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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Cindy Movies! Porn websites have historically always been correlated to viruses – back in the 2000s, if your computer got a virus then it was almost always from a certain hidden trojan executable file that pounced on your PC as soon as you entered some unsecured porn website. And don’t even get me started on how many people fucked up their computers because they wanted to download some porn from a fishy p2p service like LimeWire. Computer repair services made a killing back then, but nowadays, viruses like the ones that used to plague many-a porn fan’s PC back in the day are almost nonexistent.

These days it’s all about that CC info and spyware, and whatever the fuck else blackhat tech-savvy people have been using to infiltrate and exploit innocent peoples’ computers. But even now, some porn websites seem like they could fuck up my computer with a slew of viruses just by being on them, which is a nostalgic feeling that takes me back to the good old days. One of those websites is CindyMovies here, which is so badly-designed that I can’t even give its front-end design one redeeming highlight or sentence.

This website looks like a typical spammy porn-style website made to trap unwary masturbators into an endless rabbit hole of links. The links themselves are displayed via thumbnail images that are there to grab your attention. Usually, these kinds of sites prey on only the horniest of masturbators who carelessly click on thumbnails hoping to get some sort of XXX content to ease their suffering to – 99% of the time these masturbators get dragged into an endless loop of spammy porn websites, which is just an unfortunate scenario in general.

I mean, all you want to do is blow a load to some porn, and here you are fucking up your computer with a myriad of undesirable hidden executable files that some Russian kid made while playing CS:GO. But since I’ve decided to review CindyMovies, then that must mean that this site must have SOMETHING after all, right? Well it does, but as I said, its presentation is horrendous – but if you can stomach its hellish front-end design, then you might just be able to pull some quality XXX content out of it. Let’s get to it!

So What’s On Here?

This site really is a random amalgamation of random porn videos that you may or may not have seen before (depending on what websites you typically fap to). There are all kinds of videos here, but most of them seem to be high-quality, professionally-made fuck flicks made by popular porn studios that feature actors who get paid more than both your parents combined.

CindyMovies doesn’t have any unique content of its own, but the fact that it’s managed to pull a random collection of videos from a few different sources does give it the element of surprise. You never know what selection of thumbnails will come up when visiting this site, so if you’re feeling like playing Russian Roulette with your dick, then you should head on over here and press whatever thumbnail becomes the first point of focus your three-second attention span.

Yep, You Can Forget About Any And All Kinds of Content Organization Here

Yeah, this site has nothing in terms of content organization – literally nothing. You can’t find categories here that single out videos that only have MILFs getting fucked in POV style, or find tags that filter-in all videos that show Asian girls getting bukkake’d on. What you can do is try to use the content organization tools that are on websites which these video links here redirect to, but then you’ll be on your own because the videos here redirect to a few different websites. Most of the videos here are pulled from XVideos, which as you all know, is a great porn site in general with plenty of effective content organization options, but the rest of them lead to some pretty crappy sites…

So MostThumbnail Links Lead You to XVideos, But the Others…

Judging from the time I’ve spent tinkering on this website, I realize that around half of all the video links here lead to XVideos, which, as we all know, is a home for many, many internet porn addicts and enthusiasts alike. However, the rest of the thumbnail links lead you to sites that aren’t too different from CindyMovies here.

The problem here, of course, is that these “other sites” don’t contain any videos at all. So if you clicked on a super-hot thumbnail and are ready to pulverize your penis to it, you might be disappointed to find out that you’re not getting any video at all, and whatever video that thumbnail has been pulled from will likely never be found by you in an ocean full of porn videos that is the internet.

There Are No Pop-Ups Or any Sort Of Ads Here Though

For all it’s worth, at least this incredibly unwelcoming and barebones website has no ads or pop-ups on it. That really would’ve been the last straw for me, because it means that not only am I being set up on a wild goose chase for porn videos that may or may not play, but I’d also have to wrestle with tons of pop-up ads. I mean there are literally hundreds of other websites with precisely this kind of content that actually work and let you use effective content organization tools, so I would really not have bothered with this little obscure XXX portal if it was full of ads.

And We All Know that XVideos Works On Smartphones

I mean, at the end of the day, you could hypothetically go on this website from your phone and click on a video that leads to XVideos. You might have a shitty time doing that if the thumbnail you click on leads you on that endless rabbit hole of spammy porn sites like this one, though. And your phone might also become subject to harmful files or process, but hey, if you pick a thumbnail that leads to XVideos from then you can comfortably sneak away and fap to it from your phone.

ThePornDude likes CindyMovies's

  • Site loads fast
  • No ads whatsoever
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Can be opened from phone
  • Some videos are actually quite rare

ThePornDude hates CindyMovies's

  • The layout is horrible
  • No content organization whatsoever
  • Not all videos will play
  • Any visual design has been pretty much thrown out the window
  • Just seems like a very fishy website