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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Boys Food! I got to be honest with you guys, the moment when I opened up, I have to say that I was not too thrilled with what I was seeing on my screen. There were ads pretty much everywhere, and honestly, I was not sure what are ads, and what are videos that are hosted on the site. If you are curious if this one is going to turn out as a shit show, or if it will redeem itself in all its glory, stick throughout the rest of the review.

The design looks like an old newspaper site

If you have ever browsed through one of those electronic newspaper sites back in the early 2000s that were full of ads where people are selling whatever they can fucking think of, then you definitely know what I mean when I say that this one looks like an old newspaper marketing site.

For starters, as I mentioned, there is a crap ton of ads on the homepage, and the worst part is, that you cannot block them with ad-block, which is the worst thing when it comes to browsing for porn. Things get even worse, as there are quite a lot of pop-up ads as well, which will activate once you click on a menu button, a video, or pretty much whatever fucking spot on the site, it is utterly disgusting, even if all the content on here is completely free.

I do understand that people need to keep the place going in some manner, however, I have seen many other free tube sites where the ads are nicely placed, and they don’t really interrupt the browsing experience, why the fuck couldn’t this place do the same thing? The worst thing is that the site has the audacity to ask if you want to receive notifications from it, which I, of course, enabled out of review reasons, and of course, the notifications were completely useless and pretty much spam.

Other than the garbage ads, the way the homepage is designed really repels me from browsing any further, but I have to strap my brave boy pants and go balls deep into this site just for you guys, you’re welcome.

Filtering videos is done quite well

While the site does look like crap, when it comes to browsing for content, I actually have to say that I am quite impressed by how things are done here. Right on the homepage, you will be able to use some basic filtering options.

For starters, you can se the minimum and maximum length of the video that you are looking for, one thing I don’t understand this is that you don’t really have an option to search for longer videos only, as the minimum length is limited to maximum of 10 minutes instead of the one available on the maximum length side, that is just very weird and stupid.

You can also filter the videos by their update date, starting with week old videos and going up to videos that are five years old. Naturally, you can also combine another filter into your listing, and that is the way the results are listed. The default way is the “suggested way”, but you can also change it to the most popular, best rated, most views, and oldest as well. Overall, these listing options are quite nice, and they will definitely narrow down your browsing interest, as there are over 6700 pages of videos.

The most common ways that you might want to browse through porn on this site is definitely the categories section, as they are done quite well. All of the categories feature images that perfectly describe the category, and you will always get to see the number of videos that belong in that category. Naturally, some of the videos are repeated in different categories as videos often don’t revolve around a single keyword, but using this to browse is perfect if you just need some material to blast a fast one.

Another way you can search for the videos is if you use the search engine, which works perfectly. You can find all the popular keywords, and you can combine them as well in order to get the perfect kink that would make you hornier than anything else at that moment. You can actually combine the listing filters with the search engine, which is very nice, as usually, free sites don’t really have this as an option.

The only problem that I have with the search is that the first three results are always going to be fucking ads for a different porn site, which can feel extremely unsatisfying if you happen to like the thumbnail on the video.

Speaking of thumbnails, they are done as they should be. The base thumbnail is something that feels quite in pair with the title of the video, and if you are curious what other action does the video hold, all you have to do is hover your mouse over it, simple as at. I truly don’t understand why some other fucking sites are not capable of using this feature, as it makes browsing that much better.

The variety of videos is great

What makes this site quite interesting, is that you will be able to find porn from pretty much any source. Whether you are looking for video on demand of a webcam session from the past of a popular webcam girl, amateur porn videos, premium porn videos in full duration, you have a little bit of everything.

Naturally, that means that the quality of videos is all over the place, and this is where things can get a little bit annoying, as watching videos in potato quality is extremely pointless today, since there are so many better options out there. Thanks to the great thumbnail system, you can easily notice which videos are HD and which one look like crap, but I have to say that adding a filter for HD videos would be nice.

The main reason why there are so many videos, and why there are so many sources that the videos come from is because pretty much anyone can upload if they happen to have an account. Of course, since it is a free tube site, registering an account is completely free as well, and it will only take a minute or two of your time to do so.

Having your own account will let you add videos to a playlist, as well as uploading the videos, as well as a couple of other niche features that you will probably never use. Interestingly enough, you can also download all of the videos that are available on the site, in the mp4 format. While I personally don’t have a need to store porn on my computer or portable devices as I always have access to the internet, there are probably still some of you out there who are not in such a position.

The video player is too simple

Now, this might be a little bit nit-picky from my side, but I really do appreciate when a video player has some options to play around with. My favorite kind is the one that allows you to quickly jump through scenes, play videos in VR, put things into slow motion, and all that other stuff that makes watching porn more exciting. Unfortunately, when it comes to the video player here, the only options you have are the completely basic ones that include pausing, rewinding, volume controls, and making it full screen.

What really sucks is that you can’t even put it in some kind of theater mode that will cover the bright background that the site uses, which is extremely annoying if you happen to watch porn at night without wanting to make it full screen. Another thing that I really mind is that you can’t get to choose the video format, since if the video is in extremely high quality, someone probably doesn’t have the internet to buffer it properly. That is a minor pick, but I am sure some people are going to get annoyed with it as much as I am, even if I personally did not have any problems with video buffering during the review.

While the design of the site is quite shitty, is a pretty good place if you are looking for free porn videos that come from various sources. The uploads are quite frequent, and browsing for the videos is fast and responsive, so if you can get over the not the best design, you are going to enjoy what the site offers.

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  • Free premium and amateur videos
  • Frequent updates
  • Good filtering and search system

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  • Lots of ads
  • Pretty outdated design