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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Reddit Incest Stories aka r/IncestStories! I don’t know how sick you have to be to enjoy or even imagine having sex with a close family member or relative. As much as I love porn dearly and have a fetish for some really crazy kinks, the mere thought of having intimate relations with say a sibling, cousin, aunt, uncle, or even parent is an instant turn off. It’s the kind of thought that just fucks up my goddamn appetite for sex. And not just sex, I can’t even get to a point where I can jerk off or even get a boner.

However, I can understand that not everyone has the same preference for erotica as me. People are different and some of them are so fucked up that they enjoy the thought of screwing a sibling, parent, cousin, uncle, or aunt. But let me be honest for once. As a kid I occasionally found myself feeling awkward with a sexually mind-provoking boner from looking at my older female cousin’s boobs. But as I grew older I began to find it a bit creepy.

If your mind is really this fucked up, today is your lucky day. I took some of my fucking precious time to try and cater to your needs you sick, hopeless loser and bring you Perhaps this will help to make your fap sessions more thrilling all you sick fucks that dig incest. And you don’t have to worry that ThePornDude said you’re fucked up just because you have a thing for incest and don’t stand a chance to screw even your ordinary neighborhood whores. As you will gladly find out, you are not alone. This is something that most kids experience while growing up, and some go on to embrace it into adulthood.

Intro Promises

This site is a platform where other sick fucks like you that enjoy the thought of having sexual and intimate relations with family members or close relatives can share their stories, experiences, and get or offer advice to others. This incest-based subreddit serves a large community of incest lovers who fancy this kind of porn. It is home to over 11.6K enthusiastic members and was established on Dec 23rd, 2011. This site is a literal cesspool of incest lovers from across the globe united in one mission; to enjoy and praise all sorts of incest-based pornographic content. If you seriously get excited by the idea of banging a close family member or relative, and you can stand reading incest-based XXX content, I bet a visit to this site will fire up the junk in your pants.

All the Content is written in Narrative Style

Before you decide to go to for a fap session, you need to understand that all the content you’ll find here is 100% written. Of course, this means that all you porno lovers who are used to porn videos and images when polishing your poles should be prepared to lower your standards if you choose to masturbate on this site. That’s simply because all the XXX content here is text-based narrative and written by random Reddit members who are incest enthusiasts.

If you can stand reading XXX content as a way to get the equipment in your pants throbbing with excitement, then, by all means, have a field day on this subreddit. But if you prefer watching porn videos or at the very least viewing images and you don’t have the patience to read, then this site might piss you off. I mean don’t get me wrong. Some of the posts you’ll find here, which are always incest stories, are pretty arousing, especially if you’re really into incest porn. And most of the guys posting the stories are pretty skilled writers too. But I must say it again that if you don’t have the patience to read through erotic incest-based narratives, I bet you won’t be impressed by at all.

A Ton-Fuck of Incest-Based Experiences Narrated

I couldn’t help notice that the posts on this site are either well-written fictional stories detailing some kind of incest-related sexual encounter or a real-life narrative of real sexual experiences with a close family member or relative. In many cases, stories about sexual experiences with a close family member are more common, and roughly 80% of the stories you’ll find here seem to be fictional. I must also admit that regardless of whether the incest-related stories are fictional or real-life encounters, the people who post them have good writing skills to clearly explain their encounters.

The types of encounters I found being narrated here varied greatly too. There were stories from people wanting to be fucked by or fuck their parents, brothers or relatives, to stories about how this actually happened. The stories are quite captivating too and make for some interesting reads. In fact, after some time reading through some of the stories, I completely forgot the fact that whatever I’m reading is incest-related (which I am not a big fan). Honestly, if you concentrate reading you’ll actually get aroused for a fap and see to it that you finish, like the way you normally do with other porn genres.

Well-organized Posts based on the Dynamic of the Story

I liked the fact that the posts in this subreddit are organized based on the dynamic in the story concerning family members and relatives. A shit-load of the fucking narratives are based on in-family relations, with erotic encounters occurring between fathers and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and sons. You’ll also find a couple of stories based on erotic encounters between cousins. Nonetheless, the former types of encounters are most common in the stories posted and I will briefly break down the three former types of encounters since they are the most common.

The Typical Brother/Sister Relations

A good deal of the posts here are based on sexual encounters that occur between siblings, typically brothers and sisters. I guess that’s because incest-enthusiasts simply can’t seem to get enough of sexually-active siblings that love to get naughty and dirty with each other. I noticed about one-third of the posts on are brother-sister encounters. One post that was particularly hilarious detailed how a 20-year-old girl noticed that her 18-year-old brother had always had a crush on her. One day when she was asleep with her bedroom door open, she woke up to find her tits out and her brother jerking off on the side of her bed. The funniest thing about the story is that as it goes on the lady was at first furious but later on she started fantasizing about fucking her brother, which eventually happened on another occasion and she really had a good time.

As well as the Father/Daughter Flings

I also found a shit load of posts detailing sexual encounters between daddy and daughter. I guess this dynamic is just perfect for all you sick fucks who love jerking off to the notion of young girls getting banged by older dicks, especially if the picture involves a father banging his 18-year-old daughter. Perhaps that’s one way of assuring fatherly love. I was particularly interested in one post where a daughter shows her father her hairy pussy in a bid to get assurance that her hairy pussy is fine and other men will love it. It gets fucking hilarious when the chick notices that her father actually got a boner when looking at her daughter’s pussy and assuring her that other men will love it.

And Even the Mom/Son Encounters

There are numerous posts again that detail erotic encounters between mothers and their dear (perhaps too dear) sons. I guess this is probably the most common family relationship aspect when it comes to incest porn given the ton fuck of mom/son videos you’re bound to find in online porn. Similarly, this subreddit plays to the same tune and the only difference is that the content is written. The fact that no low-effort posts are allowed means that you won’t find any bull-shit posts here.

Fully-Optimized for Mobile

In case you’re wondering how the fuck you are supposed to enjoy this sort of quality reading away from your PC or laptop, then worry no more since nowadays virtually every website is designed to work perfectly on a smartphone. As long as you have a smartphone and stable internet connection, you can access from any location and hide for a fap in the nearby bathrooms whenever you find an incest-related story that is jizz-worthy.

ThePornDude’s Final Take

Of course, reading your favorite kind of XXX content can be fucking boring or even challenging, especially if you are used to porn videos and images. I bet that’s the same case with most people who have a thing for incest porn. Most people either lack the patience or time. But if you don’t give a flying fuck about reading your incest porn, can be really great for you.

ThePornDude likes Incest Stories's

  • Well-organized posts based on the family-relative aspect
  • Fully-optimized for mobile
  • A ton-fuck of incest-based experiences narrated
  • Skilled posters with good writing abilities
  • No low-effort posts are allowed

ThePornDude hates Incest Stories's

  • No videos or images
  • Most stories are fictional
  • No external sources of incest porn