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Updated on 15 January 2022
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The Other Board

The Other Board

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TheOtherBoard! Welcome to a rather confusing site, that you will either love or hate, I don’t think that there is any in-between; the This place is very simple, maybe even a bit too simple, and it offers a lot of random hookup options, or so to speak. I mean, you can find a lot of random people, to be honest, so who you end up with all really depends on who the fuck you want to end up with.

This place has been around for about 18 years now, or even longer. The website itself is pretty straightforward, and it is quite fast. The value is estimated to be at around $3904 in case anyone was interested. I have no fucking clue who owns the site, but that might be for the best because I do have a lot of complaints about the site overall.

I checked out what other people had to say about, since it has no owners, and the reviews were pretty sticky. There were lots of negative reviews, which does not mate the site appealing. However, that does not mean that the site is bad, and if you are interested in what the site really has to offer, I am here to make all of that clear.

First of all, this is an escort site, even though it is advertised mostly as a forum place. You have escorts from all over the world, so it all depends on where you are from. Take your time to browse and find an escort who suits your taste… or continue reading and learn what I have to say about this place instead.

Nothing special about the overall design.

I am somebody who truly appreciates when a design of a site is as good as it looks, and on, there is nothing that really makes it pop, or so to speak. TheOtherBoard is a rather plain website, with a white background, some options on top, and that is about it. There is really not much for me to tell you when it comes to this place.

Yes, I expected a lot more, but that is my own fault. The forum sites are often this bad since their main focus is giving the audience a platform where they can talk, discuss different shit, and so on, not really a place that will look nice. I mean, how many good-looking forum sites have you seen so far? I’ve only seen a couple, and that is coming from ThePornDude… my life is porn; I know what the fuck I am talking about.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is confirm that you are of age, and then you will be able to proceed and check out everything that the site has to offer. Simple. However, I was expecting a lot more bling, something that would make me want to stay and browse. I mean, sure, the confirmation page does tell you that you have lots of nudity and that shit on the site.

But, if you really want to keep the viewers on your site, you need to have a catchy phrase or whatever the fuck. Something that will make me think like “Yes, that is what I want to be a part of”, and just does not do that. Oh well, we all know what forum sites are supposed to do, so let’s move on, I guess.

You have to register.

First of all, you will need to register to be able to access anything. You will be able to check out a couple of aspects of the site, but nothing that will actually let you use the site, in a sense that it will make you want to stay and browse if you know what I mean. At least the registration process is simple and free, so you got that going on.

You will be asked to fill out the registration in a way, and once you do that, you will gain access to everything that the site has to offer. I mean, you lose nothing when to check it out, so why the fuck not, right/ Tae your time, you don’t know… you might even like. I just do not understand why the fuck can’t I check out anything without registration, that is a bit bullshit.

So, how does this place work?

I am sure that you are wondering just why the fuck would you even join, right? Well, TheOtherBoard is a place designed for both men and women. If you choose to register, you will be asked to clarify a couple of things, just like your gender. Becoming a member is free, and you will have instant access to the reference area, which allows you to post your shit in the forum.

The major point of this site is to allow the users to chat with each other, and simply have a dirty online session in a way. However, there are some fake profiles as well, which is to be expected. However, TheOtherBoard offers an area called TOB 411, where you can actually check out if the profile is legit or not, which is a rather nice touch.

As a member of TheOtherBoard, you will also have to confirm that you are a real person, which is again pretty obvious. When it comes to the privileges and why the fuck people even enjoy this place, it is simple. You have all kinds of individuals on this site, who are all here to have some fun, talk debate, discuss different shit, post provocative things, porn, or whatever the fuck they want.

This place works just like a forum site, but then again it is slightly different than what you would expect it to be. Personally, I did not care much for it, but then again, I do not care much for any forum site. I mean, who the fuck cares what you have to tell me about your sexual experience and all that crap? Like I don’t give a fuck.

However, I am also not an idiot, and I understand that we are all into different types of shit. Thus, I know that there are people who are actually purposely searching for places that are just like this one. And to those people, you are fucking welcome, since I’ve done like 90% of the work for you. Must be nice.

Are you still confused?

I am sure that some newbies will still be confused as to how TheOtherBoard actually functions, what you are supposed to do here, and so on. But do not worry, this shit is very simple. For example, the listings will show you all the cities available for you to check out. When you choose a city, you will be able to see all the people who are on this site and from that certain city.

Now, my issues here are mostly due to the fact that some of the cities were empty. Thus I do not know why they were even suggested. I think that they should only suggest the places that actually have people registered within because this makes like 0 fucking sense if you ask me.

Oh well, you can choose from Europe, Canada, United States, Asian, Pacific, and the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, Australia and Oceania, and Africa. I’d say that they pretty much cover everything, right? Sure, some of the cities were missing, but then again, I am sure that that does not really matter, since some of the cities have no members to begin with, and that is worse.

There is a page dedicated to the reviews, and here you can see the reviews of other people, as well as this site as well. Usually, the reviews will tell you about the escort experience that was provided, whether it was good, and whether it was worth the money. It seems like people here really like to go into details with the reviews, which is a good thing if you ask me.


Oh boy, this was a difficult one. There are listings for like the whole world, but then 80% of them were blank, so who the fuck cares? The site’s listings are only limited to a couple of states, and that really fucking sucks. You have to register actually to explore what TheOtherBoard has to offer, but then again, the places that do have escorts are definitely worth the visit. So, I am not sure what to tell you. If you run out of other escort hiring options, you might as well give TheOtherBoard a shot.

ThePornDude likes The Other Board's

  • Lots of escort reviews
  • An active forum
  • Good navigation, a fast website.

ThePornDude hates The Other Board's

  • Escort listings are very limited
  • 80% of listings are blank