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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Just like it’s impossible for fat asses to pass up a buffet, so too is it impossible for any straight man to look at lesbian porn and not get a raging hard-on. I don’t care if the fat ass says he’s on a diet or if the man claims to be a holy ‘Warrior for God,’ (whatever the fuck that means). Just like the greasy fat ass is going to inevitably belly flop onto the buffet table full of pepperoni and jellybean pizza and eat until their banned for publicly shaming the restaurant, so too will every man beat their cock off after watching lesbian porn. It’s like saying water is wet or the water in the Southern United States will turn you into an inbred: it’s the circle of life, it’s the nature of things, and it’s just how it is.

Lesbian porn is so fucking good, just by reading about it you’re already in the mood for it. Ever noticed that? It’s not like that with most porn. I could write about anal porn all day long but it isn’t a given you’re going to say to yourself, ‘oh fuck PornDude. Things. Stuck up an ass? God you know what I’m looking up!’ But once you get the image in your head of two fucking hot broads licking each other’s pussies and spitting down an asshole immediately you’re ready to crank one out right here, right now.

Just wait a fucking minute though! I didn’t mean literally, ‘right here, right now!’ Don’t just flop your dick out and start tugging one out where you’re standing! You need to find a good source of lesbian videos first! Wait, you over there: you were actually in the fucking grocery store thinking about jacking off while staring at the melons weren’t you? Everybody stare, point, and laugh at this fucking freak for wanting to pull his dick out and stroke it to a cantaloupe. I bet your name’s Frank isn’t it? Alright well, when you’re done getting arrested and get access to a phone in 15-50 years (Frank!) you can finish reading and figure out for yourself if daftsex.com/lesbian is the place to go to get your lesbian porn fix (so you’re not spraying your cum on fruit) or if you should avoid it like the faggy health food section of your local supermarket.

Who the fuck thinks a white background looks good?

I look at a fucking shitload of porn (why the fuck do you think they call me PornDude?!) so when it comes to knowing what looks good and what doesn’t I think I know a few things. White background on a website can look nice and clean until it doesn’t. Let me tell you: the user interface (UI) and especially the white plain background makes daftsex.com/lesbian look uglier than that dead fish fuck named Wanda you hooked up with at that one party.

It looks like someone bought a template and applied it to the whole fucking site. Amateur and looking like the site developer didn’t know what in dog shit they were doing, it’s an eyesore to say the least. The Daftsex logo in the upper-left corner looks like someone ripped off the WB logo but even then it’s not obvious what it is. It looks like a smudge on your screen until you try wiping it off only to realize it was Daftsex’s poor attempt at trying to appear like legitimate competition to other free tube sites.

The barebones UI makes daftsex.com/lesbian easy to navigate. At least it has that going for it. Beyond that, it looks like your creepy old neighbor created a porn site and told you about it.

Why the fuck should I register for your site?

If the layout of daftsex.com/lesbian didn’t tip you off that whoever created this eyesore of a site knows doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing then I know you’re going to be tickled silly to know that you can register for an account to…do something. What is that something? I don’t fucking know! At the top of each page, there is an option to create an account. This allows you to favorite and comment on videos but because nobody ever comments on the videos at daftsex.com you really wouldn’t know this.

There are no advertisements asking you to become a member, no advantages to being a member, and you have to give them an email address. When a site has this shitty of a layout the last thing I’m going to do is give them personal information. That’s how you get computer AIDS, fellas.

Hope you enjoy 360p porn

I can’t honestly say that every video was in 360p but there was so much porn that had this shitty of a resolution (and in some cases, worse) that it became a chore to weed through good lesbian videos. It’s useful that daftsex.com/lesbian gives the option to search only HD videos but it severely limits your search results. You’re left with a choice of watching all lesbian videos daftsex.com has to offer in a resolution that looks at home on an iPod Classic or a few of the HD videos they offer. You often can’t have both and with so many sites offering full-length videos in HD this seems like a lazy bullshit copout.

Want to watch on mobile? Enjoy the ads!

Visiting daftsex.com/lesbian on mobile wasn’t the worst experience. The layout is just as barebones on mobile as it is on the desktop version. What pissed me off the most was the number of ads that popped up when trying to view even one video. I wasn’t bombarded with a couple of dozen pop-ups like on some free tube sites but there were enough and honestly that made me want to get off and get off somewhere else.

What pissed me off the most was the type of ads that tried to Superman my browser’s backside and asshole. It’s one thing to have the typical, ‘Local Singles in your Area,’ bullshit ads pop up but it’s another when an actual Chaturbate live stream pops up unmuted on mobile. I know I’m about to jack off to lesbian porn so in the moment I’m aware where my device’s audio levels need to be but a pop up that’s actually a live stream that’s blaring shit I didn’t choose makes me want to just burn my device right there and never visit a site like Chaturbate again. My pop up starred a fat ass woman that was riding a dildo that may have actually been hamster tubing doing everything she could to make her moans feel legitimate. It killed my boner and I was right back at square one trying to get a nut off. Thanks, daftsex.com/lesbian and thank you Chaturbate for knowing exactly how to keep people from visiting your cam site.

Nobody knows fucking English here?

Get back the shitty UI and 360p video resolutions and the next thing you’re going to notice is how impossible it is to search anything on daftsex.com/lesbian. That’s because most of the videos look like they were written in Russian. The tags can help and makes it easier to find lesbian videos and the like but if you really like a video how the fuck are you supposed to find it again? By creating an account and favoriting it? Yeah, no fucking thanks!

That’s to say you’re okay with clicking every lesbian video that looks decent without reading the title or the description. If you don’t speak English, you’re out of luck for a lot of videos. Are you going to watch BBW lesbians or two blonde lesbians eat cake out of each other’s assholes? Who knows: only one way to find out!

Better video selection elsewhere

There’s no such thing as too much fucking porn but there is such thing as wasting your time. There are porn videos at daftsex.com/lesbian that I’ve never seen before but it doesn’t mean it’s worth a visit. It’s easier to find better quality porn (and porn that doesn’t look like it’s stuck in 360p) by visiting other free cam sites out there.

It’s too difficult to find good lesbian porn, other sites have more content, and when you do find something decent it’s probably going to look like ass anyway. In an age where you can find top-quality premium lesbian videos within seconds and for free there’s absolutely no reason to visit daftsex.com/lesbian. Save your time and look anywhere else.

ThePornDude likes DaftSex Lesbian's

  • Filter by HD-only movies.
  • UI is easy to navigate.
  • Snappy site, videos load quickly.

ThePornDude hates DaftSex Lesbian's

  • UI is dog shit ugly.
  • Why does the fucking site want me to register?!?
  • Loads of videos in 360p and below will leave you squinting at the pixilation while trying to cum.
  • Intrusive ads on mobile.
  • Too many videos in Russian and other non-English languages (learn fucking English!).
  • The lesbian selection is too few, better options out there.