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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I want to fuck real pussy! Where do I find escorts, whores, prostitutes, hookers and call girls, PornDude?

Looking for a lady of the night to keep you company and maybe toss your salad, are you? Well, let me tell you how to find the biggest, fattest, and freakiest whore I know. You’ll fucking love her. Open the contact list on your phone and scroll down until you see the entry labeled Mom. Click the Dial icon and tell her The Porn Dude sent you! She gives a discount to repeat customers, and you’re one of the only freaks I know who has ever had his whole goddamn head in her twat.

I’m just fucking with you, numb nuts. I’m not suggesting your mom is actually a whore, but don’t blame me if you find her on one of these local escort sites among the listings of teenage call girls, MILF masseuses, and BBW dominatrix mistresses. These sites let all the local sex workers in your area post listings so that you can browse, choose, and hit up your favorite girl for some paid entertainment.

Craigslist was the shit back in the day, but that was a caveman setup compared to what’s available today. These prostitute directories make it so much easier and more convenient to pay for sex than ever in the history of the human race. The Internet really is a goddamn miracle, because you can see explicit photos of the girl and arrange prices and services before you even meet up in person.

How much do these girls charge for their services on average?

I don’t know, how much is food? You’ve got to remember, The Porn Dude is world-fucking-wide, so dig into my list of escort sites and you’re going to find professional sluts charging a wide range of prices for a wide range of services. How much you end up paying depends on a lot of factors, like where you’re trying to find your blowjobs or anal pegging. A hooker in India may charge you a few rupees to let you spear her sphincter with your shaft while a fat girl in the United States may have an asking price of a thousand bucks to keep her clothes on and call you names, you worthless pig.

These sites always let you contact your chosen escort before you meet up, so you can definitely get a price before you head out with your pillowcase full of pennies. Some of the sites on the list, like EuroGirlsEscort, even show you a babe’s base prices for incall, outcall and other services.

Am I forced to use a condom during sex?

I bet your parents had to tell you not to pick up dog shit, didn’t they? Look, I love bare-backing a broad as much as the next guy, but you’ve got to be careful out there. I won’t even have unprotected sex with a strange girl I just met in a bar unless I’ve had at least like half a beer. You’re talking about sticking your Willie in a Willie hole that may have been visited thousands of times already this year. Can you imagine the Wonderland of STDs you’d be dipping into if everybody wanted to hit it raw dog?

Honestly, what you and your high-class escort arrange behind closed doors is between the two of you. I’m sure as hell wrapping it up when I come through after you. Whatever, though. Fuck without condoms, drive without seatbelts, pick your nose with a knife and cut the DO NOT REMOVE label off of mattresses, you dangerous motherfucking badass, you.

Do (ex-)pornstars also offer their services here?

Oh, you must have some deep pockets if you’re looking for some starlet you beat off to in a movie one time. I certainly won’t knock a man for having a dream, especially one so easily attainable. Depending on where you are, you might be able to find some real-life pornstars, both retired and still shooting.

Don’t misunderstand me here. I’m not saying that just because you’re some rich dude you will be able to smash Abella Danger doggystyle somewhere out in Bumfuck, Egypt. Your selection of genuine video whores is going to be limited to the girls offering their time and services, as well as their locations. Book a flight to some sex-friendly tourist location like Vegas if you really want the full porn stud treatment.

Is it legal to pay for sex?

It’s not generally considered to be the smartest idea to look for legal advice on the Internet, and even a retard should be able to figure out it’s even stupider to take legal advice from somebody named The Porn Dude. I’m a scholar of explicit lesbian romance and erotic anal cinema, not an expert in the local sex laws and ordinances of every city, country and municipality in the entire world. People visit the site trying to see girls get their buttholes stretched out, not looking for advice about avoiding the same fate.

You can usually find some vague advice in the Information section of any of these escort sites, but really it’s up to you to figure out how to stay the fuck out of jail. It’s perfectly legal for some of you out there to pay a hooker to suck your cock and step on your balls, but it’s not looked on so kindly in places like Afghanistan.

What are the best escort sites in 2019?

There is no such thing as a perfect escort site, at least not yet. My ideal sex worker directory has listings of babes around the world, broken down by city, with full galleries up fully explicit photos. There would be reviews by actual clients like you and me, and prices would be listed along with clear descriptions of the services available, no secret codes necessary.

The sites on this list do a decent job of juggling the features I’m looking for, and I’ve arranged them to reflect that. That said, the most important factor is going to be your own location. It doesn’t make sense to browse the US hookers on Erotic Monkey if you’re in London, and all the Russian girls listed on EscortMeetings are way the fuck out of your reach if you’re trying to get laid in Chicago. Some of the bigger sites like Escort Directory and Eros have listings around the world.

