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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Sex, Hentai, NSFW, XXX, Adult and Porn Gifs Sites

I want to see free animated porn gifs of the hottest naked girls and famous pornstars, PornDude!

You know, some perverts would laugh at you just for wanting to look at animated porno gifs instead of cranking your meat to full HD video or getting it injected directly into your eyeballs via the magic of virtual reality. These silent little loops fall into a strange area somewhere between glossy porno magazines and actual videos. They’re not quite old-timey like VHS, but they sure as hell ain’t cutting-edge tech.

Some might suspect you of being a Luddite, a caveman, or the next Unabomber, but I get it. Honestly, anybody who’s ever rewound a porn video over and over again to watch your favorite three seconds should understand the appeal of free porn gifs. You get to see one beautiful, depraved moment repeated over and over again: that sticky eruption of sperm all over a beautiful teen face and body, Autumn Falls taking a huge creampie in her tight pornstar cunt, or a petite young bitch sucking lightly on one ball and then rolling her tongue in a circle around the other one.

You’re in luck today, my perverted friend, because the adult websites on this list serve up nothing but the hottest, nastiest and sexiest gifs the world has to offer, all for free. Jerk your chicken to the greatest hand-selected moments of orgasmic bliss and add your own to the collection. Sure, 4chan has plenty of the stuff, but it requires too much digging through racist memes and horrific murder scene photography. Skip all the unsexy bullshit and get your sex loops from the source.

What kind of sex gifs can I find on these sites?

Oh, the range is absolutely fucking ridiculous. If it’s been in a movie, TV show, videogame, cartoon or online video and it gave someone a huge boner, you’ll be able to find a hot animated gif of it. All your standard porno categories are more than covered, from lesbians tribbing and MILFs sucking cock, to teen sluts tossing salad for the first time and Asian whores getting absolutely drenched with jizz in animated bukkake image loops. The format seems pretty fucking popular with nerds, so expect to see plenty of hentai loops of tentacle rape, CG loli freakiness and probably some furry dog fucking you could have gone your whole life without seeing.

A lot of these play like the greatest hits of the greatest pornos. That’s because they’re all literally some pervert’s favorite moments from their favorite movies. I spent half an hour watching the same four-second loop of Mischa Cross taking a big load across her pretty little face. I jerked off to a moving gif of Sabina Rouge getting her pussy licked by Sarah Banks in high heels. I spent a whole day researching Lauren Phillips tied up with her legs over her head, mouth open in a big O and luscious boobies bouncing as she’s speared hard for a second and a half.

What are the best porn gif sites in 2019?

Non-pornographic animated gifs are something you see on just about every single website you look at during a given day. You’d think with such a ubiquitous file format, there’d be a shit ton of free porno gif sites all across the web. Technically there are, but most of them are absolute garbage and not worth the amount of time it would take to watch one of these short loops. I’ve managed to narrow this list down to just a handful of porn gif collections you can have a good wank to.

Some of the best animated image sites for grown-ups are actually the gif sections on some of the better sex websites. Sex.com, Pornhub, InstantFap and ImageFap all have impressive, sprawling collections of blowjob loops, orgy loops, fetish loops and loops of that one amazing moment when your favorite porn star fits two huge dongs into that tight and talented twat of hers.

Only a few decent sites specialize completely in adult gifs. GifSauce, iLoopIt and GifPornTube are basically your only real options right now. Each one has its own good points and bad, but you’re sure to run into them for yourself if you don’t want to read through my full reviews.

How do I create and upload my own XXX gifs?

As long as you’re not a retard or one of those old people who gets utterly confused by simple instructions if they’re spelled out on a digital screen, making your own sex gifs is easy as hell. There are apps readily available for your phone in your app store of choice, and a bunch of options on the web.

Most of you perverts already use Pornhub, but did you know they also have a built-in gif maker? All you have to do is enter the URL from one of their movies and bang! Instant loops of BBC impalement, teenage deflowerings, and explosive footjob orgasms.

Pornhub’s little web gadget is limited to their selection of dirty movies, but there are plenty of other options out there. Giphy, EzGif, GifMaker and ImgFlip all have similar, easy to use interfaces to create instant snapshots of all the moments you’ve cum to in your favorite fuck flicks.

I can’t wait to share my NSFW collections of nude teens and sexy milfs with other freaks like me!

That’s the spirit! One of the things I really love about the world of porno gifs is that you’re seeing what real fans of sex movies are getting off to. These images weren’t selected by the porn studios trying to get you to buy more of their scenes and subscribe to more of their paysites. They were made by perverts just like you and me, depraved but giving motherfuckers who go out of their way to share this glorious bounty of little silent sex movies. We’re glad to have you with us and can’t wait to see what you’ve got to share with the rest of the class.

I know this list is short as hell, but you should probably be able to find all the Latina French maid and Ebony threesome gifs you need to rub a few out at your desk at work. I’m constantly scouring the net for other sites that offer up adult animated gifs without blowing up your browser with spam, so keep this page bookmarked if you always want to know where to find the best ones. Until then, keep making, stockpiling jerking off to and uploading your collections to the current sites on this list.

1. RedGIFs
RedGIFs - godude.vipredgifs

Hello there! Your favorite PornDude here, back with a new revelation - RedGIFs! This site focuses solely on sex GIFs and, damn, their content is fiery! Every category you can imagine is populated with short, salacious snippets of pure pleasure. A user-friendly platform that's simple to navigate, RedGIFs delivers on its promise for a sexy good-time, every time.

2. Sex.com Gifs
Sex.com Gifs - sex.comgifs

Step into the land of wickedly tantalizing visuals at Sex.com Gifs; you won't regret it. Their expansive catalog of adult-themed gifs is designed to set your senses ablaze, instantly. This site walks that titillating line between teasing and pleasing superbly; all too ready to stimulate your risqué fantasies. It's a feast for the eyes, my curious friends.

