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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Best Porn Games, Hentai & Free XXX Adult Sex Games

A combination of adult gaming with (3D) sex, hentai, and porn? PornDude, give me more XXX info!

You came to the right place, you horny nerd. I’ve been cataloging the world’s best sex sites on the Internet for years, and these are the best free porn games I found out there so far. There are all kinds of interactive perversion to play with, on any platform you might be playing with: iOS, Android, Mac, PC, or even Linux, and plenty of them are playable straight from the web. You don’t have to worry about the wife or kids accidentally opening your schoolgirl fingering app or ruining your score on Hentai Heroes.

What kind of porn, sex, and (furry) hentai games can I play on my desktop or mobile phone?

There’s a very wide variety of porn games on this list. What kind of games do you like to play when you’re not masturbating? There are almost definitely porn versions of it.

Strategy RPGs and fantasy card video games are popular elsewhere in the world of gaming, and they’re some of the most popular adult games on this list. I’ve played plenty of porn FRPGs where you fight monsters and bang princesses, so Final Fantasy fans will have plenty of material to jerk off to. They can be really hit or miss, so stick to the ones toward the top of the list. It’s such a common style of game that some are just slapped-together bullshit with hentai pics tossed in the mix.

There are also a few MMORPGs, kind of like World of Warcraft except instead of impaling goblins on your sword you’re impaling broads on your cock. Create your own CG or cartoon avatar and go have cybersex with other deviate gamers. The next time your mom gets on your case about not ever interacting with other people, tell her you were just chatting with a dominatrix on the other side of the world in virtual reality. That’ll shut her up just long enough for you to ask for your allowance.

There are sex simulators and girlfriend emulators, pornstar builders and erotic visual novels on this list. The puzzle games here have dildos and fairies with wet, glistening pussies. These sites have online collectible card games with naked devil whores and incremental clickers with cowgirl blowjobs. There really is an adult version of every type of kid game out there, and they’re usually pretty depraved. Nerds just seem like a kinkier bunch than vanilla old anal fisting enthusiasts.

Are these XXX games 100 % free?

These games are mostly Free To Play. I’m sure all you gamers already know what that means, but I’ll spell it out for the old folks and recent escapees from basement dungeons. Free To Play means that all the basic features of the game are unlocked for all users. You can travel the universe, battling demons and banging intergalactic warrior whores, or whatever the hell the game is about. Free To Play means you can play for free, no credit card or bitcoin deposit necessary. You are not blocked from completing any game with a storyline or given game-breaking restrictions like No Fighting or No Fucking.

Usually, with Free To Play, there’s some sort of in-game currency that you can use to buy perks. You can spend real money on fake money, and then use that fake money to unlock things like sexier outfits, bigger dicks, acrobatic new fucking moves, and little cartoon dildos that follow you around, as in MNF Club. Sometimes the perks seem a lot less interesting, like boring old swords or stupid dragons that you can ride around on like some kind of faggot. They ain’t sexy, but they progress the game a lot faster. When you’re playing to get to the sex scenes, sometimes the flashing BUY TOKENS button starts to look pretty appealing. Hey, if you’re worried about your weak sales resistance to anime waifus and cartoon buttholes, just don’t give them your credit card number, to begin with.

Some of the independently produced sex games are completely unlocked, with nothing to buy in the game ever. These generous and tech-savvy perverts often take donations, but it’s not required, so put down the fucking pitchfork you broke-ass neckbeard. Yes, you can play and beat your meat to all of these games on the list without spending one thin dime.

What are the best adult sex games in 2019?

It really depends on what you like, but I’ve sorted the list broadly into what I think you hentai freaks and 4chan fags will get off to best. Read the reviews if you want a further breakdown about what works and what doesn’t about each of these adult video games and game sites.

Nutaku is, hands down, the best free porno game site out there right now. It’s actually a huge collection of all different kinds of sex games, from hentai RPGs to hentai strategy games to hentai card games. There are non-hentai games, but they are in the minority. Other sites like GamCore offer huge collections of indie sex games, but the ones at Nutaku are very polished. You can find a lot of the best games on this list, like BootyFarm and Kahime Project R, on Nutaku.