You wouldn’t buy a hot dog without first perusing all the available hotdogs in your area, now would you? I actually recommend looking at every site with listings in your area befor making your choice. You don’t really have much to lose by checking the full selection, even if it requires multiple trips to sites like SkipTheGames and Slixa.
Most of the sites have trannies, but TS Escorts and TS4Rent specialize exclusively in professional chicks with dicks. Of course, your friends are less likely to believe you’re surprised about your hooker’s big dick when they look at your browser history.

How do you become a professional escort?

That really varies a lot from person to person. For some nymphomaniac, exhibitionist sexaholics it’s as simple as putting themselves out there and saying, “Hey guys, I’m ready to fuck! Who’s got a few bucks for food and rent?” For others, it requires decades of daddy issues and a failed attempt at becoming an actress.

If you’re just asking how to post a listing on one of these sites, that’s actually easy as hell. Anybody can do it, and you will find easy instructions on each site. If you’re asking about the full process of setting up your life to become a full-time prostitute, or even just turn a few tricks on the side to pay for college, check out the Info sections for some tips. Pretty soon, you’ll be getting more than just the tip, and getting paid for it too!

PornDude, I just booked my favorite escort by phone and I’m going to fuck her brains out in a local hotel!

That’s the spirit! Practice those moves and then go home and show your wife. If you forget to wash the hooker snatch smell off your nose before you kiss the old ball and chain, just tell her you had a filet of fish at McDonald’s on the way home.

Legal or not, the prudes are always trying to fuck with these escort sites. They really don’t want anybody having a good time. Keep this list bookmarked in case your favorite selection of call girls goes down.

1. BedPage
BedPage - bedpage.com

Bedpage.com is a site where you can hope to find some of the freakiest girls around. These babes are so into it that they are advertising themselves on a yellow-pages-like website where everything is up for grabs. Not only that, but you can find some nice massage parlors to go to after you’re done with these chicks. Check Bedpage.com out right now!

2. Euro Girls Escort
Euro Girls Escort - eurogirlsescort.com

EuroGirlsEscort.com is genuinely a very reliable page full of verified sexy escorts who will travel the world only to make sure they accompany you. The payments are made straightforwardly, and you won't be getting scammed for sure. Give Euro Girls Escort a try and score hot babes with no strings attached.

3. Skip The Games
Skip The Games - skipthegames.com

Quit jerking off to porn and get a real girl on SkipTheGames.com. Find an escort, masseuse, stripper or dom in your area tonight! No registration necessary to search the database and view contact information. Women, men, and trannies are available to do your filthy bidding. Tell the site what you like and browse by photo to ensure a solid match.

4. Eros Guide
Eros Guide - eros.com

Eros.com is a useful page where you can get an escort for yourself in little to no time. You can check the measurements of the girls that you're going to be inviting, you can see their country of origin, and of course, you can check her price. Give Eros.com a try and be blown away by the escorts!

5. Slixa
Slixa - slixa.com

Slixa.com is the best free site for premium escorts that exists on the market. Not only are you going to find the best escorts by city on this website, but it’s not just America that has the opportunity to fuck the most beautiful women in the world. Filter through the VIP babes and find the ones that catch your eye for the most amazing fuck session of your life on Slixa.com.

6. SumoSearch
SumoSearch - sumosear.ch
7. ListCrawler
ListCrawler - listcrawler.com

ListCrawler.com is an escort site filled with gorgeous beauties from the USA and Canada. Once you choose the city you are from, you will be offered to browse through the escorts available in your area. There are plenty of gorgeous girls here, and make sure to read their information before hiring, since all these hotties are different and they offer different services!

8. TS Escorts
TS Escorts - tsescorts.com

Not enough cock for you on your local escort site? TSescorts.com has a rich selection of tranny hookers in your area, ready, waiting and willing to give you a good time. Get the GFE with a sexy ladyboy, or do anal with a shemale who is a versatile top. Find chicks with dicks for incall, outcall, or freaky BDSM shenanigans. No registration required!

9. AdultSearch
AdultSearch - adultsearch.com

There are only so many pornos one guy can watch in a lifetime. I don’t know what the exact number is, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and try to get laid as much as you can. Getting some pussy can be time-consuming though. Well, not if you order an escort. Read my review of Adult Search to learn more about the escort/sex shop/bath house/body rub index site today!

