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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Escort Directory

Escort Directory

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What kind of an escort site offers online support 24/7 and it has to do with escorts? “Hello, I have an issue with my escort, she’s too fine, and I don’t know how to handle her. Can you give me some support?”. I’m thinking this is how this conversation goes, but probably not. Still, when you see that at you get to have support like this, it offers a certain peace of mind, one that will nudge you in a direction where you actually hire an escort. I appreciate the effort that Escort Directory has put in, an effort that sets the tone of what kind of an escort site this is. Not to stretch it out any longer, let’s dive into the wonderful world of escorts, one that’s filled with all kinds of possibilities. If you are a full-blown adult, you will understand what it is that I’m saying here.

As you all know, there are many escort agencies out there. Most of them are the same since when you work with escorts you must have beautiful dames working for you. At you get a number of agencies filed under one site and this is the value that offers. Ease of selection. Just like offers all kinds of sites to check out, does the same but with escorts and escort agencies.

The look is plain and simple. I liked it. Sure, it can be better, but there is no need in this case since this site needs simplicity due to the fact that there are plenty of sections and information that needs to be analyzed so simplicity is the key. Who are the new escorts? Massage parlors anyone? Are you a total freak and want to indulge in BDSM activities but have no idea where to start from? How about some blogs? Are you a fan of reading articles and news about this sex branch? At you will find lots and lots of sections that deal with the topic at hand and I must say, at times it can be overwhelming but when you have your eye on the prize, you will easily find what it is that you are looking for.

The homepage is filled with escorts who are offering their services. Easy enough. Click on the profile and you get a detailed look at what each of the escorts looks like. There are pics that made me wish I was in need of an escort but at this time, I’m content with the girl that I have right now, thank you (she made me type this down, I added this line once she left). The telephone number is right at the top of the page so there’s no way that you are going to miss it. Some of them have WhatsApp, some have Viber. Give them a ring and set up a date. Easy as a pie.

What I found most intriguing was the Reviews section, a section where those who had their run with the escorts left a commentary about their experiences with these fine looking dames who know to push men’s sex buttons. Most of the reviews were positive. In fact, all of them were positive, like the worst review was this one girl who got an 8.5/10. She got that rating since the girl who was supposed to show up didn’t come and they sent her instead. The poor girl. It’s not even her fault. I guess even escorts have a “can you cover me” shifts. All they need is a union and a pension fund and it’s a god damn legit business. Still, most of the reviews were awesome so I think they might be fake but then again, if all of the girls were, in fact, the real deal, even I would give them a high rating even if they did a botched job on me.

There are so many services that you can choose from. There are those who are offering massages, and damn I wish my masseuse was this hot. I mean, every time I go to my masseuse I get a stiffy that I’m ashamed of but if I had masseuses like these here on, no way in hell would I try to hide my erection! There are BDSM specialized escorts, all ready to get to work on your ass the moment you give them a call. So many things are possible to find but the main thing is that most of the ladies are stunners! Girls who are made to be in this line of business straight up.

As far as goes, it is a solid site. It offers what it promises. There are no popups, no annoying adds, it is what you’d expect. You have a selection of random agencies to choose from, choose their escorts and so what you please with them. I’ve seen plenty of escort directories and is doing it the right way. No bullshit, just straight to the point attitude and give the people what they need. If you want to find an escort, check out for sure. And they even have online support, imagine that.

ThePornDude likes Escort Directory's

  • Straight to the point attitude
  • Minimalistic look that gives off an organized look
  • Amazing escorts

ThePornDude hates Escort Directory's

  • Some of the escort pics are not verified
  • Online support