Hentai Heroes is probably the best in the wildly popular sex RPG category, and Cunt Wars is my pick for online card games with both elves and group sex. If you’re looking to have cybersex with beautiful women or fat men pretending to be beautiful women, I’d try 3DChat first. That one even has VR and teledildonics support for you truly next-level tech masturbators. LifeSelector, Pocket Waifu and 3D Sex Villa 2 offer some of the best simulations on this list.

I can’t wait to go on an erotic adventure in an interactive virtual 3D world and fuck hot anime sluts!

You know, for some reason I didn’t think you needed much convincing. Go forth, conquer beasts and bed maidens, you noble and well-endowed adventurer. It sure beats life in mom’s basement, huh? And you certainly get laid a lot more.

New porn games come out all the time, so keep coming back to ThePornDude for all the latest and greatest in interactive fappery. The games keep getting better, so try not to rub yourself raw before the next generation of sexy fantasy RPGs full of horny hentai goddesses, monsters with giant erections, and only you to save the day.

1. Nutaku
Nutaku - godude.vipnutaku

Want to play video games while you play with yourself? Nutaku.net is the world's number-one source for both premium and free porn games. Every kind of game is represented, from RPGs and dating simulators to clickers and visual novels. There's a ton of variety, all united by a theme of sex! These ain't your daddy's video games, unless he was a perv.

2. Hentai Heroes
Hentai Heroes - godude.viphentaiheroes

HentaiHeroes.com is an online game where you're building a harem of girls who you will have to fuck in order to keep them happy. Spending energy, money and other cool tools to accomplish this feat HentaiHeroes will put you up for a challenge where you have to conquer yourself in order to create the harem of 50 girls that you've always yearned for.

3. Cunt Wars
Cunt Wars - godude.vipcuntwars
4. Pornstar Harem
Pornstar Harem - godude.vippornstarharem
5. LifeSelector
LifeSelector - godude.viplifeselector
6. King Of Kinks
King Of Kinks - godude.vipkingofkinks
7. Project QT
Project QT - godude.vipprojectqt
8. 3D Sex Villa 2
3D Sex Villa 2 - godude.vip3dsexvilla2

3D SexVilla2: Ever-Lust is a sex simulator game that can finally provide you sex-starved beta males with a semi-accurate depiction of what the real deal is like. Take control of busty models and make them fuck or get fucked however you want. Make your kinkiest, dirtiest fantasies a reality with this free-to-play sex simulator. Download it from 3DSexVilla.com to get started!

9. Booty Calls
Booty Calls - godude.vipbootycalls

Pick up the phone bitch, it’s a booty call. Booty Calls is a high quality hentai porn game brought to you by the porn wizards at Nutaku. Booty Calls features multi language support, high quality voice acting, and a hot ass mermaid bitch that leads you on a pussyjuice collecting adventure. Booty Calls uses a bubble connecting puzzle game to win these bitches’ hearts, so get to work dating these girls and fucking them all. Also, bring your wallet.

10. Kamihime Project R
Kamihime Project R - godude.vipkamihime

Kamihime project is a pornographic hentai turn-based game created by the digital Japanese platform DDM and hosted on Nutaku – this turn-based RPG game consists of you the protagonist liberating a large kingdom by exploring it alongside a harem of female warriors which you can in-turn watch have sex in X-rated scenes after each major victory as a reward.

11. 3DXChat
3DXChat - godude.vip3dxchat

3DXChat.com is one of the world's most realistic sex games, and you get to play it with real live deviates around the world! Create and customize a character and then enter a living, breathing virtual world full of all kinds of outrageous fucking. With hundreds of sex animations and endless ways to customize your experience, you'll never get bored.

