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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Mom 50! It’s one thing to have sex with hot babes and college girls in life, but MILFs and mature ladies are a whole other pleasure. Fucking a MILF is pretty much out of this world – I mean think about it, a MILF is a mom, a literal infant has been squeezed out of their her (probably), and she definitely has more experience in the sack than you, but regardless of that, you get to taste all her fruits and experience a pleasure only meant for the most privileged.

Try picking up a mature lady on a night out – teen girls and college babes are pretty much always horny anyway, but MILFs and cougars have to be tamed with elegance, sophistication, wit, charm, and intelligence if you want to dick them down. And who has elegance, sophistication, wit, charm, and intelligence? Well probably not you, so I would stick to fantasizing about MILFs instead of going out and chasing them. And all that fantasizing can be catered to here at Mom50, a site that focuses strictly on MILFs and mature women when it comes to XXX content.

This website is a treasure trove of MILF content – you definitely won’t find any teen babes here. The only women this site contains are women who’ve pushed at least one baby out of their vaginas in the past, and the only kind of person this site lures in is a person who has an intense sexual obsession with older women.

I personally love MILFs and mature women myself, but let me tell you, some guys can really take the love and appreciation they have for older women and amplify the fuck out of it. And it’s really not surprising that MILFs are so loved by guys either, I mean half of my old guy friends from high school talked about titty fucking or ass-raping one of our older female teachers at our school back in the day, so it’s only natural for tons of horny dudes to flock to this site looking for good MILF content to blow a load to.

Warning: All The Content Here is Image-Based

Before you decide to hop on the proverbial MILF train and treat yourself to a nice fap to this site’s content, you ought to be forewarned: This site contains nothing but pure image-based content. So for all you serial masturbators out there, this, of course, means that you’ll have to forget the pleasure that simple videos give you and turn on your imagination a little when fapping to this site’s content because all of it is in still-image format.

Our dads all used to jerk off to still images anyway, it’s not the worst thing in the world unless you have a crippling porn addiction. And the pictures themselves are all part of full, progressing image sets that show all kinds of X-rated MILF and mature content, so it’s really not the end of the world.

That’s Really All There Is to It

This website doesn’t try to prove much – all it wants is for you to check out its pictures and fap to them, that’s that. It doesn’t want to lure you in with subscriptions or try to divide your attention up with a litany of ads – Mom50 care about one thing and one thing only, and that’s HD MILF/Mature photosets. There are dozens upon dozens of thumbnail links that are ready to be opened here from any free viewer, and they contain dozens upon dozens of pictures that can all be comfortably fap to one’s own leisure or furiously stroked to, depending on the masturbator.

All You Have Is Random Image Links

These image-based thumbnail links are random at best, and clicking on any one of them will lead you to a page that contains a photo set that was previewed by the thumbnail image links, which are always on point with the previews. There’s never a wrong thumbnail image on this site that’s attached to incorrect images, but what disappoints me is the lack of thumbnail link animations when hovering over them with your mouse. These thumbnail links that lead to image sets are supposed to show you what they contain before you decide to jump in them, and the best way to do that is to animate and show different images of their respective image sets as opposed to just being still.

With Worded Title Links Below Them

Below the thumbnail images, you’ll be able to find pretty much the exact same thing, except this time instead of a thumbnail link it’s an actual worded link. Now these links, like the thumbnail images, have a 50/50 chance of either leading you to an image set on this site or one that’s hosted on an alternate site. But here’s the catch: Sometimes they don’t send you to any image set at all because they turn out to be dead and/or broken links.

And A Single, One-Color Purple Background

So you get a few blocks of huddled up thumbnail image links that lead to image sets and below them, you have a whole wide assortment of worded links that also lead to image sets, but what’s underneath them? A nice, grape-colored purple background that’s easy on the eyes and not some absurd color that’s been prevalent on obscure XXX websites before like cyan or turquoise. That’s really all there is to this site – there really aren’t many options aside from the links that lead to image sets.

And Some Pictures Won’t Even Open Up

This one’s a real bummer, because sometimes even I’m compelled to open up some of the image sets on this site and check them out because they’re surprisingly hot. Why just now I clicked on a thumbnail that had a nice pair of MILFs going at each other, but when I clicked the thumbnail image link all I got was redirected to some other low-effort MILF/Mature-themed XXX website with almost the same presentation. I can’t find that image set anywhere now, and it’s a darn shame because it looked pretty damn hot.

No Content Organization Whatsoever Too

Oh, you wanna find a redhead MILF that plays with dildos? Or a blonde granny that’s getting sodomized by two guys at once? Or maybe you want a raven-haired MILF in lingerie to treat yourself a fap to? Well too bad, because Mom50 here doesn’t support any kind of content organization whatsoever. This site has zero, I repeat zero options when it comes to filtering in/out certain kinds of content. No content filters, no categories, no tags, and no sections. Mom50 is literally a content dump with random MILF/Mature-featuring image sets on it that will hopefully be enough to satisfy any horny traveler unlucky enough to end up searching for good porn here.

ThePornDude likes Mom50's

  • Most pictures have source site’s name on them
  • A decent place to find images of MILFs/matures
  • The background color could’ve been worse
  • Can be accessed via smartphone
  • Works with AdBlock on

ThePornDude hates Mom50's

  • Is horrendously slow
  • There are no videos here at all
  • It’s impossible to organize any of this content
  • Some images won’t even open up
  • Overall a really low-effort attempt of a porn website