10. Hot.com
Hot.com - hot.com
11. EscortNews
EscortNews - escortnews.eu

Escortnew.eu is one fine ass example of a collection of fine asses willing to come take you out and spend some time getting to know you. If you know what I mean. Each model has her own page so you’re free to look her up and down quite thoroughly before you spend your hard earned chronar on a down payment to take her home. Their doing a damn good job keeping this selection organized for your viewing and purchasing pleasure so come take advantage of it. Not while supplies last cause let’s face it there’s always gonna be bitches in this business.

12. RubRankings
RubRankings - rubrankings.com
13. Top Escort Babes
14. DaddysList
DaddysList - porndude.linkdaddyslist
15. LeoList
LeoList - leolist.ccpersonalsfemale-escorts?utm_campaign=porndude&utm_source=banner

Leolist.cc is the largest classified site in Canada. It is famous as an escort and hookup services platform although its general operation points to a platform that seeks to attract all sorts of advertisements for a wide range of services from motor vehicle repair, property renting and the one I am particularly interested in, women escort services.

16. Massage Republic
Massage Republic - massagerepublic.com
17. AsianFever
AsianFever - asianfever.ch
18. Bumpchies
Bumpchies - bumpchies.com
19. ShemaleCanada
ShemaleCanada - shemalecanada.com
20. TERB
TERB - terb.ccxenforo
21. PERB
PERB - perb.ccxenforo
22. MERB
MERB - merb.ccxenforo
23. AdultWork
AdultWork - adultwork.com

It does not matter if you are searching for your destined webcam chick, escort, porn movie, gallery or anything along those lines, because adultwork.com offers a little bit of everything. This is a great site for everyone who wants to share their adult products and services, as well for those who are looking for such services. There is a lot to be explored!

24. EscortRankings
EscortRankings - escortrankings.uk
25. Angels Of London
Angels Of London - angelsoflondon.com
26. uEscort
uEscort - uescort.com
27. Dior Escorts
Dior Escorts - diorescorts.com
28. UKAdultZone
UKAdultZone - ukadultzone.com
29. LondonTS
LondonTS - londonts.comdirectoryindex.php
30. EscortsAffair
EscortsAffair - escortsaffair.com
31. TS4Rent
TS4Rent - ts4rent.eu

Behind the name TS4Rent.eu is a fantastic platform to help users live out their shemale experience with a huge collection of super gorgeous escorts from around the world. The site features a slick outlook and offers an advanced search among other browsing options to help you find sexy, top-tier transsexual escorts in your region with minimal effort. Escorts have detailed profiles including reviews, videos and explicit photos with new potential companions added on a regular basis.

32. TS Dating
TS Dating - ts-dating.com
33. Empire Escort
Empire Escort - vda.empirescort.com
34. The Erotic Review
The Erotic Review - porndude.linktheeroticreview
35. SexAdvisor
SexAdvisor - sexadvisor.com
36. Scarlet Blue
Scarlet Blue - scarletblue.com.au

ScarletBlue.com.au is a page where you can find hundreds upon hundreds of escorts. Do you want to go out with a man, a woman, or a trans person? Well, if you utilize Scarlet Blue, then you can go out with them. These escorts are willing to do a lot of things, so if you are an experienced fetishist, you will definitively be happy with the services of ScarletBlue escorts.

37. Ivy Société
Ivy Société - ivysociete.comauescortssydney
38. Naughty Ads
Naughty Ads - naughtyads.com.au
39. Locanto.net
Locanto.net - locanto.netPersonals-Services209

Who would want to spend their time alone when visiting India? Well, you do not have to worry about that because id.skokka.com is filled with hot call girls who would love to keep you company. Since this place is free, you can spend all the time you want exploring and finding the beauties who will make you feel good! Have some dirty fun.

40. Skokka
Skokka - ii.skokka.comcall-girls
41. Oklute
Oklute - hi.oklute.com
42. Escort Ireland
Escort Ireland - escort-ireland.com

Escort-Ireland.com is an escorts page that is entirely dedicated to hot Irish babes who get down for a "tip" of course. While you may not run into those gorgeous pale redheads, you'll find all kinds of gals here, white, black, middle eastern, Chinese, Japanese, anything! These girls have reasonable rates, and they have great bodies, so what more could you possibly ask for?

43. NZ Girls
NZ Girls - newzealandgirls.co.nz

NewZealandGirls.com is an escort directory for escorts, sensual/therapeutic massages, and escort agencies. All the women are hot and available from any location in the country. You will find Asian and non-Asian women from all regions in New Zealand including Koreans, Chinese, Japanese and more ready to offer you an exotic sexual experience. Besides, there is an adult forum as well as adult playrooms. The site is elegant and makes sure you get company whenever you need it.

