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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Hentai Rules is a site that’s delivering reviews, comics, chatting and all of that goody-good-good stuff for all of you hentai lovers out there. Excited!? You might as well be because TPD is about to go nuclear on HentaiRules and you have no idea what’s it going to end up being! To be honest, neither do I! I’ve just loaded the page and I’m looking at these brief reviews of some of the hentai comics. That’s the first thing that Hentai Rules delivers, reviews by nerds who are cumming by the mention of hentai, manga or doujinshi. Yes, I said that word correctly – doujinshi! Alright, no need to stay on this geek site any longer than needed so let’s not waste any more time on bull. Let’s do this!

As I said, the homepage dives into the matter without any hesitation. The brief reviews/overviews of the comics are done by the users and they are subjective most of the time since they all place and promote the ones that they like. To be honest, there are few that they don’t like so it’s like a jerk off fest by the fans who are a bit more prone to the written word. Still, even though they are complete nerds who are probably socially awkward and haven’t had sex in like, ever, the fact that they are sharing their views and are offering their view and angles on certain Mangas and Hentais is worth some admiration and it offers value to other readers.

In the header tabs, you get to check out also the Highest Rated Posts. They are the ones that the users have deemed as the ones that offer the most value or, they are the ones that most of the users agree that the post is on point. When you are a nerd, precision and details are a must, so to get the Highest Rated Post accolade is like winning a title in being the biggest Hentai nerd out there. Also, since I was bored by these posts I had to go off-script and see what else HentaiRules.net had to offer. The header read Videos. Alright, let’s see them. Once again, some other nerd was giving me a brief play-by-play about a 3D animated video that you could download. This was a cool option but there was a cooler one, to stream the damn thing. There I was, redirected to OpenLoad, looking at an animated video of two medieval characters having sex. Oh, how aroused I was. Onward.

There are mangas to check out and also those Doujinshi comics. I apologize if I’m calling them comic but that’s how an adult calls drawn cartoons, comics. You can even download them and place them on your HD but some can be read on site. There are also those “controversial” hentai, and the uncensored ones that almost everyone prefers instead of the blurred ones. Yeah right. All of these posts had the same pattern to them. A picture, a text written by a loser, pardon me, a user and a download link. Pretty much what’s needed, all is there.

What I found interesting were these side links, like animated gifs, hentai games or hentai audio. The hentai audio gave me a redirection and after a while, I gave up since I didn’t really care all that much so I checked out the games instead. Some of them were actually games or rather links to the games. They linked me to Hentai Heroes, that I did a review about a while back so check it out if you haven’t already, but the posts were way too nerdy. They were TALKING about the games and how they were made and how and why the characters looked the way they did and …oh my god! NERDS! I can’t stand them, man! I just can’t!

When all said and done, HentaiRules.net is a nerd’s place to go for when they want to check out new hentai, see which ones are cool which ones suck but to them, none of them suck. It is a place that I can only call a community since there’s plenty to check out and see that’s not about the main dish and those are the commentaries about hentai comics. Since I’m not a fan of hentai I’m not going to comment on them but I will comment on the site. It offers value. Those who come for what it is that they are looking for will certainly find it. That’s all that’s needed from a site. NEXT!

ThePornDude likes HentaiRules's

  • Huge involvement from the users
  • Download links always available

ThePornDude hates HentaiRules's

  • Some sections are redirections to other sites