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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Pornstar Database, Index, List & Directory Sites

I want to search and find every spicy little detail about my favorite pornstars, PornDude!

Most perverts are content to watch a beautiful, brown-haired MILF satisfying her own hairy pussy with a surprisingly large sex toy, masturbating furiously while watching her doing the same, never caring for one moment where the chick came from or what her backstory is. Some of you Rain Man motherfuckers, though, can get a little obsessive about the seemingly insignificant details. She may look ripe, but you absolutely need to know her full measurements before you can stroke your man meat to her movies. Is her hair naturally brown? Does she have any piercings or tattoos besides the ones I’ve seen while she’s laying on her back with her legs in the air?

The pornstar databases on my list are a lot like Wikipedia or Google, only way more useful. Type your favorite slut’s name into the search bar on one of these bad boys and find out where she came from, where she’s going, and who she’s doing double anal penetration with along the way.

What kind of “sex” information can I find on these XXX sites?

These adult movie databases are full of the kind of obsessive cataloging of almost random facts that you expect from the most autistic of neckbeards, combined with the sexual self-promotion you expect from slutty starlets and the industry itself. You’ll find all the expected information, like measurements and costars, but you’ll find plenty of unexpected factoids that can potentially lead you down a rabbit hole of pornographic trivia.

Look up that gorgeous whore you saw in a lesbian tribbing movie and find out if she did a golden showers flick, if that’s what actually gets your kinky little heart racing. Type in the name of that teenage fisting movie to find out the name of the Latina costar who’s in it all the way up to her wrist. Learn what your new favorite video exhibitionist used to do before she started gagging on cock for money, and check in on past favorites who have since retired from the sex movie industry and moved on to less exciting ventures.

Since these are porno sites, you will often find plenty of porno on them, too. Find links to free galleries and videos of the babes you’re browsing, because knowing her shoe size is so much more fulfilling and useful when you can watch her giving a footjob on camera. You can also find reviews, scene rankings and a lot more.

What are the best pornstar databases, index, list and directory sites in 2019?

It depends on what exactly you’re looking for. Some of these sites are almost scholarly in their pursuit of pornographic knowledge, serving up raw facts and figures with a minimum of full-motion video of girls getting hammered in their pussy, mouth and ass. Others seem largely set up as a delivery device for just those clips, with a smorgasbord of facts on the site. Sites like Boobpedia, PornTeenGirl, JavLibrary, ShemalestarDB, Europornstar and Define Fetish focus on specific types of smut and its stars, while all-around databases such as AdultDVDTalk try to cover all their bases, sexually speaking.

IAFD, The Internet Adult Film Database, is the online porno world’s version of IMDB. It’s text-heavy and not always easy to jerk off to, but it’s easily the world’s most exhaustive catalog of professional sluts and their on-camera endeavors. If you’ve got to know some gorgeous bitch’s name or who that babe she’s fucking is, look here first.

FreeOnes is an easy second best. There’s a bit less raw information here, but this one’s major selling point is in the name itself. FreeOnes links a shit ton of free content across the web for each pornstar listed in its massive database. While IAFD may tease you with measurements and lists of depraved sex acts from each flick, FreeOnes gives you something to shake your dick at so you never end up with blue balls after your hours of meticulous research.

Do you have a favorite female pornstar?

You may find this hard to believe because I’m The Porn Dude, but I actually don’t have a single favorite female porn starlet. I have several hundred favorites ranked by hotness in a rotating database I keep in the spank bank. I’m not sure I could afford the bandwidth required to serve up such an insane volume of sexually explicit information, but I can give you a little taste.

Mia Khalifa may have had a short run in the business, but shall always be one of my favorites. According to FreeOnes, the Lebanese goddess measures 34E-26-40, was born in Beirut and weighs just 121 lbs, the perfect size to bounce on your junk all night long.

Lana Rhoades is another frequent visitor to my wet dreams and masturbatory fantasies. I just found out over at IAFD that Lana is in a movie called Art of Pussy Eating where she sucks on Adria Rae’s toes before eating that lovely wet twat clean.

Boobpedia told me that Abella Danger comes from Jewish and Ukrainian descent and that she has a 34 C cup size. I found out on DefineBabe that Riley Reid has also performed under the name Paige Riley, and AdultFilmDatabase showed me an obsessively cataloged list of Mia Malkova’s hundreds of porno films.

PornDude, I’m these pornstars’ biggest fan! Is there any way for me to meet these girls and fuck them?

A determined pervert can meet a lot of these sluts at conventions and shit like that, but banging them? Good luck with that, fatty, especially with that sad little peanut you’re packing. Surely, you’ve seen the kind of massive monster these girls are used to taking in every waiting hole. I don’t want to sound like a dick or nothing, but even the sluttiest of sluts have standards. The only thing I’ve ever known to lower those standards are mountains of money and prodigious amounts of drugs.

