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Updated on 05 February 2024
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GF Revenge

GF Revenge

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Is there anything sweeter than revenge? It depends on how angry you are, I guess. I’d actually prefer amateur porno most of the time. If only there were a way to combine the two, I’d be able to really stick it to somebody while watching some dude stick it to the girl next door. Maybe there’s something for me over at GFRevenge. gets about 4000 visits a day, or just under what your ex was getting when she was still with you. What, you didn’t know? That’s really too bad, but maybe you’ll find her among the site’s ever-expanding and rotating cast of amateur sluts. Actually, scratch that. GFRevenge is presented by GFLeaks, which has pretty high standards for its wannabe pornstars. Bad news for you, bad news for her, but good news for the DIY porn fans who don’t like ugly chicks.

Looking Through the Window, Boner on the Glass

The Landing page at GFRevenge is such a fucking tease. You get a peek at so much fresh young meat on display through the window, but a peek is all you get. The thumbnails show college sluts making out on top of beer kegs, cute teens smiling as their faces are blasted with cum, pretty girls getting double teamed for the first time, and a bunch of cheerleaders showing their perfect round asses outside of a school bus.

Click the Play button on any of those enticing sample images and you’ll get sent to the sign-up page. It’s blatantly misleading, but really, what did you expect? That you’d be watching high–def amateur movies of drunk girls doing anal for free? Head on back to my list of free tubes if that’s what you’re after, but good luck finding this level of quality.

There’s a countdown for a “Limited Time Offer” of two days for just a buck. If you go that route, make sure you cancel before the two days are up or they bill you at an inflated monthly rate. The regular price is about 30 USD, the same as most premium sites.

I still get a little bit confused about memberships on networks like GFLeaks, which I think is by design. They’re a little bit vague on the sign-up page for GFRevenge about what you’re getting, but if you use the sign-up page at GFLeaks they spell it out a little more clearly: membership includes access to six different amateur sites. You may want to go through GFLeaks to make sure you get them all, but the package is BlackGFs, HornyBirds, CrazyCollegeGFs, DareDorm, CrazyAsianGFs and GFRevenge.

“Revenge Porn” and Porn with Revenge

Based on the site’s name, I was expecting the kind of “revenge porn” that all the #metoo babies got so upset about recently. Shit, Google the term and you won’t find anything like GFRevenge. It’s mostly articles about your legal rights if your ex posts those nudes and homemade sex movies you guys shot while you were still together.

They say revenge is a dish served cold. I used to believe that, but then I found out it’s actually when you get back at somebody. The videos on GFRevenge aren’t the typical revenge porn movies posted by angry ex-lovers seeking both comeuppance and a boner. The scenes here use revenge as a plot device, a perfect setup for all kinds of naughty scenarios.

I wish my exes would get revenge like the chicks in the newest movie on GFRevenge, Plenty of Pussy. I always end up with sugar in my gas tank or my penis superglued to my stomach, but Adriana’s ex-boyfriend got a lesbian threesome video. Oh, the poor fucking guy. My heart really goes out to the dude.

The video opens with Adriana taking her camera into the bathroom where her roommate is getting ready to go out. Our heroic camera lady pulls the blonde’s towel away, exposing her perfect young body. There is some light banter with another roommate as we learn why she so upset with her ex.

It takes kind of a long time to get to the action in this 20-minute clip. The girls aren’t even all topless until eight minutes in, and it takes a few more before they start touching each other’s pussies. That’s a stark contrast to typical pornos, but GFRevenge and the whole GFLeaks network is all about selling you the fantasy of perfect amateur pornography.

Real Amateurs or Just Real Sluts?

The video is crisp and clean as hell like you would expect from a professionally shot scene, but it’s shaky because it’s handheld by an amateur. Judging by the playful banter, it seems like these girls have all known each other for a while. The setup may be tedious by typical pornographic standards, but it really sells it as a true interaction between girlfriends. If I didn’t know any better, I’d be certain this was just a perfect example of homebrew smut and not something created in a porn lab.

The main giveaway that perhaps this was not an impromptu lesbian threesome is the fact that all of these women are just stunningly fucking beautiful. Instead of wrinkly old elderly bitches and hairy fat women like you see on some amateur sites, these girls look a lot like pornstars whose names and faces you just don’t know yet. They certainly fuck better than any random you’ve ever taken home after the last call.

GFRevenge is obviously not trying to put the most recognizable starlets in their films, but it’s not the first time for most of the girls on the website. Adriana Lynn and Zoey Paige, two of the lovely young sluts in this scene, have fairly extensive collections available on the free tubes. I can’t say I’m too disappointed to find out they are pros, because now I have a couple of new favorites to follow.

Beautiful Amateurs in the Land of the Dead

The other movies I watched on GFRevenge, like Pussy for Breakfast or the Breast Best Friend, did a similar job of selling the idea that these are amateurs having sex as payback. The acting is pretty solid because they know how important it is here. There is no stilted dialogue from Euro babes who clearly don’t speak English. It’s easy to believe these really are homemade sex flicks.

I thought I’d found a new favorite amateur site, so I looked at the release dates to see when I can expect a new girl getting revenge by having her titties fucked. It turns out Plenty of Pussy, the most recent scene, was added about nine months ago. What the fuck?

The GFRevenge archive has over 500 of these impressive amateur films, but it seems like they may have just abandoned the fucking place for some reason. I thought maybe they’d staggered the releases across the GFleaks network, but that doesn’t seem to be the case either. The last one was still eight months ago. That’s really goddamn bad; I like to see at least two updates a week on a paysite, if not more.

I went back to the Plenty of Pussy page to see if I’d missed something. I’m not sure what I thought I would find, maybe a hidden link to the new stuff or a gift certificate for a new brain. Instead, I just found some old-ass comments of people asking when they are going to update the site with new videos. I guess I’m not the only one concerned the site went dead.

Well, I’m disappointed. GFRevenge’s movies do a great job straddling the line between phony “reality” porn and the type of amateur porno movies your parents still shoot when they think you’ve gone to bed. They’re polished, filmed with nice cameras and probably some advice as they’re handed off to the sluts who are going to star in and film the scene. The women are gorgeous and sexy but still believably amateur. The whole production just works very well. It’s such a fucking shame they stopped updating the site!

It’s kind of hard recommending a site that hasn’t been updated in almost a year, even if the DIY fuck flicks are some of the best I’ve seen in a while. There’s no incentive to keep a membership going, so make sure you download all your favorites if you do sign up. I really hope GFRevenge is going to make a comeback, or that GFLeaks is working on something bigger and better.

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  • Over 500 amateur fuck movies
  • Lots of variety
  • Gorgeous “amateur” porn starlets
  • Access to other gfrevenge sites

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  • Stale content, no updates