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Updated on 15 January 2022
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SublimeDirectory! If you already know the name of the site that serves the kind of shit that makes the junk in your pants throb with excitement, you simply type in the URL on your computer and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can use popular search engines and type the keywords that match your erotica interests and you’ll be presented with a plethora of porn sites to choose from. I guess most of you sick fucks reding this simply use search engines to find your kind of shit. I don’t have a problem with that since I also occasionally use search engines to find porn.

But the problem with search engines is that they crawl throughout the entire web without vetting out bad sites, and their results are based on popularity so you might miss out on a lot of stuff. That’s where porn search sites come in handy. They bring together all sorts of erotic content from the whole web and make it easily searchable for users to find exactly what they need to get the junk in their pants throbbing with excitement and eventually beat the meat. And today I came across one porn search directory known as, which I felt is worth a review.

Intro Promises

In case you’re not so sure what kind of adult content you want to watch, and you are feeling rather uncertain, is the way to go. Not only does the site offer a ton fuck of basic porn, but it also brings together all sorts of content from the entire web and makes it easy to search that content so that you can find precisely what you need to make your fap sessions more interesting and enjoyable. The site has a shit load of videos and galleries that cover virtually all categories of porn and other kinks as well as hundreds of links that will take you to other popular or less-popular porn sites. Some of the content is hosted on the site, while other content is available on third party sites. I bet even if this site does not fulfill your cravings for porn, you will certainly find some of the kinky shit you’d love to jerk off to on one of the numerous other websites that will link to.

Mediocre, Old-School, and Cheap Layout and Design

I must admit that there’s nothing special about the overall design and layout of this site. In fact, it even looks mediocre and old-school. I mean, at a time when most text link porn sites and TGP porn sites are working off their asses just to create an impression, Sublime Directory’s artistic efforts at building an identity are simply limited to a little bit of green text against a plain white background. The site looks cheap too, and a sense, it’s cheap since everything is free. Oh! But that’s always a good thing for all those cheapskates out there who love porn but wouldn’t spend a dime to consume it.

On the homepage, there’s a shit load of links to choose from and a few suggestions on other sites at the top section of the page. Some of the suggestions are quite common and you’ve probably heard about them. They include Big Tits, Slut Load, and Mad Thumbs. And then you have few categories in the same section of the page – Adult Dating, and Free Live Sex. All the links have titles that will tell you what kind of smut you can expect, and right below every link, there’s a brief description of what the links are offering. The homepage is basically filled with links on separate panels, like tables. On the left side of the page, two panels are containing different links, one panel for recently updated links, and right below that for personals and cams. On the right side, two panels are containing different links as well, one for Sublime recommends and porn review sites, and right below it a panel for Sublime’s top 20 free webcam girls.

Besides that, there is nothing else to say about the crappy layout and design. The navigation is strictly vertical such that you must scroll down the page and see everything that has been added. Although the site’s design and layout are quite bullshit, I will not dwell too much on trashing it for that since it is a free website. And at least I should give it credit for serving its purpose. Regardless, I must say the brains, if at all there were fucking brains, behind the layout and design of the site could have done a better job. For fuck’s sake, the design of the goddamn website looks like it’s still stuck in the early days of the internet when everyone though that kind of shit looked dope.

A Decent Serving of Erotic Content in Many Niches

I must admit that while Sublime Directory’s design looks fucking awful, the content they are offering is not half as bad. The site offers a decent serving of basic porn and the action is mostly performed by amateurs. You can watch some dirty videos as well as images of horny pornstars and amateurs who love to display their skills in front of the camera just for your fapping pleasure. The first thing I checked out was the videos since that’s the kind of shit that really turns me on. I still can’t figure out how some hopeless losers can jerk off to still images, but hey this is not the time to judge. I just want to give you the fucking lowdown on what the hell is going on with Sublime Directory.

The video clips feature just what you would expect them to have, a shit load of random videos with amateurs and pornstars. The action also covers a variety of categories and niches to satisfy most of the common fantasy fetishes and kinks. One of the first videos I decided to watch was titled “virgin teen licked by her busty stepmom.” I specifically decided to start with this one coz nothing gets me off like watching tow hotties get down in some dirty action. The clip was about 25 minutes long and the action was very steamy right from the start and all the way to the end. The picture quality was also in fine although not HD and I didn’t encounter any problems with buffering or pop-up ads.

After watching a couple of videos, I realized that there’s quite a ton fuck of smut you can watch here. It all depends on your personal preferences. For instance, I am very into hardcore porn, and that’s no secret if you’ve been reading my reviews. Therefore, I decided to check out their categories, which are offered in the “last updated links section” and there I selected the “Diamond” category to find some hardcore action. I was impressed to find quite a couple of videos in this section. In one of the videos, a white bitch was getting banged by two strong black dudes while sucking the massive cock of another black dude. From the way she was moaning, it was as if the bitch was being violated, but after the action, she was all smiles so I guess she must have enjoyed it. I was however disappointed to find that some videos were broken and didn’t work at all.

Few but Useful Tags

Anyway, I noticed that somehow the bastards behind this site forgot a couple of basic tags in the list of links offered. But that’s not too much of a big deal since the few tags they offer are still useful enough. Each category can also be filtered, and once I got an option I was interested in, I was able to filter my search by that category. This means there’s a high likelihood of finding whatever the fuck it is that helps you polish your pole unless you’re into some sick fucked up shit, in which case I suggest you visit a site that is dedicated to that niche alone.

The links offered are not featured on this site, but not all of them. However, most of the videos are from this site, but the galleries are not. I was directed to other genuine porn sites where they offered some of the smut that I was looking for instead. I guess that’s something you should expect since the site is a porn directory and not a porn site.

ThePornDude’s Final Take

In a nutshell, offers a ton fuck of pornographic content that I bet will satisfy most people’s appetite for porn. Of course, there’s a lot of shit that you will be pissed off at since it doesn’t make sense. But overall if you stick to the porn content of, you will certainly find something jizz-worthy. I bet if they improve the design and add some more content more porn consumers will spend some more time there.

ThePornDude likes Sublime Directory's

  • Many legit links
  • Free directory
  • Many galleries and videos

ThePornDude hates Sublime Directory's

  • Poor design
  • Some videos don’t work