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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I really admire Japan. For such a small country, they put out an incredible amount of porn. It’s consistently some of the wildest, freakiest, most depraved sex I’ve ever seen on video, and I’m The Porn Dude. Today we’ll be looking at Avgle, another free tube specializing in Japanese smut.

Avgle.com is only a few years old, but gets nearly half a million visitors a day. Either those people are a bunch of suckers, or Avgle has something that gets the perverts flocking. As something of a pervert myself, I’m genuinely curious about what that is.

Like the Google of JAV

Avgle has a logo that looks a lot like Google’s, but it actually took me a few minutes to figure out the name really is a play on the search giant. It’s AV as in Adult Video, and gle as in Google. Clunky as hell, yeah, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they were going for.

Maybe the weird name has something to do with a language barrier I’m not sure exists here. All the text in the header and copyright notice at the top are written in clean English, but there’s enough Japanese on the page that my browser wants to translate it automatically. Most of the video titles and the tags are written in symbols I can’t read without computer assistance.

Avgle’s front page does look the way you might imagine Google as a free porn tube specializing in Asian porn. It’s mostly white with plain text and colorful accents. The thumbnails out front have basic but useful stats: titles, upload date, views, length, and percent of users who liked it. Just about all of them are tagged with HD.

Between the header and the videos is a big green box with a message about copyright. If you find some of your own shit here you can email them, they write. There’s nothing about how Avgle doesn’t post piracy, which is good because that would be a pretty bold lie.

Some of the thumbnails just show sex. The South Korean prostitution movie, for example, shows an Asian beauty in nothing but a bra working a dude’s shaft. There’s also a wife showing off her massive tits, and spycam footage of a broad in a locker room for all the voyeurs.

Most of the thumbnails, though, are DVD covers for full-length porno movies. Since it’s Japanese sex films, it’s full of schoolgirls, pop idols and lolitas. As with the other thumbnails, hovering your mouse over one gets you a nice moving preview.

An Outbreak of Pixels on the Genitals

If you’re a regular view of JAV (Japanese Adult Video), you’re already aware of the pixel issue. If you’re a newcomer to this wide-ranging genre of filth, you may be surprised. Japan is the country that literally invented bukkake, tentacle rape porn, and hundreds of other sex acts too depraved to really take off elsewhere. They won’t let you look at dicks and pussies, though.

One of the first thing any Asian fuck fan looks for on a porn site is those goddamn blocks covering up the genitals. I thought I had good news and bad news to give you about Avgle, but I took a closer look. It turns out I just have weird news to report. I’m not even sure what the fuck is going on here.

The thumbnails that could show genitals hide them, and the moving previews back that up. They’re Japanese flicks coming from Japan, so they legally have to look like that. There’s one thumbnail, the very first one on the front page in fact, that shows what looks to be amateur footage of a girl jerking off a guy’s uncensored cock in a restroom.

Click through to the video and it’s actually a 3-hour DVD rip of a young Japanese couple experimenting with blowjob, bondage, and cumming all over her tight little body. All the genitals are obscured by walls of Nintendo blocks.

The weirdest fucking thing, though, is the preview images you get when you hover over the video timeline. It’s stills from that scene I saw out front, with the uncensored bathroom blowjob.

I don’t know if it’s just some kind of bug or Avgle trying to trick users into believing there’s uncensored JAV here. I’d imagine there is some if you look hard enough, but the only wieners and cooters I saw were in the ads that made it through my blocker. Avgle’s focus on DVD rips from Japan means uncensored content is a long shot in the dark.

Full-Length Japanese Porno, Heavyweight Spam

Even with my ad-blocker, the spam is intrusive on Avgle. Actually watching a video requires clicking through an ad that activates another ad. My blocking plugin goes to war each time; I see things pop up and get knocked down before they can fully load. When I do get hit with new tabs or sent to different sites, it’s the shadiest of shady spam. My computer is infected and the only way to fix it is to send bitcoin to some hacker who also has herbal dick pills to help me go all night and grow a second horse cock.

The videos, though, are pretty fucking good when you can get to them. There are typically some ads in the beginning, and I don’t speak enough Japanese to know if they’re part of the DVD they were ripped from or added later. Buffering isn’t a huge issue if you want to skip ahead, but any clicking can result in a pop-up.

I watched a movie called “Pregnancy Confirmed In (something something) Sperm! Welcome Creampie Maid Hazuki!” The title is crazy because it’s been translated from Japanese, it was crazy before, and also part of it is hidden on the page by spam.

This one’s another 3-hour festival of perversion. The maid seems pretty happy and DTF in the beginning, but within an hour she’s tied up and dangling from the ceiling while this Bruce-Lee-looking motherfucker rams her with a dildo. He’s straight-faced and serious while she squeals away.

There’s a download button that offers links to get an mp4 or a torrent. I didn’t have luck with that. I can see my pop-up blocker do a bunch of unsettling shit every time I try. You may be able to save movies if you turn your spam plugin off, but I’m not willing to take the risk.

Beside the download button is a fire icon that I assumed was to Favorite the video or add it to a Hot list. It’s actually a list of keyboard controls for the video player, which I didn’t expect. I’d been so distracted by the spam that covers everything to notice that it’s actually a pretty nice player. There’s even a speed control, one of my favorite but often neglected features even on premium sites.

Avgle has some basic social media features baked in. The percent-ratings aren’t all 0s and 100s, so it looks like people really are using the thumbs-up and thumbs-down button. There are embed codes like on other porn sites, but you weren’t planning on using them, were you?

Google’s whole business model is spying on you, and then quietly advertising things it knows you want. Avgle, who aspire to at least look like the Google of Japanese porn, have a very different strategy. They just scream in your face the entire time you’re trying to touch yourself to dirty movies, hoping you’ll give in to at least one of their sales pitches.

Using Avgle is like wading into a minefield of spam, even if you go in fully prepared. That seems to be the tradeoff with a lot of Japanese porn sites like this, though. They know it’s a niche market, and you’re just going to have to suffer if you want some of this. Ironically, they also have affiliate links to buy official versions of the porn you/they are stealing.

So, is a trip to Avgle worth it? It depends on how much you like obscure, super-kinky Japanese DVD rips. If that’s your thing, the tradeoff might be worth it. Make no mistake about it, this site is painful to use. It’s also full of free, full-length JAV movies you won’t find on the other tubes.

ThePornDude likes Avgle's

  • Free
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  • Tons of full movies

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  • Very aggressive spam
  • Censored jav
  • Piracy?