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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Do you lust after big, black booties as much as I do? Of course, you do. Who the fuck doesn’t? I love seeing thick bitches bend over and take some dick. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. And I’ve gotta say that black babes have the best butts in the fucking game. It’s just a fact. I’m sure you fucks will try and say some shit about Dani Daniels or some other white bitch with a big ass, but don’t even try it. Take one look at the site I’ll be telling you about and you’ll know what the fuck is up. Those chicks don’t even come close to the sluts this site has got in store.

The best part about loving some black booty is that there are hundreds of awesome sites with sexy content dedicated to these goddesses out there just waiting for you. So many that you probably don’t even know where to fucking start. Well, that’s where I come in. I’ve got a site for all of you big booty lovers out there that won’t disappoint.

Premium Subscriptions Nets You Access to the Entire Reality Kings Network is a premium site within the Reality Kings network of porn. Yes, that means you cheap cucks are going to have to pay up for this content. But what better network to buy into? These guys encompass a wide range of porn, and you get access to most of their premium sites when you sign up for a monthly membership. If you pay month by month it’ll run you around 25 bucks, which is fucking expensive. But you can skip all that and shill out some cash for lifetime access at the reasonable cost of 85 bucks.

In case you don’t know about Reality Kings, they are a massive site that brings in over 12 million horny chicks and dudes to their sites every single month. These giants have been supplying premium quality porn since as far back as mid-2003. So, you can bet your ass that they have a large catalog of sexy videos across the board.

Sleek, Modern Site Design Looks Amazing on Desktop

Like I mentioned, is a site under the greater umbrella of the Reality Kings network. If doesn’t direct you right there, you can find what I’m talking about under the “Sites” section of the main header. And, fuck, this site is nice to look at. It’s got a modern and sleek black backdrop with dark blue accents and grayish white boxes for the video previews. That’s how you fucking do it. No ridiculously bright or ugly ass designs to be found here.

There’s a header up top that lets you explore the rest of the site and view shit like a full category list, pornstar bios, live cams, special deals, other network sites, and all of that good stuff. But that’s mainly for seeing all the stuff across sites. For this one, you’ll want to stick to the main page of and browse that way.

Narrow Videos Down By Slut, Category, and More

Below the header, you get an extensive selection of filter options like “fingering, anal, cowgirl, and blowjob.” You can pick and choose which big bootied bitch you want to jerk off to and only have videos of her pop up. Or maybe you’re even pickier. You want cumshots, twerking, and some stripping. Just toss those terms up in the category filter and get exactly the kinds of videos you need to bust a nut. And, of course, there are your standard filter options for release date, top rated, alphabetically, and most viewed.

On this site alone, there are over 700 full-length HD fuck videos to browse of black babes sucking dick, getting railed, strip teasing, and every king thing in between. You’re not going to get any deep dark fetish videos, but that’s not the point. You twisted degenerate fucks will have to find your shit elsewhere. This site is all about pretty vanilla scenes of hot babes doing naughty shit.

Consistent Uploads of Full Length, 1080p HD Porn Videos

The upload schedule is more consistent than most of your sex lives. You’re getting new content uploaded every 4 or 5 days. And, damn, the previews are nice as fuck. You get a large preview that shows off 5-10ish seconds from the video. Those are always the best. Once you get those you just can’t go back to the tiny ass still images that most sites have. And you get all the information you need. Video title, pornstar names, date uploaded, view count, and the number of likes. No video times, but you can expect most, if not all, of these to be right around 40+ minutes anyway. Not short 5-minute teasers to blue ball you here.

But enough beating around the bush, let’s talk about the video quality. It’s fucking amazing. The player is massive, and with that crisp 1080p HD quality you’re getting a front row seat for every little detail. Oh, and you can download as many videos as you want without limit with your premium membership. Favorite it, add it to a watch later, or download it to your collection of smut.

Unique Skip by Tags Feature Lets You Find the Best Parts of Any Video

That’s not even the best part about these videos though. Right below each one you’ll see a list of tags with boxes under them for things like blowjob, pussy fingering, side fuck, and more. Hover over any of the boxes to get a highlight of where that kinky shit goes down in the video. Click on that box and get taken right to that point. I’ve never seen another site that does that. It’s a damn gamechanger. Never worry about trying to blindly skip through to your favorite parts again. That shit is awesome.

Kick Ass Mobile Site

Of course the mobile site is great. It’s Reality Kings. Any premium site in their network is available to browse on any of your mobile devices. It sticks with the dark theme and organizes all of the menus beneath some easy to access drop down buttons. Stream or download any of the videos without issue. You have access to all of the same filter options and desktop features while on mobile. I don’t have any complaints for this mobile site. It kicks ass.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

Man, how could my favorite feature be anything but these glorious, round, black butts? I’m telling you these babes know how to fuck. This site had one of the best selections of quality black porn that I’ve seen in a long time. The scenes were incredibly well done. Production quality was off the fucking charts. You’re getting 40+ minute scenes that are very easy to navigate thanks to those tag boxes beneath the video. And they have all the best sluts on here like Evi Rei, Tori Montana, and London Tisdale. You name a hot black pornstar and they’ve probably got a dozen videos of her getting pounded.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I don’t really have any big suggestions for It’s a kinky site that accomplishes exactly what they set out to do. My only complaint is that a lot of the content is kind of the same. 90 percent of the time it’s some white dude fucking a black babe. Sure, that’s hot. But give me some more variety. I want more lesbian action, and, for a site so focused on the “round and brown,” they don’t have many black dudes getting their dick sucked in these. Not that I care that much about the guy in the video, but it was just kind of weird to me. I don’t fucking know.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, if you love black sluts with big butts and don’t mind paying a premium price to get the very best quality out there, then you’ll be right at home at Reality King’s It’s got full-length, 1080p HD videos of hot sluts doing all kinds of kinky shit. It’s easy to navigate. The user experience actually feels premium. Hell, the skipping by tags feature alone sold me on this awesome site. Don’t wait any longer. Whip your dick out and get fapping to the quality porn over at

ThePornDude likes Round And Brown's

  • 1080p HD Videos
  • Unlimited Downloads With a Premium Membership
  • Hot Black Babes!
  • Tons of Filter Options

ThePornDude hates Round And Brown's

  • Not a Whole Lot of Variety
  • You Have to Pay for it!