12. Pocket Waifu
Pocket Waifu - godude.vippocketwaifu

Nutaku.net is a free game porn site where the games are actually high-quality and drawn by professionals. The animations are impeccable, and most of the games can be played for free. You have an option to download the games to your PC or phone, or you can even enjoy them online. All the games will have their info and trailers, so check them out!

13. Fap Titans
Fap Titans - godude.vipfaptitans

FapTitans.com is fucking addicting. I’m usually not one for hentai games like this, but I kept finding myself coming back and getting lost in all the upgrades, sexy unlocks, and animated sex scenes. While it might be hard to fap while you’re furiously clicking on monsters, I recommend checking out Faptitans.com for a fast paced hentai game with plenty of sexy art and animations.

14. Town Of Sins
Town Of Sins - godude.viptownofsins
15. Booty Heroes
Booty Heroes - godude.vipbootyheroes
16. Dirty League
Dirty League - godude.vipdirtyleague
17. EroLabs
EroLabs - godude.viperolabs
18. SF Girls
SF Girls - godude.vipsfgirls
19. HentaiClicker
HentaiClicker - godude.viphentaiclicker

HentaiClicker.com is a free online game that concentrates on clicker gameplay. If you enjoy 2D hentai models and you enjoy those kinds of graphics, then you should definitely check out this game. Other than the amazing graphics, you also have very immersive gameplay. HentaiClicker.com is completely free so go ahead and check it out right now.

20. ComixHarem
ComixHarem - godude.vipcomixharem
21. Trans Pornstar Harem
Trans Pornstar Harem - godude.viptranspornstarharem
22. Big Bang Empire
Big Bang Empire - godude.vipbigbangempire

BigBangEmpire.com is a cool free-to-play porn RPG that you can play straight from your browser, Android, or even on Steam. Like most browser RPGs, you’ll be building your character, completing missions, and getting all kinds of loot. Unfortunately Big Bang Empire is pretty prude about releasing the pussy, and most of you will stop playing before seeing some fuck action. It’s worth checking out for an hour or two, but everything gets expensive real quickly, and it’ll really test your patience.

23. Booty Farm
Booty Farm - godude.vipbootyfarm

Booty Farm is a combination game taken from all the good mobile social games you’ve played or saw played before. From the cleanest shit like Farmville to the dirtiest dating Sim it takes a whole fuck load of inspiration from all of them. Combined together it’s definitely something new and different and with a complimentary art-style to boot. If you’ve got the time to spare give it a go and see if it’s worth spending more than that for yourself.

24. Merge Nymphs
Merge Nymphs - godude.vipmergenymhps
25. Gods Of Hentai
Gods Of Hentai - godude.vipgodsofhentai

Gods of Hentai is one of the rare porn games that actually has surprising depth as a video game, not just as porn. Sure, you’ll probably jerk off while playing, but the game itself won’t be a complete bore.

26. Girlvania Summer Lust
Girlvania Summer Lust - godude.vipgirlvania

Girlvania is one of the best 3D porn games on the market today. Whether it’s the hot lesbian animations that you’re after, or the dressing up experience, Girlvania will provide you with countless hours of provocative and explicit fun. Check out everything Girlvania has to offer and definitely check out their expansion pack with many new animations and clothing options.

27. SmutStone
SmutStone - godude.vipsmutstone

What do you look for in a porn game? Do you prefer them to be heavier on the porn? Heavier on the gaming? Some games provide a pretty decent balance between the two, weaving dynamic animated sex scenes into compelling and visually stunning gameplay. Others do nothing of the sort. Read my review to find out which type of porn game Smutstone is!

28. Red Light Center
Red Light Center - godude.vipredlightcenter

RedLightCenter.com is a multi-player 3D virtual reality online game based in Amsterdam, Red Light District. It is modelled to feature a rich virtual entertainment with venues such as bars, clubs, and hotels to enhance your experience. While playing the game, you are represented by an avatar which you get to control and fully customize (several customization options available). The game runs on virtual currency, Rays; does all the in-game items purchases.

