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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Crystal Maidens

Crystal Maidens

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Am pretty much banking on the probability that everyone’s heard of Nutaku and their amazing erotic games. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you assholes aren’t gamers or are just fooling around looking for something sensually intriguing to do, which certainly is what am all about today, Crystal Maidens; an erotic game based on a fierce but vivid adventures of a lost man who finds himself in an Island following a disastrous shipwreck who is awakened by a beautiful woman seeking help to contain evil. Which puts on an adventure of beauties training within a well-endowed harem to form an army strong enough for the battle.

I mean there are very many strategies involved, flirting and of course, some pussy slamming and you know what’s the best thing about this? It’s because it’s almost as if it’s a way to prove yourself worthy of some exquisite pussy and there is absolutely no point in trying to deny that we all love this kind of games even in real life, are we together on this shitheads? Now let’s get to the innate game details.

Gameplay tactics

Battles and wars mean strategies alright which basically makes this game an RTS game with a slight tug of war element where there is a conflict of interest between parties eg. Good to suppress evil. The trained maiden warriors are deployed into the battlefield one at a time in each level to indulge in combat battle with all the enemies on their way. And just so you know, they are endowed with varied capabilities to give them strength and healing power. It’s upon you to continue training the rest of the princess’s battle antics to enhance their powers and give you a better chance in the next level.

The Epic Story behind this game

A dark force looms over the world of Crystal Maidens causing a stranger to experience a nasty shipwreck that has him wake up in an island. And fortunately or unfortunately in the harem full of beautiful maidens with a request to eradicate the evil upon their land. Well because the darkness is caused by a very powerful wizard, he must use magic crystals to summon Crystal Maidens like; Coral the Ice Sorceress, Daphne the Lich Queen, Vanille the Outlaw, Jess the Time Traveler among others to forge an army. After training and equipping his army he was ready to march forward into battle through vast forests, deserts, snowy mountains, and dark castles until he was finally able to defeat the Wizards evil forces crowning him their hero and of course getting some juicy pussy as a mighty reward from one oh his fierce maiden warriors.

The Fun of the Game

I can only imagine the thrill of rising from a mere commoner aka stranger to the hero of a new world. Or should I say being trusted with a mighty responsibility of delivering people from evil and being able to utilize the crystal’s power to summon maiden warriors to fight beside you in battle? Spending time with this beauties as you train them probably admiring their devilish curves that keeps you adamantly sexually aroused. With the good thing being that there are endless possibilities to be unlocked i.e. If the maiden likes you enough to fuck you most certainly because of your eminent skills in battle.

Now deeper into the game’s basics

Am most certainly sure that most avid gamers love a good challenge when it comes to strategic games, and this is just it! The fact that at every fucking level there is entirely a new challenge to battle out, maidens to be prepared for bigger challenges, choices to be made and recovery time needed for the maiden warriors should tell you that this game basically requires you to be up on your feet carefully making careful decisions on what your next move will be.

And you know what the drill is? Being able to make straight-up sharp decisions with one hand feverishly jerking off from all the hornyfying hotness you have been exposed to. It’s however important that you keep in mind that your maidens aren’t fit for each and every sort of battle scenario. This is simply explained by the fact that there are maidens who cast spells, shoot arrows or cut down enemies with swords and axes. And depending on the challenge ahead you will have to choose the one whose skills and abilities match Remember, winning gives you a better chance of getting laid and more items to unlock in the game to equip your maidens with. Which leaves you with a tough challenge; to keep your head in the game irrespective of all the sumptuous booty and pussy prospects to be realized only from victory or living in the moment only to lose it all.

Captivating art/graphics

Well, just so you know; the game’s art is so good that watching the trailer alone can leave you with one heck of a boner. I mean there sure is a hentai kind of theme somewhere but whoever drew these sexy bitches sure did not exaggerate their sexy features and in any case, he only accentuated their general hue. Which will be no doubt too tempting to succumb and probably get more than a few of you spraying them fucking liquid babies over your tissues in a few.

Also, there is the Keen eye to details such that whoever drew the maidens made sure to pop their emotions and looks pretty well. In fact, so we’ll that each fucking hottie has some sort of individual personality and there is nothing you will struggle to find from their anatomy. Something I can’t quite say is common with so many other sex games so bravo to the development team for that.

The ingenious PvP and Leaderboard addition

Experienced gamers will surely have a wonderful time on this one. This is because of the superb addition of the PVP and leaderboard system back in early 2018 that makes it possible to test your maiden-controlling skills with some other high-ranking players and see who leads the in shit like arrow shooting, sword-wielding, magic-slinging babes among other things. After all, you can always earn unique rewards by simply climbing through the ranks of the leaderboard, and of course, get a chance of showing off your characters and your personal customization. For instance, you can always make your maidens appear way too hot especially through improved gear such as lightning swords and super defensive lingerie with spikes on it etc.

An ever-growing community

As I said, it’s almost impossible for any serious gamer to not have heard of this game already. And if it’s worth knowing this game provides a platform for most of them to be battling over shit like arrow shooting among other things. Which pretty much sounds to me like an interesting xxx game that is totally worth a try. It’s even better that the team is always at the user’s Beck and call I case of any arising technical hitches when contacted.

Also, for the sake of fanatism, there is a Discord channel dedicated to the game’s fanbase that’s official and will assist users to get to know the developers of the game. Frankly, there aren’t too many games around which have created such an effective be an open communication channel between users and their developers. And it’s probably why they are always implemented better developments to optimize functionality.

The frequent updates

I guess there is no better way to keep the meta and the gameplay interesting other than spicing up things here and there every once in a while. New events are added at least once every month, complete with stuff like new quests for you to finish, new lands to conquer, new items to collect and of course, new hotter and better maidens to train and slam pussies of. Interesting, right? I doubt you’ll be having these elsewhere especially with all the tasty and buttered sex scenes deployed for you to unravel with every new update. I mean, you can always revisit the last hole you bored into for even yummier scenes.


I’ve said it all in a million words folks. If you are looking for that ultimate sex gaming experience you better brace yourself with enough self-control and of course a smart strategic mind before hopping on to Crystal Maidens lest you lose and fail to eat from the delicious honey pots!

ThePornDude likes Crystal Maidens's

  • Vast maiden’s choices to unlock, train and fuck
  • Varied classes of maidens with distinctive abilities
  • Not limited to just spells, arrows and swords
  • An expansive gaming community
  • Lots of gameplay duration
  • The game is free

ThePornDude hates Crystal Maidens's

  • It can be difficult to perfect gaming skills
  • The absence of a customization button at the game’s start
  • The storyline is a bit too linear
  • The gaming events need maximum concentration lest you’ll be passed by developments
  • Feels a bit too repetitive in the sense of being obvious