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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Look At Her Now! To all of us, lads, who know how to handle a successful woman, there is a site that is dedicated to that niche. It falls under the ‘reality porn’, and it is filled with lots of gorgeous women who love to have sex. However, there are two sides to every woman, the dominant in her everyday life, and the submissive when it comes to banging.

Of course, there are babes on LookAtHerNow.com that love to be dominant during both those sides; it all depends on what you are into. So, if that sounds like something you would be interested in, you are more than welcome to check out what LookAtHerNow.com really has to offer. But, one thing I also have to mention is that this is a premium porn site, so you will not get access unless you become a member of the website.

This is a site that was launched this year, so you cannot expect too much from it. They do have regular updates, but not that many videos, since as you can see, they just started. So, explore the site if you want or continue reading. I mean, if you do not want to pay for something you cannot see, you can read what the site has to offer, here.

Their tour page is not the best.

As I started browsing, I checked out their tour page first. We both know that I paid for the full membership, but for those who are just now visiting the site, you do not really get a lot to see. Usually, premium porn sites will let you see teasers or that kind of shit, but here you do not get to see anything unless you register and pay for the membership.

The site itself looks quite inviting, and the first time you open the site, you will get to see a couple of repeating gifs of their popular videos, which can tell you a little about the place. However, knowing the actual niche of the site is not possible until you become a member, which makes no sense. They should allow us to see a couple of teasers beforehand… I mean, if million $ movies have teasers, why can’t a couple of porn clips as well?

The overall design is not bad, but it would be much better if it was darker. This way, your head might start hurting after a while since the design is quite fucking white. The videos are neatly listed, and everything else more or less makes sense, all I would like to see is the improvement of the overall layout and the ability for the first-time viewers to actually appreciate what they have to offer.

How much is the membership?

I am pretty sure that one of the first things you lads like to check out is the price of the membership, right? Well, you have three membership offers, with one of the offers allowing you to try out the site for two days for only $1. You also have a 1-month membership of $24.99. The three-month membership of $16.99 a month and the yearly membership of $7.99 a month.

I think that the memberships are pretty fucking straightforward and not that pricey. But, considering that I cannot really see what the fuck I am getting into, they could tone it down a bit. At least, now you have me. I shall explain all the details about the site, so you know what the fuck you are getting yourself into.

So far, I did not see any pre-checked shit that you have to pay additionally, but I would still advise you to read everything when you decide to pay for it. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. If these prices sound reasonable, continue reading to understand what the site actually has to offer. I mean, LookAtHerNow.com is not really making it easy for the newcomers. Not to mention that since the site is new, we are all newcomers.

So, what kind of videos can I expect?

I have briefly mentioned at the beginning, but most of these videos will feature strong women who love to get pounded in their real life. Personally, I am not intimidated by strong women, because at the end of the day, all these women want is a hard cock to ride. If that sounds intriguing, you are in for a treat, trust me.

One of the first scenes I checked out featured a gorgeous babe who was showing us the importance of rectal examination. Well, she did it so nicely, that her man got hard, and in need, her juicy cunt got penetrated. The scene was fucking hot, and it was definitely a pleasure to watch, as this beauty knew exactly what she was doing.

Another video I checked out featured a small pretty brunette who was arguing with her man, and she even intimidated him by pushing him against the wall. However, it did not take them long before that frustration slowly turned into hardcore fucking. Who knew that that petite beauty, who was so fierce a second before, was into hardcore banging and choking? She even licked all the cum off of the glass table.

I would love to describe a couple of other videos, but it is better if I do not, seeing as this site only has 15+ scenes so far. I mean, that is to be expected, considering the fact that the site was launched this year. However, all the videos are fucking hot, and they are of HD quality, which is what really matters. They have regular updates, so their content is slowly growing. Do not worry about that.

The scenes are about 30 minutes long, and they will feature the same type of scene with a different scenario if you understand what I mean. So, you will always have a chick who is fierce and who wants to show her strength in one scene, but that will be followed with some hardcore banging. This is something I am sure most of us can enjoy.

I also realized that most of the babes here re fucking hot. I enjoyed every second of browsing, and I think that you will enjoy it as well. So far, I do not think that they allow you to download the videos since I did not find the download option. However, all the videos are streamed in HD quality, 1980×1080, so that is a big plus.

So far, they also do not have images, which is a bit of a downer. Personally, I do not need the images or any of that shit. However, I know that my viewers prefer sites that have the scene screenshots, since that way, you get to keep some mementos from your fapping session. So other than that, I am not sure what else I could tell you, that would be interesting.

I mean, of course, you will be given some bonus videos on the side and discounts. All the content featured on LookAtHerNow.com is fucking exclusive. Otherwise, I would not be reviewing a premium site. So, check out the prices and purchase a membership if you are interested in anything I have mentioned thus far.


Since the site is pretty new, there is not much I can add to what I have already said. Sure, there are a couple of things I would like them to change. But at the same time, they probably already intended to do that. For example, they do have a section where you can search for your favorite categories, but there are only a few categories to choose from.

On top of that, those are the only search options you are offered. Allowing users to have advanced search options is what they really need to implement. I understand that they are not able to do that now since they barely have 20 scenes, but in the future, that is something they need to think about. Other than that, I do not have any kind of complaints. The site itself is pretty neat.

Care you interested in a site that shows the naughty and strong side of women? Well, that is basically what LookAtHerNow.com is all about. It shows realistic scenes, where the women will be portrayed in a strong light, which will be followed by hardcore banging. The videos are fucking hot; the content is HD and exclusive, so you are bound to find the perfect fap material on LookAtHerNow.com.

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  • Lots of great porn videos
  • HD content
  • Dominant realistic scenes

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  • Not enough search options
  • No galleries
  • No download options