29. Utherverse
Utherverse - godude.viputherverse
30. SexSelector
SexSelector - godude.vipsexselector
31. Interactive POV
Interactive POV - godude.vipinteractivepov
32. DLsite Games
DLsite Games - godude.vipdlsitegamestpd
33. Craving Quest
Craving Quest - godude.vipcravingquest
34. Fap CEO
Fap CEO - godude.vipfapceo
35. Boobs In The City
Boobs In The City - gotpd.meboobsinthecity
36. Attack On Moe H
Attack On Moe H - godude.vipattackonmoeh
37. Taimanin Asagi
Taimanin Asagi - godude.viptaimaninasagi

Taimanin Asagi is a porn game on the Nutaku network and based on Japanese Hentai that largely contains the genres of gang bang rape, torture, and tentacle penetration. The storyline is based on a retired demon-ninja/hunter, Asagi. She is enslaved by a past nemesis, Oboro, who returns from the dead and forces her to partake in extremely erotic sadism and punishment. She struggles to maintain a firm will to keep her sanity in spite of the colossal hardcore erotica she is subjected to.

38. Fake Lay
Fake Lay - godude.vipfakelay

Ever played a dating sim? FakeLay is exactly that and it has some amazing graphics! Visit the homepage to see the trailer! It will give you some insights! Ready to fuck some virtual babes?

39. Vixen Wars
Vixen Wars - godude.vipvixenwars
40. Heavy Metal Babes
Heavy Metal Babes - godude.vipheavymetalbabes
41. Crush Crush
Crush Crush - godude.vipcrushcrush
42. Sin VR
Sin VR - godude.vipsinvr
43. Hot Candy Land
Hot Candy Land - godude.viphotcandyland

If you were searching for a good porn game, where you get to level up your character and compete with the rest, you can check out hotcandyland.com. This is a free MMO game filled with loads of porn adventures, where you get to fuck loads of chicks, become the best porn producer, and known in the porn world. The game is free, so make sure to check it out.

44. MNF Club Game
MNF Club Game - godude.vipmnfclub

Why stare dumbly at a free tube when you can interact with other perverts in a sex-themed MMORPG? MNFclub.com has over a million users, which means plenty of opportunity for you to chat and have cybersex with real people. Play filthy XXX mini-games to collect in-game cash, then spend it on flashy clothes and hotel rooms so you can get laid a lot.

45. Meet And Fuck Games
Meet And Fuck Games - godude.vipmeetandfuckgames

MeetAndFuckGames.com is a premium porn flash game site. Enjoy sexy games that parody your favorite sluts from video games, cartoons, anime, and movies. The games here are high quality and will have you jerking your dick in no time. The price may be steep, but you are getting access to over 100 in-depth porn games of big tittied babes that you won’t find elsewhere.

46. Yareel
Yareel - godude.vipyareel

Would you like to meet people who also enjoy playing 3D games and would love to share their love for this by enjoying a hot fuck session with you? Well, yareel.com is here to give you a free downloadable 3D game, where you get to customize your character to the smallest sexual detail. meet other strangers and enjoy fucking in naughty ways.

47. Lesson Of Passion
Lesson Of Passion - godude.viplessonofpassion

Lesson of Passion is a cool little browser porn game site where you can play dozens of free and paid games. These are mostly western style RPG games featuring 3D bitches getting fucked in all kinds of real world situations. The free games are kind of short and might leave your dick a little frustrated, but there is plenty of content and the premium games are ace. If you like point and click porn games that’s good for a nice afternoon jerk, check Lesson of Passion out.

48. OverWatch Porn Game
OverWatch Porn Game - godude.vipoverwatchingporn
49. Angry Bangers
Angry Bangers - godude.vipangrybangers
50. Erogames
Erogames - godude.viperoges
51. Pornhub Casino
Pornhub Casino - godude.vipplayhubcasino
52. PornHubCasino
PornHubCasino - godude.vipplayhubcasino
53. Sacred Sword Princess
Sacred Sword Princess - godude.vipsacredswordprincess

Sacred Sword Princess is a hot game by Nutaku.net that you just have to check out if you’re a guy who loves fantasy RPGs with adventure and action elements in them. Sacred Sword Princess is one of those games that just hits you the right way so you’ll absolutely need to check out all the 30+ characters featured along with their hot nude pictures as well.