I’m not trying to put a damper on your fun. We all suffer the same painful realization that nobody is going to pay us to pump pornstars with jizz as a full-time job. Obsessively perusing their stats and jerking off to their wide-ranging catalogs of perversion on these databases is a decent second best. It’s like collecting baseball cards, only it’s free and you get to do a lot of intense masturbating.

I keep this list up-to-date with the best porn databases on the web, so keep the page bookmarked to stay up on who’s got the facts. Don’t ever suffer another sleepless, post-wank night lying awake in bed, covered in your own juices and wondering what that girl’s name is, where she was born and just how big those luscious melons were. It seems like you should know that stuff after watching her go ass-to-mouth on a couple of college studs. These databases may not make you one of the boys, but you’ll feel just a little more intimate knowing that teen nymphomaniac’s hometown.

IAFD - iafd.com

IAFD.com is the premier resource for information, photos, videos and galleries about the American porn scene.

2. FreeOnes
FreeOnes - freeones.com

Freeones.com is a legendary porn site dating back to 1998 that showcases hundreds of porn stars and babes to browse and fap to. This behemoth organizes not only adult models, but also TV hosts, sports bitches, actresses, and all kinds of other babes from just about every country (yes, even North Korea) to check out. Thousands of free videos and pics make it easy to fap to, and you’ll see why Freeones has become one of the top websites on the internet, period.

3. JavLibrary
JavLibrary - javlibrary.com

Beat off at the library! JavLibrary.com is a massive free and searchable index of Japanese Adult Videos. Look up your favorite films by actress, title, or category. Make lists so you can keep track of what you've seen, what you own, and what you want to see next. Oh, and download all these Asian pornos for free! Leave reviews, interact, and share!

4. Boobpedia
Boobpedia - boobpedia.com
5. AdultDVDTalk

AdultDVDTalk.com is a porn site that has just about all the information you need to make an informed decision when buying adult movies. All of the info is presented to you for absolutely free and you can go ahead and use the site as much as you want without being charged. Check out trailers and interviews for some of the best porn movies out there, only on AdultDVDTalk.com.

6. DefineBabe
DefineBabe - definebabe.com

Do you love to scroll through naughty images of hot porn beauties from all across the globe? Well, on definebabe.com you have chicks of all shapes and sizes, hair color and ethnicity, so explore all you want. In addition, this place is completely free, and you have the opportunity to scroll through their amazing HD galleries or watch their hot videos.

7. PornTeenGirl
PornTeenGirl - pornteengirl.com

Hey you, do you want to see some delicious teen booty? If so, you should head over to PornTeenGirl.com and scroll through the homepage for a while. You're certain to run into something that you'll fall in love with, If you don't believe it, you should check the page out yourself.

8. ShemaleStarDB
ShemaleStarDB - shemalestardb.com

Shemale chicks can be rather addictive, don't you think? Well, those who share this opinion are bound to love shemalestardb.com as this is a site filled with many gorgeous ladyboys who are here to have some naughty fun. Since this is a free website, you are more than welcome to take your time and explore, as you are bound to find plenty of hotties.

9. Adult Film Database
Adult Film Database - adultfilmdatabase.com

AdultFilmDatabase.com is a site that has the latest productions, made by famous studios. You can access these films by using different options. They are doing daily updates! Don't miss what's great and new!

10. Babepedia
Babepedia - babepedia.com

Do you like to browse through numerous galleries of the hottest babes online? Well, babepedia.com is a place where you can find all kinds of galleries featuring some of the dirtiest chicks int he industry; from horny pornstars to teen models. You have a little bit of everything, so explore this free site, and enjoy looking at these gorgeous nude babes.

11. EuroPornstar
EuroPornstar - europornstar.com

Europornstar.com is a huge database filled with loads of gorgeous European girls who are here to show off their skills in naughty galleries. Every beautiful babe will have at least one naughty gallery presented, and you are more than welcome to explore their dirty deeds all you want, after all, it is free. So, start browsing and enjoy fapping!

12. dbNaked
dbNaked - dbnaked.com

dbNaked.com! A database of naked! Find great naked photos, galleries and videos.

13. MyPornstarBook
MyPornstarBook - mypornstarbook.net

Would you like to know more about your favorite pornstars? Because that is what MyPornstarBook.net is all about. This place is filled with all kinds of naughty galleries featuring the naughtiest sluts who love to get kinky, and you also get to learn more about them in general! Visit the site, and explore all you want, since it is completely free.

14. Define Fetish
Define Fetish - definefetish.com

DefineFetish.com is a BDSM database that collects pornstars who've done BDSM and presents their bios and their CVs in a pictorial and video form. If you want to find a pornstar who has done a BDSM video but can't remember which video it was, Define Fetish is the place where that search ends. Check their vast collection and find that pornstars' video.