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Updated on 05 February 2024
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For all of you dudes and dudettes out there who are into free stuff, who like to live on the edge and try out the edges of the Internet, torrents are files that might bring joy to your souls and a smile to your faces. When torrents came out they were like the revolutionary thing that took over the internet world. What? You can get free movies, free games, free software? What kind of sorcery is this? Yeah, well not to rain on your parade by in some countries, the developed ones, where copyright infringement is not just “frowned” upon, these kinds of sites are banned. Then, those that don’t bend to the ruled of the man can enjoy all the freedoms that the Internet offers, torrent sites. As a part of that whole network is a torrent site called Rarbg.to and to be exact RarBG. This is their porn section, the section that we are all very much so interested. Stay tuned and read on since I’m about to reveal all the secrets that Rar BG has to offer.

As any torrent site out there, RarBG is not different when it comes to the popups and the redirections. This site has many redirects as soon as you click on anything so bear that in mind but also, expect these things to happen since this is what they live on. They are sort of “the rebels” on the internet and they have to make cash somehow so that you can get a free copy of the latest Priya Rai porn video. So only with torrent sites, I have patients and tolerate ads like these. On other sites, that can make cash the other way, I don’t.

RarBG.to is a cool torrent site compared to some other competitors. What’s different about them is that they actually seem like a damn site. They have categories where you can see them, they even have a Top 10 list for god’s sake! Most torrents are just plain sites that get straight to the point, they give out the torrent files and only sometimes do they have categories or some additional stuff. To them, it’s a waste of time, which I agree but still, it’s nice to see a nice graphic here and there.

So when you enter the torrent you also get a poster and a description which is basically a screenshot picture of all the scenes that go down in a porn flick. This is uncensored which is also different from other sites who censor their pics for adult videos and then again, some of them don’t even post adult video torrents on their sites. Why? Because they are assholes and sissies, that’s why!

Yet another cool thing about this site is that they have some of the latest porn movies and they have enough seeders and all of the videos. I checked some of the pages that are far in the 24s 35s just to see if the earlier torrents have been left alone to just pose as “content” but in all actuality, they have no seeders so then what’s the point? No. All of the files are seeded so rest assured that if you come down to RarBG to find a certain movie or a video, you will be able to grab it. The flip side is that you have to know the exact name of the video or the clip since most of the torrents have a specific name to them, so it might be hard to find that one exact video. It’s more of a comedown and browse around kind of a deal.

The reason why I love torrents so much is that they are hella easy to download and use. For all you noobs out there, you still need to have a torrent grabber, a program that runs these torrents so download one off the web, there are plenty of good free ones. Most if not all of the torrents hold the content that’s been made by a production house. I haven’t seen any homemade/amateur videos, only the videos that you would see on Fake Taxi, X-Art, Brazzers and so on. So when you think about it, this is a way too cool of a site for grabbing porn since you get to have them on your computer way faster than if you downloaded them from a free tube site plus, the quality is way better via torrent then any free tube site, I can guarantee that.

I strongly suggest that you check out RarBG since it is a very effective torrent site to have. I’m actually thinking myself to switching to RarBG.to since all my other torrent sites went to shitter ever since there is a witchhunt on torrents. Check them out and enjoy all your free stuff.

ThePornDude likes RARBG's

  • All the torrents have plenty of seeders
  • Easy to use and grab the torrents
  • It's not an exclusive porn torrent

ThePornDude hates RARBG's

  • There are popups and redirects
  • The search box can be unprecise at times
  • Not devoted to adult
  • Piracy?