44. Escort Babylon

Is a fancy escort something you're keen on getting? Do you maybe feel a cheap one could do it for you, too? Well, there are all kinds of girls for you to "discover" on EscortBabylon.com, so give the page a shot!

45. USASexGuide
USASexGuide - usasexguide.nl

USASexGuide.nl! For a chance to explore various pussies, titties, assholes and among other nasty shit that basically involves getting between the legs of diverse beauties, trust usasexguide.nl. There is all you need to know about how to score something in various localities, ranging from escorts recommendations, sex brothels and among other things, horny freaks still fucking around to give updates on any new developments.

46. Eccie
Eccie - eccie.net

Porn is great, sex in relationships are better, but sometimes, getting nookie on demand really isn’t realistic for most guys. Certainly not heterosexual ones anyway. Fortunately, for those out there are who aren’t the best lookers, not great at asking women out, or are just caught in that terrible trap of being bored, lonely, and horny, there is the wonderful world of escort services. And rather than be stuck to using the seedy sections of the newspapers, there are Wanna know more? Then click here to read more.

47. TNABoard
TNABoard - tnaboard.com

There are many beautiful escort babes waiting for you at tnaboard.com, and once you become a member you can see everything that the site really has to offer. If you are an escort, you can place your ad here, but if you are a viewer, you can search for different escort girls, read reviews written by other members or simply talk to other members on the site.

48. LoveHub
LoveHub - lovehub.com
49. AdultLook
AdultLook - godude.vipadultlook

AdultLook.com is the ultimate escort, hobbyist, and adult provider community. Adult Look has escort listings and reviews, massage parlor, and an adult discussion forum. There are over 25,000 registered profiles with hundreds of members online at any given time. The site is free, and visitors can access escort services from whichever locations around the world. Available in a host of languages, Adult Look makes it a whole lot easier to get laid wherever you are.

50. UKPunting
UKPunting - ukpunting.com

UK Punting is an awesome escort review site where punters rate and review escorts. Well, the site has a simple, easy to use outlook while the reviews are well detailed. There are no intrusive ads to worry about, and users can take part in discussions, create threads, and interact with other fuckers. It offers an easy way to know about UK escorts before making a move.

51. MegaPersonals
MegaPersonals - megapersonals.eu
52. Smooci
Smooci - porndude.linksmooci
53. XEscortHub
XEscortHub - xescorthub.com
54. Trans Escorts
Trans Escorts - trans-escorts.com
55. NYC Escort Models
NYC Escort Models - nycescortmodels.com
56. HappyEscorts
HappyEscorts - porndude.linkhappyescorts
57. KittyAds
KittyAds - porndude.linkkittyads
58. Exotic Africa
Exotic Africa - exotic-africa.com
59. Exotic Nigeria
Exotic Nigeria - exoticnigeria.com
60. Dr Nights
Dr Nights - porndude.linkdrnights
61. Escort Directory
Escort Directory - escortdirectory.com

EscortDirectory.com is a directory site that's sorting various escort agencies under one roof and they are offering escorts that the users have proclaimed as "worthy". Easy to filter through, and find the escort that suits your tastes, Escort Directory will with ease and any headaches give you the access to a spectacle that you will remember for a long time.

62. Erotic Monkey
Erotic Monkey - eroticmonkey.ch

EroticMonkey.com is a website you may use to make sure that you get a nice escort for yourself, given that you live in America since these girls usually operate in major American cities such as Atlanta or Chicago. While most of the functions on the website are completely free, you'll have to pay to see the reviews of the girls listed on here.

63. HarlotHub
64. Humpchies
Humpchies - humpchies.com

Humpchies.com promotes ads related to escorts, escort agencies, and erotic massage parlors. However, these ads are about services that are located in Quebec, so if you don't live nearby, then you shouldn't bother. If you want to have some steamy fun with thousands of gorgeous Canadian girls, then don't waste your time, check out Humpchies right now!

65. Tryst

If you want to have some fun tonight, then there aren't many pages that will outdo Tryst.link. The website provides you with a bunch of options when it comes to filtering out the undesirable escorts, and navigation is also a piece of cake.

66. CityXGuide
CityXGuide - cityxguide.com

CityXGuide.com is the perfect website to meet all of your escort, model, and strip club needs. You’ll find all the latest information about the hottest escorts on the block with this website with only a few clicks of your mouse. You can also check out the countless listed locales with their ratings and give them a go as well. Don’t waste time and find an escort on CityXGuide.com today!

67. Escort Ireland
Escort Ireland - escort-ireland.com