers to visit and tell them why the fuck it is worth it. If you ain’t gonna do that, you are basically acting like Google, and we do not need another one of those.

I know all of you appreciate the swaggy reviews and amazing information I provide on my site. Not to mention that I take my time to register and pay for the sites that require a payment. I really go out of my way to bring you the greatest shit out there. Meanwhile, tblop.com is not doing half of the fucking work. Where the heck are your reviews, mate?

Well, I am not trying to brag or anything, but like, if you want your shit done right, you might as well visit my site. Everything you have is presented on The Porn Dude. I will be honest, my competition is not even that fierce, if tblop.com is what I have to look out for, because damn… they are really cutting edges here. Oh well, maybe in the future they actually hire a writer to review their sites.

So, what can I expect?

After reading the first half of the review, you are probably wondering why am I even here talking about this place? Well, I personally think that tblop.com could become a much better site overall. They have a lot of great sites covered, but they are basically asking for shit while doing nothing. I mean that in a sense that all they have done is list the videos.

The whole point of The Porn dude and other similar sites is to let the readers know whether a certain site is worth the mention or not. Well, if you are just interested in a list of sites, that might be good, or they might not… Welcome to tblop.com. There is no way for you to know whether the content is worth it since there are no fucking reviews.

Okay, I will stop mentioning that. I just want you to understand how ridiculous that is. Now that we are on the same page, I can continue with the actual review. So, what can you expect from a site that has no reviews? Well, they claim that 98% of the porn sites suck, but they are here to list the 2% that do not. Is that true, eh… I am not really sure.

I say this because literally, and I am not joking, the first site I clicked on was not even working. I mean, mate, if you will state something like that, you might as well stand behind your words… don’t you think? Sure, that was the only site I checked out that did not work, but then again, I did not really check too many sites to begin with.

I am not here to check their sites, but the majority that I knew were quite good, while others are very questionable. What are you even into? At the end of the day, whether you will like their selection or not, all depends on whether you have their taste. Pretty fucking simple. If you think they offer shit that suits your taste, then you are welcome to stay and browse. Quite simple.

A lot of interesting sections.

While they do have a lot of aspects that I really did not like, many aspects were good. For example, their categories were well-covered. You had a section for a lot of different sites you can visit. Thus, it is a guarantee that you will find a site that you were searching for. Of course, some of the first sites that are suggested are the genera porn tube sites, as well as the cam sites. I think that that is to be expected since those can be found all over the internet. Now, other than that, you also have the sections for images, which also includes different types of Subreddits, since we all know that Reddit is fucking amazing.

If you prefer something with a lot more action, you can check out their premium selection of sites. They have a good list there since I pretty much covered all those sites myself. Just the difference between the two is that on my site, you actually have fucking reviews. I guess I am not as lazy as whoever is in charge of tblop.com, now am I?

There were many other sections, but for me to mention all of them, it would take some time. That is like that one thing that I truly appreciate about tblop.com. They really have a lot of sections and great sites suggested. Even if you were searching for a hookup or somewhere where you can read adult stories, or maybe talk to people about your problems… there is a little bit of everything on tblop.com.

But I must say that that is basically all that tblop.com has. There is nothing else for you to check out, which is normal. There is no reason for you to register or any of that shit, since what would be the point? However, they could have added some spunk here and there, if you ask me… since everything here looks, as Gordon Ramsey would say: “fucking bland.”

Overall, I think that tblop.com is still worth the visit if, for some reason, my site does not work. So, if you are interested in having a list of sites presented, here you go. Okay, fine; I might have been a bit too harsh on the site, they are one of the OGs. Tblop.com has been online since 2008, and they are still alive. However, I am sure that just because they are an OG, does not mean that they can’t get modernized or whatever the heck, because not offering reviews on such a website is fucking hilarious.

ThePornDude likes TBLOP's

  • One of the OGs
  • They were great in the past
  • A good selection of sites
  • You can actually chat with people

ThePornDude hates TBLOP's

  • The design can use some work
  • No reviews
  • Not enough websites