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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Softcore Tube! Softcore pornography might not be my cup of team, but I am positive that there are lots of you who would love to explore This is a site whose name basically speaks for itself, don’t you think? So, those who prefer to see some hardcore fucking should probably check out a different site instead.

Plain site with lots of softcore pornography.

The site itself is pretty simple, and the design is quite slick. I am not sure what the heck I was expecting to be honest when what they have to offer is pretty much what they state in the domain name. however, I must say that there are incredibly many vintage pornographic clips, or so they seem because who the fuck makes softcore clips anymore?

Oh well, that is what you are here for. You have a lot of things to go through, and the design is quite good. You have a black layout, and on top, you have the usual menu that will help guide you through the whole site. The first thing you will see is the homepage, obviously, where you will have all this shit listed randomly.

The other sections of the site are actually just listing options, nothing special. But I think that what has to offer is enough on its own. There is no reason to have anything flashy or whatever the heck. However, they could fucking tone it down with the annoying ass ads and pop-ups. What the fuck is up with that?

I understand that you have to make a living, but every time I try to open a video, I got a pop-up ad instead, and then I got to see the actual clip. Not to mention that you cannot really open a clip in the new tab… it is difficult to explain, but I think that you will understand what the fuck I mean once you explore the site on your own… trust me.

Lots of great videos.

I spent some quality time exploring to see just what has to offer, and I was not disappointed. They had a lot of dirty pornographic videos for you to check out, and they all fell under the softcore category. You could check them out as much as you want since they are free… but you will have to deal with the pop-ups and ads overall… especially if you do not have the ad-block.

As far as their actual content has to offer, it is pretty much old-school porn videos, and that is probably because I do not think that today you have any industries that like to sell softcore porn videos, right? I mean, what the fuck is the point? I am guessing that women love this type of shit, in which case, welcome to your heaven.

I am not judging, but just stating that this place is really not something I’d personally enjoy; but if it something you like, go right ahead. You will surely enjoy every bit of this site, and obviously, I stayed here to explore everything they have to offer. It is free, there are lots of videos, many hot babes, who are horny and lonely, so why the fuck not?

One of the first clips I opened was about 4 minutes long, and it featured a music porn video, where a lot of teen girls were shown, posing, and pleasuring themselves. I think we have all seen at least one porn music video in our life, and I am still not sure who purposely searched for suck shit. As I was browsing, I realized that there are not that many short clips here.

Usually, you will have full movies that will last about an hour or even more, which is a deal-breaker for some. However, if you visited for the obvious reason of checking out the softcore pornography, then I think that you will not mind that fact. All the clips here are basically softcore, and they are not really clips, but movies that will last an hour or more.

It all comes down to your personal choice and whether this is something you have been looking for. Personally, I prefer checking out porn clips instead; where they get straight down to business, instead of all the play on the side. However, here you have an actual story, and from what I have seen the acting is not as bad as you all have probably expected it to be.

I did watch a couple of movies, and a couple I just skipped through. There were all kinds of scenes and scenarios, so I am sure that you will find whatever the fuck makes your dick hard, just start browsing. Let’s also not forget that women in the past were a lot more natural and beautiful, so expect babes of all shapes and sizes.

So, if you are ready to explore the naughty world of softcore pornography you are welcome to check out everything has to offer. I mean, as I have mentioned, everything here is fucking free, so even if you do not like what they have to offer, you can just check out other shit I have already reviewed. Nobody is tying you to this site, live a little.

Their search options could use some work.

When I review a porn site, I like to check out their search options because I think that that matters a lot to many of us, who have a very specific taste. Well, on you do not really have such great search options, you will mostly have a couple of categories here and there, not that much overall.

While those categories might be enough for somebody to find whatever the hell they are looking for, others might need a bit more than that. I guess it again all comes down to what the fuck you are into, to begin with. If you have a very peculiar taste, then you might not be able to find something that your dick desires that easy, but if you are not so choosey, you are bound to have lots of fun.

Their categories pretty much cover the basics, but nothing more than that. You also have the tags, where you have some better options of listing, but again, there is nothing too specific. You can check out the actors as well if you are interested in them, but I would not know why the fuck you would be. I mean, who cares about the pornstars’ details? We all just want to see them in action, that is why they are here.


Overall, I think that is a simple porn site with a lot of spunk, and I am pretty sure that you will love it, as long as you are into the softcore type of pornography, that is. Everything is pretty softcore, obviously, and you can choose whichever video you want to watch because all the clips here are free. However, all the clips here are also pretty long, so you might have difficulty with that as well.

It all depends if you prefer to get straight down to the point or not because overall I think that there are lots of great videos here, for those who do not mind waiting for the action. I take it you all understand what the fuck is the point of softcore porn, right? There is a small build-up and the sex scene is…. Well, softcore. I am not sure what else you expected me to say.

I will mention again, that their fucking ads and pop-ups ruined my experience, simply because I am not really into this type of porn, to begin with. They had a lot to offer and I enjoyed my time here, but at the same time, I’d much rather browse for some hardcore porn instead. That is just because personally, I prefer to see hardcore action and I do not mind watching videos without an actual story.

Those who like to have a story with their porn, and prefer to see some quality acting, should definitely check out This is a great site with a lot of potential, and while they could work a bit on their presentation and search options, there are a lot of good things as well. At the end of the day, as long as you like softcore pornography, I am pretty sure that you will love everything has to offer.

ThePornDude likes SoftcoreTube's

  • Lots of softcore porn
  • Medium quality long porn movies
  • Good design

ThePornDude hates SoftcoreTube's

  • Could use better search options
  • Annoying ads