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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Novinhas Do Zap Zap

Novinhas Do Zap Zap

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Upon seeing for the first time, I just had to browse through and see what they really had to offer. Well, I was in for a treat, because this place is really filled with lots of kinky porn movies, and they were incredibly hot. Now, I think that this place is worth the visit, but whether you share that opinion or not depends on what the fuck makes your dick hard.

Somewhat confusing site.

I do have to mention that this place was a bit confusing to me, at least at the beginning, since I was not sure what the fuck I stumbled upon… was it a porn site, or a gallery place or what? Well, soon enough you will see that this place has to offer many naughty videos of hot babes getting fucked or doing other naughty shit.

The homepage looks nothing like the usual porn sites I am used to visiting, and that is basically why the fuck I was so confused, to begin with. The first thing that pissed me off was the fucking ads that are spread through the fucking site. As I always say, I understand that a free site should have ads, but this is just fucking annoying, don’t you think?

However, if you want a site that does not have ads whatsoever, you might want to visit a premium porn site instead. Those who are not sure which place is worth the money or not, do not worry. I became a member everywhere at least once, just to give you the details of the privileges and all that crap, which you can check out on my website.

Now, if you are ready for some naughty amateur porn videos, is here to deliver. I loved all their content, simply because I love amateurs. The professional pornography can often become repetitive and thus kill my boner, which is when the amateurs save the day with their randomness and love for everything kinky.

Everything you will need to list through their content is mentioned above, and they do not really have that many options. On the homepage, you will get lots of random porn videos suggested, along with some articles and a bunch of annoying ads. For the most part, is a very plain site but it does not resemble a porn one, which was fucking weird.

Another thing that instantly caught my attention is that they have a tab that is labeled ‘Pedophilia’ and who would not go WTF when seeing that. Well, that tab is not what I expected and thank fucking Lord it was not. Instead, it is a tab where they will tell you about themselves, as in that they give a shit about this site so you should stop sending pedo videos.

Who the fuck actually sends those types of videos? I understand that there are many sickos in this world, but I refuse to believe that they would send such videos. They are also not big on videos for revenge, aka the chick, cheated or whatever the fuck, and got her video leaked… I think we have all fucking been there.

I think that these are some simple rules that you will easily be able to follow, and it is important to pay attention to this because you will be the one uploading videos. Of course, the whole community offers their share of clips, and you can either do the same or just watch whatever the heck other people have to offer.

Personally, I tend to simply watch the videos without becoming a member even, but if you would like to show the world what the hell goes down in the bedroom, you are more than welcome to upload your own porn videos to This all depends on why the fuck you are here since you are allowed to do a lot of shit.

Is the content here actually good?

Well, how much do you like short videos that basically just show the climax of the situation or even less, because those are the types of videos this place has to offer. The longest video I stumbled upon was about 3 minutes long, give or take, and it was very fucking hot… however, if you want actual porn videos, you should browse elsewhere.

Since these are all amateur porn videos, I think we all know what the fuck to expect; a little bit of everything. Amateurs really love to get kinky, and I have explored enough of to say that they have a lot of random porn shit. I was happy to review their videos, and I shall list a couple of personal favorites.

The first video I checked featured an ugly chick taking her clothes off and showing her lovely curves… or well that was the description of the movie; however, the chick in question was not really ugly just pretty basic, and her body was incredibly hot. She had a pair of perky tits and a great ass, obvious when she is a Latina babe.

Another video that made my dick harder featured a gorgeous Latina with a huge ass. She was showing off the curves in front of the camera, and as she laid on her back, her lover started smacking those huge buns hard. You could easily see the redness of her butt-cheeks as she proceeded to moan like a true little slut.

This is a Spanish site, and you should expect to see lots of hot Latinas here, from those who love to get slapped, to others who prefer to get down to their knees and suck a cock. As I said, they offer everything but the videos are pretty short, so they will probably not be able to satisfy all your dirty desires.

The quality of the videos will vary depending on the clip you check out, but for the most part, they offered a solid quality overall. I enjoyed watching the clips here, and that means that you will enjoy them as well since I am a pro when it comes to this shit. So, if I say that something is worth the watch you bet your ass that it fucking is, simple as that.

Search options suck.

When I saw that they had a tab for categories, I thought that they knew what the fuck that means; they should offer as many relatable categories as possible, but instead, you get shit. There are only a couple of very fucking basic categories and that is as much as you get. Honestly, those are all the search options that are worth the mention, to begin with, and that is pretty fucking sad.

There are no advanced search options to help you find a certain fetish or whatever the fuck you might be into. So, if you tend to be pretty picky about the porn content you like to fap to, think about choosing a different site because here you will have to manually browse until you find the naughty crap that will make your dick hard.

Creating a simple categories section that covers all the important crap should really not be difficult… I mean they are already able to create a categories page, but the thing is that it is fucking useless. I wish they would work a bit on their overall presentation, their annoying ads and their fucking lack of search options because this was a fucking draw.

Everyone is into a different type of shit when browsing for crap that makes us feel good, and not being able to find something you are into on a porn site is very annoying, believe me. However, if you are pretty mellow when it comes to the crap you love to masturbate to, then I am pretty sure that you will love

Overall, I think that everyone will enjoy visiting simply because this place has to offer a little bit of everything. They mostly have the amateur content with hot Latina chicks, and we all know that those Latina babes are very fucking hot, especially when they are riding a hard-pulsating pecker!

If you are ready to enjoy some hot Spanish chicks and watch them pleasure their lovers, then you should explore You can upload your own crap, just remember to follow their guidelines, since why the fuck would you want to do otherwise. So, if you like Latinas and you are looking for some quality Spanish short porn, you should visit

ThePornDude likes Novinhas Do Zap Zap's

  • Lots of hot Latinas
  • Fappable amateur content
  • Free site

ThePornDude hates Novinhas Do Zap Zap's

  • Annoying ads
  • Messy website
  • Videos are pretty short