54. Pussy Saga
Pussy Saga - godude.vippussysaga

You get back to your apartment and are commanded by a busy fairy slut to go out and fuck as many bitches as you can. Who’s going to argue with that? Pussysaga is a gem swapping game mixed with a dating sim. It’s a fun game that will keep your horny fucks coming back. This game keeps the sexy photos coming frequently, so get over there now and jerk off!

55. GamCore
GamCore - gamcore.com

Attention gamers with boners: GamCore.com has literally thousands of pornographic video games that you can play online absolutely for free! No registration or downloads required to join in on the action! What's your pleasure? From erotic visual novels to sexy platformers to elaborate porn RPGs, every style of XXX sex game is available to play here.

56. Games Of Desire
Games Of Desire - gamesofdesire.com

GamesofDesire.com is a fun arcade with lots of porn games. Action, gambling, puzzles, and all sorts of other games await you, and you have all kinds of bitches including hentai, real photos, and CGI. GamesofDesire also features lots of Rule 34 content, with games for franchises such as Naruto and Family Guy. The games and graphics aren’t the highest quality, and these certainly aren’t made by professional studios, but there’s a surprising amount of fun and fapping to be had here.

57. Fap Nation
Fap Nation - fap-nation.com

Fap-Nation.com is a download hub for all kinds of porno games and comics. You’ll find plenty of PC, Mac, and Android games that include hentai, 3D, and western style porn. Fap-nation doesn’t actually host any games, and games are not streamed through the website. Instead, you’ll be downloading files from filesharing hosts like Zippyshare and Mega. The ridiculous number of ads should turn you off, but I can’t argue that Fap-nation has one of the best game collections on the internet.

58. Fenoxo
Fenoxo - fenoxo.com

Fenoxo.com is the personal blog for Fenoxo, a porn game developer who’s created the text based games Trials in Tainted Space and Corruption of Champions. The blog features patch notes and other updates on the porn games, as well as featuring NSFW fan art of the game characters. Fenoxo indulges some alt porn like furries, beasts, aliens, and more, hence fans of these fetishes will feel right at home. The site also lets you play the games for free.

59. Summertime Saga
Summertime Saga - summertimesaga.com

Summertime Saga is one of the premier porn games out there today. A wonderful combination of point and click adventuring and character building, Summertime Saga has you chasing after all the hottest bitches on the block. Unlock deep and complex storylines for hundreds of different bitches, with no bullshit like pay-for-play or ads. The game is completely free for PC and Android, and will take dozens of hours to finish.

60. WetPussyGames
WetPussyGames - wetpussygames.com

WetPussyGames is a free site to play all kinds of porn adult games featuring hentai, CGI, and cartoon graphics. There are all kinds of games here such as dress up, arcade, adventure, and of course RPG. Most of the games are short original works, but you’ll also find some Rule 34 games based on franchises like Nier Automota and Teen Titans. In addition to games, you’ll also find hentai videos and game reviews/walkthroughs.

61. LewdZone
LewdZone - lewdzone.com

LewdZone.com is a free sex game and porn animation site which offers an insane amount of content for you to enjoy. It’s not just the number of animations and games which is great about LewdZone.com, but also the fact that they’re usually really high-quality as well. Check this place out cause you don’t even need to make an account on LewdZone.com to enjoy this content.

62. H Flash
H Flash - h-flash.com

H-Flash.com! Are you getting bored with regular porn? VR Porn doesn't seem to be interactive enough for you? You might need something a bit more engaging, and there really is nothing better than a proper porn game. At H-flash.com, you'll be able to see hot girls and traps getting their holes drilled, and it's all going to be done by you! So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to check this page out as soon as possible!