3. PornHub Gifs
PornHub Gifs - pornhub.comgifs

Are you looking for a site where you can watch professional porn GIFs in one location featuring all your favourite kink and fetishes? Pornhub’s GIF is the site for you. The link has tons of gifs, well arranged in categories. Also get free downloads, a large variety of niches and frequent updates. This site is part of the Pornhub Network and links you to other sites in the network including RedTube, YouPorn, Tube8, and more. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

4. NSFWMonster
NSFWMonster - nsfwmonster.com

If you've got a monstrous appetite for NSFW content, then NSFWMonster will feed your craving. This place serves up the sexiest of sex gifs guaranteed to get your blood pumping. With a vast selection and easy navigation, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store. As the PornDude, I'm firmly recommending NSFWMonster for its non-stop serving of skin and sin.

5. GifHQ
GifHQ - gifhq.com

This is your no-nonsense adult GIF curator, GifHQ, chaps! A gallant gallimaufry of hot and heavy stuff, from solo play to group freakiness, they've got it all. It's an easy-breezy portal where you can swiftly surf through a melting pot of eye-popping lewdness, and it's perfect for a speedy dose of tension relief. Cheers, PornDude!

6. GifSauce
GifSauce - gifsauce.com

Your very own kingdom of sexy porn gifs awaits, and you're the only monarch here. Your undisputed rule is firm, and you do not allow for any ads to exist on this page, but you also only allow free porn on Gifsauce.com, and that's exactly what you get. Tons of attractive models and steamy, nerve-racking, ball-draining movies await, so make sure to check them out!

7. HardGIF
HardGIF - hardgif.com

Well, well, well – look what the naughty web has sprung on us. HardGIF is one helluva aphrodisiac, folks! Deliciously curated sex GIFs that'll certainly spike your temperature. It's like an endless desert of sumptuous sin: every pixel oozes raw, unfiltered passion. So strap in – or strap on, as you wish - and dive headlong into this world of lustful animation.

8. ImageFap Gifs
ImageFap Gifs - imagefap.compics66animated%20gifs.php

ImageFap.com is a pornographic website that’s designed to only show images to its viewers. This is one of the oldest sites for image-based porn, and contains dozens of sections for different kinds of images. The animated GIF section here is one of the most popular ones. Each GIF/image is uploaded by a member of the site.

9. 4Chan Adult GIF
4Chan Adult GIF - boards.4chan.orggif

Welcome all to another candid review! So, it's "4Chan Adult GIF", an NSFW joyride of jerky digital delights. Adorned with a boundless library of provocative gifs that keeps on growing, this one's a melting pot of crowd-sourced animation and carnal creativity. In its raw, controversial style, lies an edgy charm that true adult entertainment enthusiasts can appreciate. Be cautious, 4Chan is wild!

10. GifPornTube
GifPornTube - gifporntube.com

GifPornTube.com! Gifs are a gift from the internet. This amazing site is filled with thousands of awesome porn gifs.

11. Reddit NSFW GIF
Reddit NSFW GIF - reddit.comrNSFW_GIF

Something cool about Reddit NSFW GIF: Reddit NSFW GIF is your go-to when craving spicy, lascivious GIFs. This section on the world-renowned discussion platform, Reddit, is chock-a-block with steamy adult gif content to skyrocket your adrenaline. Reliable and easy to navigate, it’s a refreshingly different experience backed by an active community. But be warned: it’s seriously addictive! Highly recommended for those seeking exhilarating NSFW visual bites.

12. Reddit NSFW GIFS
Reddit NSFW GIFS - reddit.comrnsfw_gifs

Something cool about Reddit NSFW GIFS: Well, hello there, fellow pervs, it’s your favourite miscreant, The Porn Dude! So, I indulged my eyeballs with "Reddit NSFW GIFs" today. This place is a treasure trove of wild NSFW content encapsulated in sizzling GIFs that get you galvanized instantly. Free, user-generated, a variety of kinky categories - it's the ultimate smorgasbord of titillating GIFs guaranteed to make your pants feel a tad tighter. Indulge, my horny fellows!

13. Reddit Porn In Fifteen Seconds
Reddit Porn In Fifteen Seconds - reddit.comrporninfifteenseconds

Something cool about Reddit Porn In Fifteen Seconds: Well, well, well, look what I've stumbled upon - "Reddit Porn In Fifteen Seconds ". A brilliant hub for short, sweet and explicit content. The perfect pit-stop for a quick thrill, this sexy little corner of the internet serves alluring porn GIFs, no holds barred. Condensed down to the juiciest, most electrifying 15 seconds of pleasure, it's a paradise for visual stimulation addicts. Brilliant action, beautiful erotica, guaranteed satisfaction. So, fellas, why waste time on endless searching when the treasure is just a click away?

14. Reddit Hentai GIFS
Reddit Hentai GIFS - reddit.comrHENTAI_GIF

Reddit Hentai GIFS, ah, a treasure trove of the most enticing adult animations you've ever laid your eyes on. Experiencing this site is like venturing into an erotic kaleidoscope- a never-ending barrage of sensual graphics in motion. It's a fantasy playground for Hentai lovers brimming with a community as active as they come.

15. Reddit The Best NSFW GIFS
Reddit The Best NSFW GIFS - reddit.comrThe_Best_NSFW_GIFS

Hello, it's your favorite adult site connoisseur, PornDude. Get ready to dive into an ocean of sensuality with the Reddit The Best NSFW GIFS website. A treasure trove of steamy, hot action gifs, this site is every naughty netsurfer's paradise. It's a free, interlinked community enriched with high-quality sex gifs that are guaranteed to satiate your most fervent desires.