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Updated on 15 January 2022
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There is every possibility that you have bumped upon xHamster.com in your daily quest for fap material. Even a relative fapping novice must have jerked off to content from the popular adult tube and dating site at some point in their miserable lives. These fucks are that popular. As a matter of fact, the site is up there with the likes of PornHub, Red Tube, Spank Wire, and Xtube and their mammoth collection of porn means that every fapper is inevitably bound to find something to help them strangle their bishop. They also allow people with kinky and downright weird porn tastes to hook up with likeminded pervs due to the site’s emphasis on community. Whether that means sharing nudes or simply engaging other members in all manner of adult topics, few sites do it better than xHamster.com.

And now comes another section of the site that is so fucking underrated; the stories section. You would think that with all the collection of porn videos and the prospects of meeting up and probably fucking other members, nobody has time to read erotic stories, right? Fucking wrong. There are loads of horny bookworms who prefer the thrills of following an erotic story as opposed to the visually stimulating content. See? Not everyone hates to use their imagination. With 4,799 pages of nothing but the naughtiest, most erotic stories to browse through, lovers of written erotica can look forward to a fuck ton of content. Those who must see a high definition video of people fucking to get their dongs up will find this part of the site less appealing, but I’d strongly advise you to throw erotic stories into your porn rotation and spice up your masturbation game. Ready?

But first, the design

xHamster is not known for rocking a shitty layout, and the same can be said of their stories section. It is simple and straightforward with everything in place, and finding whatever you are looking for requires almost zero effort. The stories are arranged in a blog kind of way with a title and the relevant tags on top. They come in short previews with a ‘read more’ prompt if what you see arouses your lust demons. Below the preview is a clickable user name if you are interested with the dirty brain behind the story. There is also a rating and the number of views per story for those who prefer checking out the more popular shit.

One cool feature I really love is the option to change the theme between day mode (white background) and night mode, which features a pitch black background. No chance of going blind. Head over to the left side of the stories where the site allows you to narrow down your searches with options to browse stories by Top Rated, Most Viewed, Most Commented, and Top Authors. The stories have also been categorized with some of the options, including anal, BDSM, interracial sex, taboo, group sex, fetish, and voyeur, among others.

The site also offers users who don’t understand English the option of changing languages to one they are comfortable with. On the top right is an option to ‘show stories in’ beside which is a drop-down feature with plenty of languages. This could as well be your motivation to learn a new language, don’t you think? Think about reading a story in English and looking up its German translation, for instance. You could pick one or two dirty words, you know. Nothing motivates men more than sex.

What if you want to submit your own story? Good question. I’m fucking psyched up that you not only want to read the mouthwatering line up of erotic stories, but want to show the world how twisted your imagination can get. Go right ahead. Use the upload button on the top right if you have something naughty to share with other horny freaks who frequent the stories section of xHamster. Needless to say, you will have to be a registered user for you to do that. The registration process is straightforward and shouldn’t take more than two minutes of your time.

A sea of intriguing erotic literature

Most of the stories I managed to read sounded nonfictional, which is another factor that sets xHamster apart from its peers. They all sound realistic enough and might as well be describing real-life experiences. Some of them will make your life seem rather boring, but they will provide plenty of erotic entertainment. With the site heavily based on user-uploads and social interaction, you can expect a bulk of the stories to be true with a good number even featuring the narrator’s real photos and other pictures to help you visualize the details.

I decided to check out the lesbian stories and bumped across one titled ‘Boss’s Wife Takes It out on Cheating Bitch.’ It involves a slut called Lacey who loves cock so much she ends up fucking the boss of a bar she was working at for three months. The boss’ wife, Elaine, finds out and is mad as fuck and comes out to confront Lacey who tells her that her husband is cheating on her because he finds her too vanilla for him. The wife forces her to eat her pussy and what follows is a steamy lesbian scene written in unbelievable lust and passion: “She held Lacey’s left foot in the air, and she started to move her body just like she was riding. She gradually increased her movements, and the effort made first her, and then Lacey moan. Their pussies were rubbing faster and faster, harder, and harder with each moment; taking more effort from both of them and making them moan and breathe heavily. To her own surprise, Lacey enjoyed it very much and was putting all her efforts into the tribbing. She wanted to cum, and she wanted to cum onto Elaine’s pussy…” It makes for quite some captivating read and if you didn’t feel something down there, what the fuck is wrong with you? Or you are one of them faggots?

The tags on the above story are lesbian sex, first time, and fetish. They are all clickable and clicking on either takes you to other stories related to that niche. At the end of each story is a list of related stories, related videos and related photo galleries, a feature I find so fucking cool. It’s a unique way of looking at porn, and I’d recommend playing one of the related videos as you read a story and enjoy this hugely adventurous ride.

Positive Features

Massive archive of erotic stories; lovers of erotic literature will have a field day sampling the thousands of pages stacking even more thousands of naughty, dirty, and ultimately entertaining sex stories.

Some well-written stories; the authors here either have some pretty twisted brains or are leading some colorful lives if the stories are anything to go by. That said, most of them feature some decent writing.

Interactive features; I love that the site allows users to comment, like dislike, and share stories. Additionally, the stories are user uploaded, which adds some authenticity.

Easy to use; you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to browse the stories as the site features a simple and easy to use layout and locating a sex story will be a fucking breeze.

Negative Features

You’d have to be a pretty miserable knob to find something to hate about such a wonderful site. xHamster/stories has not put a foot wrong, and the only improvements they can possibly add is to introduce contests or to invent some sort of incentivizing mechanism to motivate the authors to keep uploading even more stories. Not that it’s urgently needed judging by the number of stories. I hate nothing about the site, thank you very much.


A bit of healthy competition among the authors would no doubt inject a little bit of enthusiasm and encourage members to be more involved. Most sex stories site have such an arrangement, and I’d hope it’s something xHamster will be looking into in the near future.


Plenty of fun awaits you at xHamster/stories if you get off written erotica. There are thousands of user-uploaded stories covering multiple niches, all well written. Anyone can try their hand in writing, and if you’ve ever fantasized about banging your best mate’s wife, what’s stopping you from writing about it? The site is clean and easy to use and certainly provides a different way to way to blow your load.

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  • Massive archive of erotic stories
  • Some well-written stories
  • Interactive features
  • Easy to use