63. PlayForceOne
PlayForceOne - playforceone.com

PlayForceOne.com is a great sex game website that offers plenty of gorgeous 3D babes who just love to please the players. You have a bunch of different categories to explore, from the hot 3D babes to the animated chicks who are also quite stunning. You have both free and premium games, so just choose your poison and have fun playing these hot sex games.

64. Newgrounds Adult Games
Newgrounds Adult Games - newgrounds.comcollectionadultgames

We've all come across porn-inspired sex games online and tried to have fun and cum to them. In my experience, they usually aren't good at doing much of either, though a few are halfway decent. However, some nerds have conspired together to create something truly special for all of those who like some erotic entertainment which combines playing with plastic and fleshy joysticks. Interested in finding out more? Then click here to read all about New Grounds.

65. MySexGames
MySexGames - mysexgames.com?partner=T54455

Are you up for playing some hot flash porn games filled with lust and passion, because that perfectly describes the content MySexGames.com offers? This site is a bit outdated when it comes to the overall aesthetics, but it still manages to offer the fresh pornographic games. Explore MySexGames.com as much as you want, since it is free, and play!

66. PornGames
PornGames - porngames.com

PornGames.com is a pornographic website which contains all manner of XXX flash-based games, including porn parodies of video games, cartoon and anime shows as well as games containing originally-made characters drawn in all kinds of styles including 3D. This site isn't optimized for mobile usage.

67. ComDotGame Adult
ComDotGame Adult - comdotgame.comadult

Gay sex games huh? That’s exactly what you get here on Comdotgame. The content mainly focuses on mainstream and gay porn. The site features hundreds of games and various other yaoi porn games. Not only is the site free, it also shows you the recent submissions, popular options and featured games. In addition, it has a forum where all kinds of kinky topics go. Definitely a site you would wanna check out. Read my full review.

68. Corruption Of Champions
69. Space Paws
Space Paws - patreon.comtaifunriders

Space Paws is a XXX pornographic flash game created by an amateur called ‘TaifunRaiders’. This game consists of you the protagonist exploring space in an attempt to repopulate the Earth by having sex with different animalistic ‘furry’ aliens. This game is available free and in a ‘pay to play’ premium version.

70. Trap Quest
Trap Quest - trapquest.com

Love text based porn games? Then you’ll dig TrapQuest.com. This game throws you into a seemingly endless dungeon where you have to work your way out of while deciding if you’ll give into your primal, kinky sexual desires or try and take the high road and escape with your virginity intact. Do you have what it takes to make it out? Find out at TrapQuest.com.

71. Free Strip Games
Free Strip Games - free-strip-games.com

If you ever end up getting bored with regular pornography, you have no excuses not to check Free-Strip-Games.com out! The website has tons of free games on it, but there's also a whole lot of premium content on it for you if you feel like getting your wallet out. Don't waste your time, so make every second count.

72. Crystal Maidens
Crystal Maidens - godude.vipcrystalmaidens

Crystal Maidens is an RTS clicks based erotic adventurous game featuring sexy curvy warriors that have to undergo battle skills training to prepare them for battle. It’s easy to understand as well as get around challenges. And it’s a good thing that the art and frequent updates keep the game’s fun sense captivating.

73. 7 Angels
7 Angels - godude.vipsevenangels

7 Angels is yet another great sex game coming from a popular site called Nutaku. If you feel like playing a dating game with lots of sex and different outcomes, then you should check out a game called 7 angels. here, your choices matter, because they will have different outcomes. Explore the game all you want, it is meant for all the android users!

74. Cosmic Shock League
Cosmic Shock League - godude.vipcosmicshockleague

Would you like to play a game that is driven by strategy, puzzles, adventure and lots of hot chicks? Well, the Cosmic Shock League is a game that everyone will love, especially since you get to assemble your team of hot babes, who will happily ride your pole once they level up. Enjoy playing this game, or explore other games Nutaku has to offer.