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Updated on 15 January 2022
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If you’re a true porn fan, you already know that getting access to some extreme, hardcore porn isn’t exactly much of a hassle nowadays. But where the fuck should you go when you just want to fap to some soft-core, sexy, naked cuties only vibe? Of course, you can find numerous potential solutions that don’t feature hardcore smut and simply seek to showcase how hot naked bitches can be without any of that gangbang, bondage, sub, dom, and all that freaky hardcore shit. But to tell you the truth, not all soft-core porn sites are the same. Some are really nice while others are just so fucked up it feels like a waste of time being there. Luckily, I happened to land on, a simple site with soft-core material that I found to be jizz-worthy and thought it might be worth my fucking precious time for a review.

Intro Promises promises a ton fuck of HD galleries and videos, which is always something great on any adult site. In fact, there are more than 145 pages filled with images of sexy amateurs displaying their beautiful bodies and forbidden fruits. The site itself looks quite simple and I guess that complements the soft-core content that the site is offering. The homepage is full of random stuff with mostly thumbnails of pretty topless women and tabs for Pmates galleries, Pmates videos, Pmates Twitter, Web Videos, and links to other porn sites like,, PornHub, among others. Although the site looks simple and even old-fashioned to some, the features mostly work and the site is pretty much user-friendly. There’s also a search tool at the top right section of the page, which is supposed to help you find the specific models you want to jerk off too quickly.

A Fucking Buffet of HD Images of Amateur Nude Cuties

For starters, this site has a special section that’s dedicated to galleries and that’s what you get when you first visit the site. The homepage features a grid of thumbnails with some of the sexiest girls featured, and I guess that has been done on purpose to attract your attention because they look really fucking sexy.

The first image I saw was a really fucking hot blonde topless model that looks like she’s posing for the red carpet. She’s got flawless skin which I wouldn’t mind licking off some whipped cream as foreplay. She also has some pretty big natural-looking boobies that she seems very happy to display with her seductive pose. I’m cocksure she looks like that fucking sexy girl all the cool guys in your neighborhood are always chasing around trying to impress her just so they can bust a nut into her. The most fucking awesome thing about this site is that as you scroll down the rest of the thumbnails, all the beauties you’ll see are just as hot as or even hotter than the last one you saw. And this goes on page after page until you’re drooling all over the place and jerking off relentlessly like a fucking maniac.

What about the Damn Videos?

I have to admit the videos I found on are fucking addictive, and the fact that there’s a ton fuck of them is pretty awesome. When you click on the ‘Web Videos’ tab, you’ll instantly get some suggestions to top videos that you can check out. However, I was disappointed to discover that most of the videos are trailers and you cannot watch them without paying for a premium membership on the sites that host the videos.

Oh, and the ‘We Videos’ tab will only present videos from other sites but not from Fortunately, there’s a ‘Pmates Videos’ tab that will present videos hosted on only. I found a shit load of videos there with most of them being rather interesting and virtually all of them only featured soft-core content like girls masturbating, touching their bodies seductively, inserting massive dildos in their pussies, and many of them working the clitoris with a vibrator to get an orgasm or squirt.

I was fucking pissed off by the fact that most of the videos on were not HD quality yet most of the trailers they presented previously were in HD. Additionally, the quality of the videos was quite inconsistent but I guess that’s because they are mostly from different sites. Nonetheless, I was glad to find a decent number of videos that had stellar quality along with some HD clips. But there was no way to watch these without coughing up some fucking cash on the websites that host those videos.

At least if you don’t really give a flying fuck about the quality of the videos you can stick to the videos hosted by Pmates itself. You might be disappointed at first but I bet most of you cheapskates will find them quite interesting after a while since they don’t feature the usual smut that you often beat the meat to. The content here is also regularly updated so there’s always something new to please the eyes and get the equipment in your pants rolling.

I must say that even if the smut here is not of the best quality, at least it’s free and you’ll easily find something to help make your fap sessions more exciting since there’s a shit load of random crap. Apart from that, this place also allows you to view comments by other sick fucks that enjoy this smut. You can also vote once you’re registered. But I highly doubt you’ll find any comments that will interest you since I found very few even under the clips and images with the hottest beauties.

What about User Experience?

Honestly, I would say that user-experience on this site is pretty average. The navigation features they have don’t really offer a lot in terms of variety and are not that useful, but at least they work rather fine. There are no actual categories although they have provided a couple of options listed on the left panel of the page. They even have a ‘tag cloud’ that hosts a list of the most popular tags. But how the fuck is that supposed to help?

Besides, their galleries and videos are simply organized in archives and they have no categories. That is fucking disappointing because it makes it difficult finding the exact shit you want. I would appreciate it if they had a categories tab since it makes it easier when it comes to finding the exact smut you’re looking to jerk off to. And if you’re really fucking bored because you don’t have anything important to do, then you can follow their profile on Twitter. You can find all the new content news as well as any information you may want to know about the site.

The Pros

First, I would say the fact that there’s a ton fuck of free images and videos on is fucking awesome. I don’t know any porn enthusiast who doesn’t appreciate some free material to fap to. Secondly, there are plenty of hot girls showing off their boobies, touching their bodies sensually, masturbating, and doing all sorts of naughty stuff for your viewing pleasure. Thirdly, there are numerous HD galleries and most of the images of the girls are high-quality. Lastly, the few features they have on the site work well.

The Cons

First, I think the design of this site could use some bits of improvements. Although the site is supposed to feature only soft-core content, the design looks like some blog about dating. At least they should make it look like a real porn site. Secondly, they don’t have any categories and that just makes it hard to find the exact shit you want. Thirdly, I encountered some ads but luckily they were not too heavy to ruin my experience. Lastly, I was pissed off to find low-quality videos.

Final Word

Overall, I would say is a great free site if you love to fap to naughty galleries of hot naked women doing dirty erotic shit. There are plenty of images and videos with loads of gorgeous babes and content is updated regularly. However, they don’t have many useful features on the site and you have to pay to watch the high-quality jizz-worthy shit. But if you’re looking for some hard-core action, I suggest you find another site because is strictly soft-core.

ThePornDude likes Pmates's

  • Lots of hot naked girls
  • Free images and videos
  • A decent serving of HD galleries
  • Regular updates

ThePornDude hates Pmates's

  • Weak design
  • Low-quality videos
  • Some ads
  • Shitty design