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Updated on 15 January 2022
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We all know how some of these sororities can be fucked up these days. I mean, just the other day I was browsing the internet for some of the weirdest sorority practices when they are taking in new girls. You wouldn’t believe what these chicks are ready to do just to get into the sorority club. And this wasn’t always like this. I think only recently did things become so fucked up that this is something that chicks are resorting to. And listen, I don’t really have anything against it since it does make for some really good porn. Such good porn that you can only expect to find it on a premium porn site such as HazeHer.com. What is this site all about? Well, let’s jump into it and find out.

Exclusive porn of sorority chicks having hot lesbian sex

So, you want to watch some of that premium porn where sorority girls are being put up to the challenge when trying to enter the club. HazeHer.com is the only place where you’ll find exclusive videos of that and nothing but that. Granted, there are some really good sites out there that don’t base their content just on that genre, but they have that as well. I think this is one of the rare sites that actually tries to only deliver this sort of content as they don’t seem to have anything else on here. And they don’t have a lot more when it comes to design, but we haven’t even touched on that subject just yet.

Let’s just say that HazeHer.com is meant for people who want exclusivity in their porn, and they don’t want to play some regular old porn with any old porn tube site. If you fit into that category of people, then HazeHer.com might be the place for you. If you’re into sorority chicks and you like watching college chicks getting it on and doing some freaky lesbian shit, then you’ll probably love what HazeHer.com has to offer you. If you want to check out everything that this place has to offer, then you’ll need a premium account on here. And yes, that means that you’re going to have to pay up. It makes sense when you see the amount of exclusive content that you’re getting on HazeHer.com.

Comic Sans as the font and bad graphics is not a good look

So, what’s all that about this place having a shitty design? Well, what if I told you that this place has Comic Sans MS as its default font? Yeah, it doesn’t end there either. All the graphics on HazeHer.com look really aged and just don’t seem to stand up to today’s standards. And especially if we consider that there are so many of these sites out here which are completely premium that you can get, this one just doesn’t look like one of them that you would actually pay for because of the shitty-ass design. So yeah, think about that before you get a subscription to this website. I sure wouldn’t like my money to be spent down the drain with a shitty looking site such as this one.

There are no modern animations or slick design choices on here, and the colors are shit as well. There is literally nothing redeemable about this place whatsoever. So, whatever you want to do with this place, better hope that it’s something that you can actually use to your advantage. This means that you should only get this place if you don’t care about the design at all and you’re just in it for the content. Cause, if I have to be honest, it’s all about the content on here. The guys who made HazeHer.com didn’t really care about the design of the site and that’s obvious. Anyone who checks this place out will immediately see that fact, and I think you fall within that category.

Plenty of exclusive porn content to sift through

There’s plenty of content on here, however. If you just take two seconds to look at HazeHer.com you’ll notice that every time you refresh the page there is brand-new content being served up to you which you can enjoy if you get your premium subscription. The prices are similar to other premium sites as well, so you can definitely hope for some of the best content of your life if you’re into sorority lesbian porn and nothing else. It seems like this is real content, with only some of it being acted out. These babes seem to be real college chicks who are just looking to get popular by being in the sorority club. They have to show that they’re willing to do anything for their girls.

What I really want to know is how much content there really is on this website. If I am to be completely honest with you, I don’t know how much of it there really is on here. If I had to guess, I would probably want to see that there is enough content to last me for however long I want to watch sorority lesbian porn. Of course, this will vary from person to person, but for any normal dude who is just looking for an average amount of content, HazeHer.com will have everything that they need. I think there are hundreds, even thousands of videos on here, and they all seem to be very highly rated, so you can hope for some fun if you get an account on here.

No ads, but that’s to be expected here

One thing that you’ll notice is that there are no ads on here when you get your premium account, and this shit would make sense. It’s the free tube sites which are riddled with ads, not premium sites such as HazeHer.com. If I were the one calling the shots, I’d get rid of the ads on the other sites as well. I think that this is the base that all porn sites should go with, and that means that premium porn sites don’t have the right to simply brag about not having ads. Hello? That’s how it’s supposed to be, I don’t see why you’re using this as a selling point. I’ll tell you why, it’s cause people can sell you pretty much anything these days.

But hey, let’s not get into those conspiracy theories just yet. If you want those, then there are plenty of YouTube channels which do that. HazeHer.com is the best place to go to if you’re just looking for porn, and not conspiracy shit. And that shows when you see all of their porn models. These babes are all young teens, probably barely legal, and they’ve just started college. That’s why they’re willing to put up with anything that the sorority queens are telling them to do. I think that they just want to blend in with the popular kids so that they can get some respect and all that.

The hottest sorority lesbian college porn star babes

But hey, you didn’t hear that from me. I’m just saying that I know what you guys get turned on by, and that’s what HazeHer.com delivers. If you want premium and exclusive content, then this is the place to look for it. Of course, one thing that I’ve noticed with really specific genres such as this one is that there are plenty of videos which have bad quality of some reason. When you want to see porn that is specifically designed for your niche, you’ll notice that the videos are going to be much lower in quality than if you just went with a regular premium porn site out there.

Overall, I think that HazeHer.com is still worth it for people who are real fans of lesbian sorority girl porn and that’s the type of content that they want from their exclusive and premium porn. If that sounds like you, then you should check this place out. Make sure to click on some of the previews so that you can see if you’re okay with the quality. The quality is fine for regular old porn, but I think that if you’re paying for premium porn then you should get a premium experience and I’m not so sure that HazeHer.com is the site which is going to provide that for you.

ThePornDude likes HazeHer's

  • Exclusive and premium porn content
  • Ultra-specific niche for all fans of sorority girls
  • Hot, barely legal lesbian college porn stars

ThePornDude hates HazeHer's

  • Not the best design with shitty graphics
  • Some of the videos aren’t high-quality
  • No other genres, just lesbian sorority girls