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Updated on 05 February 2024
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K18.co is all about a different kind of porn which is basically unlike your normal pick from thumbnails kinda shit. It is also important to note that there is a certain thrill that comes along with a little difference in the way things are presented and ultimately matched up in perfect harmony.

I feel like nobody would pet the opportunity to be a step forward in their private endeavor not only knowing but accessing shit even before some lazy premium knack heads get a grip of it, right? And that’s exactly what this new porn site, k18.co is all about; revolutionizing porn site and he’ll I know you are excited to get a grip of this shit so shall we?

Heads up

It’s always fun to know stuff, especially if it’s thrilling shit about your nut bursting idols or should I call objectified cocks and pussies, right? And I ultimately doubt anyone would pass the opportunity to some insider sauce like what sex movies are up for release not just anywhere but in the best premium sites with the main catch being that besides having a short intrinsic scoop on what they are fucking about theirs is also a link via openload to download! Did I hear you mutter awesome under your breath? Hope in ASAP!

Minimalistic design

Fuck the bluish whitish background for being way too bright, but frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is because from the first glimpse everything looks spectacular, clean and ultimately meticulously organized. I swear I wouldn’t mind a scoop into any random shit, say I was just Snooping around. There is also the juicy tell me all aura that basically awakes your sixth sensual senses, and you just wanna know what’s up and get to spreading down some messes over your tissue to some new cooler and enthralling top notch quality porn.

Well, maybe you expected the usual boring shit with sex scenes written all over giving you a kind of sexy gets horny already atmosphere but in a way am thinking that this must be the grown-up version of porn sites. Maybe you should actually think about what you would rather have; some crazy rowdy godforsaken crap or some classy low key exuberance? You know me, am high-class baby; rocking all the way, VIP class and I ain’t paying up for some good stuff if there is a way I could just have it for free any day any time!

I have to admit it though that I actually had a pretty messed up debate in my nerdy head about whether they really just kept it minimal or basic. Maybe basic because they ain’t be got any fancy or flashy pompous template or design to show for it, but you’ve got to agree with me that sometimes keeping things on the bare minimal can give birth to some pretty interesting shit. And somehow, just somehow this is one such marvel.

Handy navigation features

Recent posts; do I need to say that this is where you find all the freshly baked shit from some really messed up nerdy journalists compilations all in one place. Pretty awesome, huh?

Categories/Most used; you’ve gotta check out this one dude, like seriously unless you are a shit head or a critical meth head there is no way you can pass these shit. Am talking about categories such as Reality Kings, Playboy Plus, Naked News, Met Art, PornPros among other things. Tags; I don’t know about y’all but tags always come through for me any day and I must say that these in here are something. Perhaps way too overwhelming or over the top, I’ll let you decide. They comprise of; Sexy news anchors, parodies, MyGf, Sex Art, Naughtyamerica, beautiful nudes, daredorm among many others.

Archives; I always hear people saying that old is gold, blah blah blah! Now if you are that kinda dude; help yourself to their vast archive collection dating from way back to 2015. As for me, am cool with the future.

Why should you be optimistic?

I’ll go direct to the fucking point; it’s a bit confusing y’all, and frankly, even I don’t know whether to call their shit articles or storied porn, whatever. Anyways, when you click on a video; you will be certainly be ushered into a new page with an in-depth description of the featured scene and a link to watch or download it via Openload. There is also a catch; it comes complete with tags and a comments section below the giant screenshot link for your choice utility. Also, on your fucking the right of the link is a list any recent comments made elsewhere on the site, on other videos, as well as a few friendly links including yours faithfully, and a quick access categories through the dropdown menu.

Crap! Crap! Crap! I’ll tell you what assholes unless you fucking strayed away from your usual webcam or whatever maybe you should have your head fixed on what 18k.co has to offer, and you know why? Because free sex chat and live sex stream all translate to external sites namely; megacams and Bongacams. However, I’ll let you in on the fact that porn for women drill which redirects to Pornhub for some marshmallow vanilla shit but waits, why am I even telling you this when you are hardwired hardcore? Well, maybe I just wanted to lead you astray into the porn’s distillery aka theporndude.com through the best free porn sites option because you know what? Maybe you need loads of options to decide, have fun!

K18.co’s impressed me through:

Varied porn approach; well, it’s all about the difference, you know at times the same dish can taste better if served differently and I certainly love their journalistic approach which is incredible by the way.

Exquisite design; someone said simplicity is ultimate sophistication and I’ll tell you what? They were about as right as K18’s build and navigation system that clearly puts it out there not to hang dry but to invoke utmost curiosity but to drown the user’s into some pretty mellow shit while offering a clear mapping of how to get there.

Wonderful user interface; while you might be tempted to get all over everything right from the home page but isn’t it ingenious to start off from; recent posts, categories, tags or archives? That’s what they thought too! Adequate porn content; most freaks I know including myself will tell you that there is no lots or excess porn because even old porn is fap worthy today and fresh porn eye opening in the future. All of this coming down to; they have an archive, and they keep bringing more on board, thank you very much!

My concerns

Disruptive Advertising; am a freak for free porn just like y’all are but if they wanna keep their shit free, which we appreciate by the way; maybe they should try and come up with more favorable ways of making upkeep money because the way it is right now, we are already suffocating from this scorn bags ( Ads).

Omission of basic features; like seriously y’all how can a site full of self-proclaimed porn journalists give the cold shoulder to a vital section such as a pornstars section? Am still judging you in my head, assholes!

Lacks originality; it’s something different but if you are looking for shit from their very messed up brains then you my friend are up for a very long fucking day. You wanna know why? Journalist shit is shit from other people given a whole new perspective, and that’s what your ass is gonna be receiving in plenty down here.

What I think should be done;

Omission on a pornstars section, that’s a nerve right there, don’t touch it! Maybe y’all need to get your shit together and bring us some real people shit. Everyone loves to gossip and knowing scandalous shit like who exactly one that leaked tape; give us some real sauce folks, will you? Well, the way I see it, that’s some originality right there; juicy shit about shitty people.

Bottom line

Reinvention of the whole porn presentation shit, whoa! K18 has a professional and uptown feel about it that is just spectacular and in a special way manages to keep you in the loop of what’s new in the porn world, don’t you agree? While they might actually be missing out on ‘a lot’ of shit you would expect from porn tubes/sites there is certainly a journalistic finish that creams it all up pretty good!

ThePornDude likes K18's

  • Exquisite design
  • Varied porn approach
  • Wonderful user interface
  • Adequate porn content

ThePornDude hates K18's

  • Disruptive Advertising
  • Omission of basic features
  • Lacks originality