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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Back in the old days, if your wife wasn’t putting out you either had to find her a prescription for Valium or sneak out to bang hookers after work. These days, a live babe can help you get your rocks off in the very next room as the old ball and chain and she’ll never even know. Sites like Cams offer portals to places in the world where people are much sexier than you.

The domain was registered in 1996, back even before the invention of the Internet. We’ve come a long way since having to read porno websites through the mail, and these guys now pull over 20 million visits a month. High traffic is a good sign of a healthy cam site. Most of those visitors are horny perverts like you and me, but you can bet your right nut or a bucket of tokens that plenty are exhibitionist sluts looking to give you a show.

An XXX Cam Site from the Dawn of XXX Cam Sites

I didn’t realize how old this site was until today. Now I wonder if every other cam site on the Internet is modeled after this one. Cams looks like the rest of them: there is a header and some search filters in the sidebar, and the rest of the page is thumbnails of girls who want to shake their titties at you via webcam.

When suicide bombers blow themselves up, I wonder if the 72 virgins they imagine look like the front page of the site. Without fucking with the filters, they’re serving up a rich and meaty selection of female flesh. There are Male and Trans options at the top, but the defaults are aimed at their primary audience: straight dudes.

I see blonde teenagers and dark-haired MILFs waiting to spread their pussy lips on camera. There are Latina whores shaking their booties and a white girl with thick thighs and massive jugs. Asian schoolgirls, Euro bitches and Ebony goddesses beg for your attention. Skinny broads, fat ones and in between, there’s a little of everything on display.

Everything says the shows are free, so I’ve already got my junk out and I’m ready to fap. There are no moving previews on the front page of cams, so I click on this cutie with glasses who I’d love to see naked. Her page pops up, but her video feed is covered by a message saying I need to sign up first. I can hear her audio streaming, which is a total tease. At least they’re offering 100 free tokens for signing up right now.

Spending Real Money on Fake Money to Give to Real Girls

Signing up is free, but Cams will try to sell you tokens right from the jump. In fact, the token refill page is the first place they send you every time you log in. The most popular package is 500 tokens for $50 USD. Do the math yourself, genius.

Once I got logged in, I went back looking for one of those “free” shows I heard about. Every cam site claims they’ve got them, and they all do, but you can’t always see much. In fact, most free cam shows are just pretty girls looking at the camera and waiting for someone to seduce them into a private chat with site currency.

A blonde MILF with a fucking perfect body was showing off her stuff near the top of my picture menu of camwhores. I clicked into the show and sure enough, she already had her giant boobies hanging out of her blue lingerie. She got on her back and showed the pink toy hanging out of her pussy, but she didn’t take off her panties to let us actually see her twat.

There’s a certain amount of desperation in some of these free shows with a bunch of viewers. There are a handful of dudes buzzing her vaginal gizmo, a few just tipping her randomly, and a bunch of bums kind of begging to see stuff. If you knuckleheads paid just a little bit of attention, you’d notice that she’s a lot more responsive to the guys she’s making money off of! That said, I did see more T&A for free just now than you have in your bedroom all month.

Spend those Expensive Tokens Wisely

Here’s a tip for you old fuckers who haven’t realized you’re old: the attention of a younger woman will revitalize your spirit and rejuvenate your erection. With that in mind, I hit the filter on the side to narrow my girls down to the 18 to 19 age range.

A healthy selection of teenage sluts came up, but I wanted to whittle it down a little further. You can only choose one sidebar filter, but the Advanced Search will let you choose a few options. I added Brunettes, Big Boob and English speakers to find the girl of my dreams, or at least the ones I’ll have tonight if I don’t rub out enough of my unborn children. Other options include ethnicity, piercings and tattoos, as well as how freaky they’re willing to get. You want webcam Anal Sex tonight, or would you rather have Foot Fetish or Paddling/Spanking?

My search came back with nine Exact Matches and six pages of Related Matches. I like that the Related girls really are similar in appearance to what I was looking for. Some sites have a basically useless search function, but I’ve got some good options here. Cams has plenty of brunettes who are just a bit older than teenage but still ripe for the plucking.

Exhibitionist Whores or Reserved Prudes? You Be The Judge!

This Polish teen named Bella was too cute in the thumbnail not to get a closer look. A box appeared before I get in, telling me I can buzz her toy for just a few credits or give her a Superbuzz for a few more. The babe popped up dancing on the screen and she was every bit as beautiful as the preview out front.

Cams has a feature to let you join a Fan Club for camgirls you really like. It’s kind of pricey, almost like joining a separate paysite, but you get cheaper access to her shows and a bunch of prerecorded content and nudes. I almost pulled the trigger on Bella’s Club, but I wanted to see the show first.

I went private for 35 credits a minute. She took off her panties and bra, but honestly this girl was kind of a prude. It took a lot of coaxing to even get her to turn around and show me her ass. When I wanted to see her jugs, she dragged out the tease so long I ended up clicking End Show a split second before she finally dropped the bra. I’m not even convinced she had a toy when I clicked the buzz button.

Still half-hard, I clicked a Latina’s thumbnail only to find she had just gone into a private show. Cams gave me the option to join the show for 40 tokens. Not a cheap girl, but I did get to see this one cum when some dude kept hitting the Superbuzz on her internal stimulator. (If you’d rather not let mooches in on your good time, your private show is a few tokens more per minute.)

The Latina ended up banning me mere moments after I finished because I hadn’t donated to her pile. She was going to get topless at 500, but my stash was mostly wasted on that Polish chick who didn’t show me much. This is a common dynamic on Cams, so don’t be surprised when you get nowhere with a handful of nothing.

I saw a crappy show on, but that’s just one of the standard risks of any webcam site. What Cams really has going for it is that at any given moment there are an absolute fuckton of gorgeous women waiting to put on a cam show for you. The interface and Advanced Search are robust enough to help you nail down exactly the broad you want to spank your monkey to tonight. Just try to make a better choice than I did.

ThePornDude likes Cams's

  • Thousands of beautiful live women
  • 100 free tokens for joining
  • Free webcam shows
  • Advanced search options
  • Fan clubs for your favorite chicks

ThePornDude hates Cams's

  • Tokens add up quickly
  • Fan clubs can also add up quickly
  • Polish chick named bella who gives bad shows
  • Sign-in required even for free shows