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Updated on 15 January 2022
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While not many men probably believe that porn doesn’t have enough cum shots and cream pies in it…the few of you believe otherwise, and that’s why you’re going to read this entire review! So, if girls swallowing inhuman amounts of cum (as if a “human” amount of cum to swallow is a thing) is something that you want to see, then this website is exactly what you’re looking for! Make sure to focus on justswallows.com, as it seems to me that there aren’t many pages like this that focus on cum and nothing but cum! So, you might as well call this page a needle in a haystack as it seems that it isn’t very easy to find websites like this even if you try your hardest to look for them.

However, you’re lucky enough to have The Porn Dude do all the hard work for you. I found this page, and I’m going to tell you all about it! However, this page is pretty god damn simple, so there really isn’t that much to clarify in here. You are supposed to website up, and you’re supposed to scroll, and that’s about it. However, I will tell you about all the things that you can expect up in here. See, this website up in here is filled with all sorts of content, but obviously, every single movie and picture up in here has one little common element: The girl in the movie is filled with cum! Now, there are so many ways to do this. The circumstances under which you can fill a woman up with your man juice are literally endless, but only a few are popular in pornography.

There are many, many ways to skin a cat

If you’re a person who has been watching porn for at least a year, you are probably aware of all the filthy methods you can use to deposit a bunch of cum inside a woman’s hole. Obviously, a woman has a lot of holes on her body, but three of them get special treatment. I don’t need to explain why this happens, nor do I think I am able to do so. I mean, no one really wants to know who the fuck even came up with anal sex. Oral sex looks pretty fucking normal compared to it, but anal also made its way into the mainstream recently (although the Greeks have been fucking cute boys up the butt since forever, I guess), and so, people are super curious about this hole as well!

So, what kind of scenario does a woman have to find herself in? Where does a gal have to be in order to have her holes filled with sticky cum? Well, if she heads out into a special bathroom stall that has a hole in it, and waits for someone to stick their dong in there…well, you know the drill. A dude puts his cock in the hole, the girl sucks him off, and then she decides whether she wants to swallow the load or not. Usually, if you’re sucking a stranger off, it’s best to drop the load on the floor, since you do not know what kind of STD you can pick up from your unknown partner. However, if you know whose cock you’re sucking, then feel free to swallow.

The Porn Dude assures you that he is hetero as fuck and that he has no experience when it comes to sucking dicks. Obviously, this stuff I was talking about was just straight up common sense. However, many people do not have it, so I might as well try to shove some inside of their heads before they start pushing dongs down their throats! I do not believe that many people who like sucking dick read these reviews, though. I assume the majority of you are straight men. So, the only tip you folks should listen to is: If you feel her biting your dick, pull it out as fast as possible and save your dong.

Glory holes aren’t your only option

Now, you don’t have to dump a load inside of someone’s throat. Of course, you can also dump it inside of a girl’s pussy if she’s on birth control or if she feels like getting an abortion. Then, you may also drop that load inside of her butt hole, but make sure that the cum drips onto the floor. You don’t want that stuff sliding from the ass into the pussy.

Now, this kind of thing usually isn’t done in bathrooms. Well, at least not through glory holes. You best do this in a hotel room, or in your own living room! All in all, you’re in for a heap of fun if you are a dude, but you girls need to be careful while getting filled with cum.

So, it is obvious by now that this website covers all of these categories that I mentioned above. However, the page does not have any actual categories on it! It does have a few sections, but those have nothing to do with the sex in the movies, but rather, they’re all about segregating the movies and the pictures into two sections.

Pick a side!

Some of us like looking at pornographic pictures much more than they like looking at porn movies, that’s for sure. The thing with pictures is that they often to look better than porn movies. It’s quite easy to make a picture look super pretty. Nothing is moving in a picture, so you know that you can edit it with ease. Make the titties bigger, make the girl’s skin look prettier, and so on. You can fix a lot of things, but when it comes to videos, doing this kind of thing is a bit harder, and it is often impossible.

However, the pictures can not move, and this is why the videos are superior to pictures on many occasions. It is up to the viewer to pick between movies and pictures. While the middle ground between these two would be a .gif, it seems that this page has none of these on it. So, by now, you’ve realized that this website has two sections on it. The first one is dedicated to the movies, and the second one is dedicated to the pictures, and that’s all you get. Does this sound good to you? It’s very likely that it does if cum shots and cream pies are your kinds of thing!

The perks

You don’t expect pages as simple as these to have many browsing options, especially when a page is all about a single type of pornography. So, the only thing you get to hasten your search for the perfect movie is the search bar at the top of the page. Furthermore, if you ever do end up getting lost on this page, just hit the home button in the upper left corner, and you will be taken to the homepage. What you get to see on the homepage are multiple sections. The first section here is called the “latest videos” section, and I really do not need to explain what kind of things you can find in here. Loads and loads of thumbnails await, and if you click on them, one of the videos that were uploaded somewhat recently to this website opens up. Now, “somewhat recently” is a very subjective thing, all in all. However, it seems that this page considers that a movie uploaded four days ago is a new movie, so yeah.

The pictures get their own “recent” section as well. Obviously, the same criteria apply to them as well. No picture older than four days will appear in here. If you decide to keep scrolling, you’ll see the “popular videos” section. Now, a video is considered to be popular on justswallows.com if it has a lot of views and a lot of likes. These movies vary in length greatly. Some are as short as ten minutes, but some will last half an hour, and sometimes even longer than that. You also get to see the date when the movies were uploaded right underneath the title of the movie. It’s pretty neat if you ask me.

The conclusion

So, all in all, this is a pretty neat website, if you ask me. What I care about the most is that I get to watch full movies for free! Do I get to do so on this page? Yes! Furthermore, it is pretty easy to find whatever it is that I am looking for in here, and there are no ads popping up, no matter what I click on. These are the things that I care about the most, so, obviously, you know I like justswallows.com a whole lot! Furthermore, I believe that you folks will have a whole lot of fun on this page. Matter of fact, I am sure that justswallows.com will have you coming back for more over and over!

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