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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Tired of the same old porn tube sites clogging your jack-off time? Well, if you want I can introduce you to a completely new porn tube site that you probably have never heard of. I mean, it’s a popular site don’t get me wrong, but it’s not as popular as some other big porn sites out there. Coincidentally, that’s what makes WaxTube.com so damn good in the first place. This place really has it all as far as porn is concerned and you’ll never feel as if though you have nothing to watch on here since there is just so much content to go through.

Thousands upon thousands of videos to check out and watch

I’m not even kidding about that, there are literally tens of thousands of videos to watch, and they’re all available the moment you load the site up. Some people would wonder where the hell WaxTube.com even stores all of that content, but I wouldn’t be too worried about that if I were you and instead I would concentrate on everything that this place has to offer you. It has pretty much every single video that you could hope for from the free videos that you usually see on other sites to the more premium videos that are harder to find. This has to be one of the most important reasons why you’d want to try this place out but there’s a lot more to WaxTube.com than you think.

A dark background for easy viewing during night hours

It has a really nice design with a dark background, just the way I like it. You guys know why I like those backgrounds so much when they’re dark and it has to do with the fact that sites are a lot more user-friendly at night when they have a dark background and not some light piece of shit that you can barely see without gauging your eyes out or lowering the brightness on your smartphone. Seriously, you can’t believe how bright some sites get wit the white backgrounds, but luckily WaxTube.com doesn’t have that problem at all.

Responsive design that lets you watch porn on any device

While we’re on the topic of watching porn on your phone, you can expect that WaxTube.com has a lot to offer as far as responsiveness is concerned and you can basically use it on your laptop, your desktop PC and even your smartphone without any issues. all of the menus and content will be shrunk or rearranged so that it all fits your screen no matter which device you might be using at the moment. You wouldn’t believe how amazing WaxTube.com is when it comes to convenience and you’ll basically be able to watch it on pretty much any device that you can think of.

A category for pretty much anything that you need

And what are you going to watch exactly? Well, that all depends on what you’re into. Since there are so many categories on here, you just have to say the word and you’ll be transported into a world where all the porn that you want to watch is the perfect genre for your enjoyment. It doesn’t matter what kind of category you enjoy watching the most, WaxTube.com really has it all. I mean they aren’t called WaxTube.com for no reason. They basically wax off all the constraints and you’re only left with a huge selection of choices which is exactly what you want when you’re looking at a porn tube site.

I don’t know about you but having pretty much every category to choose from really gives me a boner. I can basically decide whether I want to watch some Big Tits today, or maybe I’m feeling a bit more like watching some ebony bitches get fucked really hard. The thing is, the category that I like can be whatever I freaking want and it will be available here. Heck, it’s not even only vanilla categories that are available on WaxTube.com as there are many fetish categories that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. There’s no question about that, some of the categories really aren’t that common as they are on WaxTube.com.

Filter through the videos however you want to

But hey, at the end of the day, this isn’t the only way to filter through all the videos. In fact, if you scroll over the Movies tab, you’ll notice that there are many other ways that you can filter through the videos starting with all the standard filters such as the most recent videos, the most viewed ones, most liked videos and so on. Anything that you could hope for from a porn tube site is here, so I don’t think that you’ll be finding anything wrong with the selection that you’re offered as far as the filters are concerned. Just be ready to use the ones that you want to use the most and you’re on your way to have the best porn experience of your lifetime.

Navigating the page numbers can be a pain in the ass

The only feature that might be missing is a better way to navigate the results. I know that having the navigation buttons at the bottom isn’t the best solution since you can’t really go to the middle or the end of the list. You can only go through several dozen pages before you get tired from all the clicking so that’s definitely not the most optimal way of solving that problem. But hey, if you don’t want to use the navigation system that you have on here then you’re going to have to do something else, so all of those filters that you used, you might as well put them to good use. You can also use the Search bar to get the results faster.

Hot models, though some don’t have their pictures

WaxTube.com is also great at offering a list of models that you might want to check out. There are many models to choose from and there are many things that you can find out about them. The only problem is that not all models have their picture uploaded so you might end up seeing placeholders instead. But hey, if I can’t see what a model looks like, then why the hell is she even listed on here? I’m not here to check out these whores for their intelligence. All I’m looking for is some good tits, a good ass, and a pretty face. That’s all these girls are and should be, so I have no idea why they would even list models that don’t have a picture uploaded.

Tags for everything that categories lack

You also have the Tag system which is pretty fleshed out on its own, but coupled with the tags, you can get up to some really nice combinations of filters to choose from. There are some tags which are presented on top of the site as well if you don’t want to head on over to the Tags section of WaxTube.com. I don’t think that this place really needs a Tags specific section, but I guess it helps a few people who just have to use that tag which isn’t included in any category. Maybe it’s something obscure. who the fuck knows. All you have to know is that the option is available, so if you feel as if though this is the right choice for you, then you’re free to use this method all that you want.

Probably the most important affinity of WaxTube.com is the fact that it’s completely free. You don’t have to worry about spending any money on here and I know that this is an important issue with many guys who go to porn sites and end up having to pay in order to see some semi-decent content. WaxTube.com gives it to you straight, and with the tens of thousands of videos at their disposal, the selection that they offer is nothing to scoff at. You’ll love the time spent on WaxTube.com and I’m sure that you’re going to find the perfect video for your wank session on here. All you have to do is look hard enough, and you’re pretty much-guaranteed o have one hell of a time.

ThePornDude likes WaxTube's

  • Thousands upon thousands of free videos to watch
  • A great design with a dark background for easy viewing
  • Plenty of features expected from a porn tube site

ThePornDude hates WaxTube's

  • Really hard to navigate through the page number system
  • Some of the models don’t have their pictures uploaded