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Updated on 05 February 2024
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CE Porn! In the world of internet porn, PornHub, XVideos, and XHamster always stand out as the most fappable websites. These “big three” have the most significant number of visitors because they’ve got the most variety when it comes to porn videos, and they’ve also made it impeccably easy to access them too. I mean, you wouldn’t want to spend 5+ minutes trying to open up a porn video, right? You don’t have time for that kind of nonsense (or maybe you do if you don’t have any job to tend to and all you do is masturbate and play video games all day ala the PornGeek).

But sometimes people get tired of these same old “big three” websites, and they need a new browsing experience when they whip their privates out and start looking for something to treat yourself to. I mean PornHub, XVideos, XHamster and other popular porntubes are great and all, but I can see how some people can get tired of the same old UX they offer. They also mostly play by the same algorithms they’ve been relying on for years, which can get repetitive fast if you fap on them every day.

But this is when CEPorn steps in – upon first glance, this website looks like a quality porntube, and it is! It’s got a lot of content on it that it draws directly from big porntubes like PornHub and so on, but if you ask me its main appeal is the fact that it pertains to a different algorithm. It doesn’t care much for showing you the latest verified amateur videos, and it also couldn’t care less about sticking its most popular “cash-cow” advertised porn productions in your face as well. All this site cares about is giving you quality porn at a moment’s notice, for free, and that’s all you need. Let’s examine CEPorn’s most outstanding qualities and help determine whether it’s worth a load or two or if you’re better off sticking to those “big three” porntube websites.

So What Kinda Videos Can You Fap To Here?

This site mostly contains professionally-made fuck flicks that will help get that flaccid member of yours up and ready for a beating. It has all the go-to professionally-made videos that you can find on popular porntubes. However, the trick here is that they’re set up in a way that’s completely alien to the algorithms that you usually fall victim under when browsing the videos on PornHub, XVideos, XHamster and so on. A lot of them are made by porn productions that you’ve likely come across before.

These include SisLovesMe, PropertySex, MomPOV, MHBHJ, and so on. You can definitely get your fill of pro-porn here, but if you’re a fan of authentic amateur porn, then you might want to divert away from this site and search elsewhere because you’re not going to get authentic homemade XXX videos here. This site’s resident “Amateur” category contains what I like to call “Almost-Amateur” videos, which are made to look like authentic homemade amateur videos, but are really not as authentic as you may think.

See What’s New For The Day

Right as you enter this site, you’re greeted with a list of all the newest videos that have been uploaded to its database. This filter allows you to check out and potentially fap to all the latest additions to the site, which is essentially a random assortment of mostly purely-professionally-made videos that you can ogle over.

All of them contain highly-paid fuck-flick actresses that aren’t afraid to stuff three or more cocks in their mouth, pussy or ass, but there are also a few less-than-professional flicks here too that you can treat yourself a fap to. Again, these less-than-professional flicks aren’t pure homemade content, and they mostly contain verified amateurs that usually provide good eye-candy for their viewers. But there are also more filters on this site other than this one…

Or Check out The Other Video Filters

The default video filter on CEPorn here is “Today’s New Videos,” but right next to it is an extended assortment of other filters that you can switch off and on. There’s “Upcoming,” which is just a list of all the videos that are yet to be added onto the site. “Best Porn Videos” contains all the most viewed videos of the website, with a “Best of Week” and “Best of Month” variation next to it. And last but not least, there’s “Random,” which to be fair is just another remix of whatever videos the last filters showed.

I mean, you can’t know what videos will pop up on “Today’s New Videos,” “Best Porn Videos” or any other filters, which does make them essentially random as well, but this “Random” video filter provides you with the ultimate clusterfuck of randomly-selected flicks. It’s a great way to combat the dreaded “Fapper’s Indecision” syndrome.

Categories Are Made to Work Optimally With The Site’s Content

This one’s a bit of a double-edged sword – so the categories here aren’t your typical porn website categories like “Blowjob,” “Threesome,” “Anal,” and so on. Instead, they’re fully attributed to porn productions that you may or may not know, depending on how long you’ve been fapping to internet porn. There are 16 categories in total, and they all cover a certain porn production (except for the “Amateur” category). There’s “FakeCop”, “CzechAV”, “Dorcel Club”, “Wicked”, “Female Agent”, “Mofos” and so on. If you’re looking for more in-depth porn-related content categorization, you can always check out the tags…

Tags Can Be Useful Too

They CAN be useful, but a lot of the times, they’re barely applicable. This is because the videos on this site always contain a tag of the pornstar featured in the video, and very rarely have any other tags alongside that one. For example, you can open up a video of Abella Danger sucking some guy’s dick, and you’ll most likely get the tags “Abella Danger” and “Blowjob” below it, even though the video contains doggystyle as well as an oral creampie finisher. In short, the tags on this site aren’t used as effectively as they can be – they only cover basic sex positions and physical attributes, and they don’t have their own standalone section. But for all it’s worth, I guess you can depend on for some content organization.

Pornstar Sections Come With a Bio and Video List

Oh yeah, the pornstar sections here are perfect for all you incels out there who can’t get a girl to have sex with you even if you paid her. When people can’t get laid or a girlfriend in real life, they often go on porn websites that have resident pornstar sections with enough information on them to get them into a sexual roleplaying fantasy.

CEPorn here has precisely that – the pornstar sections here each come with about a paragraph-long biography that lets you learn the information required on a given pornstar. This can definitely help get you into a self-induced hypnosis roleplay where you pretend she’s your girl for the night as you fap away to a POV video of her. I’m sure people like the Porn Geek would love this site’s information-filled pornstar profiles.

Site Has a Lot of Ads on it

Even if you have AdBlock on, this site can still bombard the fuck out of you with ads. I’m talking pop-ups that appear almost every time you click on something on this site, regardless if it’s a specific section or a video. This site also has a lot of ads that are specifically designed to spring up when pressing the play button on a video, which is more than enough to infuriate all impatient masturbators out there who just want to “get a load off” without having to wrangle with dozens of ads just to do it.

ThePornDude likes CEPorn's

  • Site looks great, works smoothly
  • Each video has its own summary
  • As do all categories
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Videos are all in HD

ThePornDude hates CEPorn's

  • Way too many ads
  • Site contains no actual authentic amateur porn
  • All videos have only one tag on them
  • Site is missing categorization for sex positions and physical attributes in content
  • Site has no playlists